How To Save More Money

Are you struggling to stay on budget, get out of debt, or even
find new ways to save money? Well if that’s you, keep watching. This is The Rachel Cruze Show. (bright music) Well hey you guys. Welcome to The Rachel Cruze Show. I am so excited about this. Can you see like the new set? It’s so beautiful and everything. I walked in this morning, and
I saw it for the first time, and I thought: Oh my gosh. This is so fun! Because
last time you saw me here, I was about to go out on maternity leave with Caroline, my little
girl, and so I’m really pumped that we are continuing on
with The Rachel Cruze Show. So this episode specifically,
I want to talk to you about a couple that I met
named Ryan and Nanette, who are like so many couples out there. They felt like they were
just stuck in their finances. You know, she was trying to do one thing, he was trying to do another,
and it just wasn’t working. I’m gonna show you how to
save money on groceries, because listen, we all need
help with that, right? But first I’m gonna give you 15 ways that you can start making
progress and saving money quickly. You ready? Number 1. Look into an exercise pass program through your health insurance provider rather than just paying for the gym. Winston and I did this and
it saved us so much money. Number 2. Or forgo the gym altogether
and go to YouTube. We love YouTube. For workout ideas. So instead of going to
like a hot yoga class here or spin class there,
those $20 fees can add up. So just YouTube it. Number 3. Buy generic vitamins and
over-the-counter medicine. Number 4. Switch to CFLs or LED lights. Winston did this at our house, so like all of our lightbulbs are gonna last for like 5,000 years or something crazy. I’m like Jesus is gonna return, but our lightbulbs will still be working. That’s what’s important. Number 5. On weekends, host your
friends over for a game night. This is such a great way to
have fun with your friends, stay in, not spend money, and
even everyone can bring a dish, so you can have food as well. Number 6. Stay out of the grocery store. Use online ordering like
Kroger’s ClickList. This will save you money
’cause you know exactly how much money you’re gonna
spend before you go pick it up. Number 7. Buy kids’ toys at Big Lots. Shout out to cheap toys. This is the best thing ever. We did this with Amelia, and it was great. It like lasted us a whole summer. We got all this stuff. It was fantastic. Number 8. Download apps for savings,
like Cartwheel for Target, Ebates, Ibotta, and Coupon Sherpa. My Facebook group, you guys have given us some good info there, so thanks you guys. Number 9. For a high-priced item
that you’re buying online, wait overnight. Because
when you wait overnight, the impulse lowers and you figure out, okay do I really wanna buy it. Number 10. Buy discounted gift cards. Yeah, it’s a real thing. Number 11. Change your office hours. Traffic jams can cost you
up to $1,200 a year on fuel, and that’s a lot of wasted time. Number 12. Have a “clean out the pantry” week. Use what you have in your pantry instead of going grocery shopping. Number 13. Buy open-box items. Number 14. Buy workout clothes at
T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. I did this, and it’s like the
best decision you’ll ever make. Number 15. Get reflexology instead of a spa day. Spa days can cost you like $200 easily, but reflexology you can get the most amazing foot rub for $30. If you’re thinking, what is reflexology? Just know I changed your life. Google it. It’s fantastic. So those are some quick and
easy ways for you to save money, but listen I know life happens, right? It’s kind of crazy. It’s like you get up. You’re trying to like
get kids out the door. You’re trying to get to
work, or you’re just trying to get kids where they’re supposed to be, and get home, cook dinner, all of it. Like it’s just nuts, and
so I feel like the thing that takes the hit the
most is the grocery budget. The grocery ClickList
thing, for real, do it because it’s gonna help you.
Because when you don’t do it, you’re gonna be like me
two months ago at Costco. (soft music) That’s right. I went in to buy water. They have like water
that’s like 80,000 bottles but it’s like $2 or something crazy, so we always stack up on Costco water. So we ran out of bottles of water, so I was like: Oh, I’ll run into Costco. Yeah, you can’t just like run into Costco because then you end up
like buying all this stuff, and that’s what I did,
especially the first part with all the things
right when you walk in. I was like yeah, I need a huge beanbag. Yes, I do, right? I’m like oh my gosh, it’s all these things I just feel like I need to buy, and I walked out and I spent $142. I was supposed to buy water, but I bought a Charcuterie plate or Charcuterie. If you don’t know what that is it’s basically a bunch of meat, and I don’t even really like meat, but I bought this huge thing of meat that could feed like a small country, and it has so much preservatives. Like it didn’t expire ’til like 2021, and I had to like jam it
in my fridge when I got home. I mean, it was just really bad you guys. Like, it was so bad,
but I bought dog food, so my dog’s alive because of that trip. That’s what I told Winston. I was like, don’t worry. Nala has food. That’s why I went. So it’s just really bad when you walk in, especially to places like
Costco, so you have to . . . I feel like I’m bashing Costco. Love you Costco. Love ya. Just make sure you make a list
when you walk in. For real. It’s so easy to overspend, and
that moment just reminded me, gosh we think that we
need things in the moment. I was like, I need all
this meat—but I don’t. So the 14-pack of
Sonicare toothbrush heads, or the year’s worth of ramen noodles. I know it sounds like a great idea, but if it’s not on the list, don’t buy it. But I know I’m not the only one, ’cause I hear from you guys all the time that you overspend on food, too. So, one of the habits
that I’ve gotten into that saves me money is meal planning. So, let’s head over to my kitchen, and I’m going to show
you exactly what I do. (bright music) Welcome to my kitchen. Yes, I brought you guys
here because I figured out that there is a way that you
can actually save money on food and that way is meal planning. Being intentional with not only what you’re going to
buy at the grocery store but what you’re going to make every week, and listen being intentional about any area of your life is so, so important. That’s where you’re going to see progress. The more intentional
you are with something, the better off you’re going to be, and that includes, yes, your money, and, yes, your food part of the budget. So this is what Winston and I do. Every Sunday afternoon we sit down and we look at our calendar for the week, so we go through every single night. We say: Okay, what do we have? Monday night, Tuesday
