how to register activate and use sbi mobile banking freedom software

Hello friends , i am going to explain you
in this video tutorial is – how to register and activate and use state bank mobile banking
service . its really very easy and simple to activate , it doesn’t require to visit
bank . not even to talk any employee of bank . you can do the complete process by own.
just watch the video . i would even say that it is even better than internet banking , because
the charges on mobile banking for inter banking fund transfer and various other services are
free or less charged for the promotion of these that maximum number of people
could make use of this facility . remember this service is same for SBI ,SBH,SBM,SBT,SBP,
etc. all state bank groups can use this services. you can transfer sbi to sbi fund transfer
within a second , even on holidays or on Sunday.but for other banks it takes up to 24 hours. so
lets see the process to activate this service . just type – MBSREG and send it to 567676
. once you send this
sms , you will be charged rupees three from your account , and you will receive this type
of message , containing your user id and MPIN , now yu need to download and install state
bank freedom for your handset.visit this website and download the version compact able with
your phone .whether your phone is android, symbian ,or java phone. after installation
just open the application , you will be asked to enter the user id and mpin , enter the
credentials which you had got in you will be prompted to change your MPIN, choose
any six digit MPIN and change it. once it done you will receive an sms saying that your
MPIN has been changed successfully .now go to settings and change the channel to gprs.if
you change it you will not be charged any sms cost for any of your
you will get a message saying that validation process from handset is completed successfully
, now visit any atm and complete the furthur registration process . in atm insert your
atm card , enter
your pin . go to option – mobile registration., now click on register mobile and enter your
mobile number, and confirm it as well . once if it is successful . you are ready to use
the state bank mobile banking. now you can transfer money to any one , go to fund transfer
you need to register the beneficiary for sending the fund. so click on register payee . now
select its state bank account or any other bank account . select the appropriate one
and enter the account number , ifsc code , define limit etc and press if registered then
you g to transfer fund option , select the payee and enter amount and press ok . you
can as well do balance inquiry , mini statement of your
account .
you can recharge any mobile any time , and
various other service . so go activate your sbi freedom and enjoy mobile banking services
of state bank.

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