night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday
night, and then from there we say okay we’re having
friends over on Thursday night, or we’re going to go out
to eat on Tuesday night, and this is great because
you’re actually communicating with your spouse, if you’re married, about what’s going on for the week. So, we figure out what nights we’re actually gonna cook at home. So then we say: Okay, we
have these nights available. What do we wanna make? And then we write down our meals for each night that we’re home. Then we go check the
pantry, and we say: Okay, we’re gonna make chicken
Alfredo on Tuesday night. Do we have the noodles? Do we have the chicken? Like, what do we need to
buy at the grocery store that we don’t already have? And then from there we
write down our grocery list of everything that we wanna buy at the grocery store that week for what we need to fix those meals, and also of course you’re
gonna include things like breakfast and lunch, you know, your go-to’s, that kind of thing. But what it does is it
just simplifies it all. You know exactly what
you’re going to make, ’cause if you’re like me
you get home from work and you’re like, I’m exhausted. The end of the world is coming, and I have to like be a mom and a parent, and make dinner, and it’s like
this whole thing of like ugh. Well, that way you don’t
come home and you’re like, what are we gonna have for dinner? It’s already there for
you, which is the best part of all of this, I think. And
you’re able to save money. You can take that money that you’re saving and you can get out of debt. You can save it up for something you want, like an emergency fund,
that kind of thing. So being intentional with that
money that’s saved is key. Now, one thing that you have to do is give yourself grace in this process because it’s not gonna be
perfect the first time, so just take a deep breath and say, it’s not gonna be perfect. But some great, quick easy meals I always get from It’s a great website. You can check it out, or I
always have six ingredients in the kitchen because
sometimes life doesn’t always turn out the way you think
it’s gonna turn out that week, and you end up being home when
you think you’re gonna be out and you’re like oh what are we gonna make? So my six ingredients
always are taco shells, shredded cheese, ground beef, noodles, pizza dough, and tomato sauce, because all of those
things whipped together, I can definitely make an
awesome beef quesadilla, some delicious spaghetti and
of course pizza, my love, which well I’ve already
meal-prepped for the week. Don’t forget that. (bright music) I mean, you guys, you knew there wasn’t gonna be an episode without pizza. Of course I had to involve that. No but really, all kidding aside, remember the four things that I want you to do when you’re meal planning. Number 1. Look at your calendar and know which days you’re going to cook. Write down the meals that you wanna make. Number 3. Check the pantry or the refrigerator for the ingredients that
you may already have. And number 4. Make your grocery list and stick to it. So now you’re gonna
hear from a young couple who went from being
stuck in their finances to being on the same
page with their money and working to get out of debt. And so they signed up for
Financial Peace University. They got on the same page, and
they are killing it, you guys. It was so fun. It was so fun not just
to hear the progress that they’ve already made,
but watching them together, ’cause they talked about how their marriage is even strengthened and she’s pregnant with baby number three, and you know we love babies around here. So take a look at their story. (bright music) So your money journey,
you guys, would you say like right now in the present, you guys are in a pretty good spot? Would you agree with that? – Yes. Has it always been like this? – No.
– No. (laughing) Like what was it that you’re
like, we have to stop this? Was there like this huge
fight, this meltdown? Were you like going bankrupt? – Well, you know, when
we first got married, living in L.A. and it was
paycheck to paycheck. There was not much left over
at the end of the month, and we didn’t really have any
sort of budgeting going on. We kinda just went with
whatever we thought. We weren’t really talking about anything. – Really your debt starts to add up without you really realizing how much. I think it just got to a point
where we’re expecting a third and we’re thinking about the future more, and wanting to set
ourselves up for success. So how long ago was
all of that for you guys? – That was, well that was
probably a year and a half when we got into the house,
and I think at that point, I kinda got to the place
where I was just done with not knowing anything about our money. ‘Cause you guys weren’t
budgeting or anything at this point? – We weren’t budgeting. We weren’t really talking about it. I mean, and that’s
the thing is we never fought about money ’cause
we never talked about money. So as a woman, would you say that that made you like fearful or insecure that you had no idea what was going on? Like what caused you to press into that? – Never fearful but avoiding
the subject a little bit. You know I would go out
and just get things that I believed I needed
and that I probably knew he wouldn’t think I needed (laughs). Okay, did you ever
hide a purchase from him? – Yeah, I mean, there’s
been things like that. I knew that we needed to get somewhere where we were on the same page. At that point is when I started to try to budget for the first time, and I was on EveryDollar for a little bit. When I had all of this stuff
in this budgeting tool, all of our, you know,
separate credit cards, and all the extra stuff, I realized how big our debt really was. I think that was the point
where we had been hearing about Financial Peace at the church, and I said to Ryan, we need to
do this as soon as possible. So when she brings that
up, what do you think? – I was on board. I mean, you know, it was
the kind of thing going back that I was handling a lot of
the larger bills and things, and so she wasn’t really
in the know of that, but I wasn’t really in the know of what she was purchasing.
– Like the little things. – And that sort of stuff. – And the everyday needs. You know the like everyday school supplies or things like that. – Yeah, I mean, it just
sets a time aside every week that we just go and we
learn and start learning how to use the tools and
how to communicate better, and I just knew as soon
as we took that step, we were gonna benefit from it. Okay, so I’m gonna quiz you, because I have an answer in my head. I wanna see if we’re on the same page. There’s one category in the budget that almost everyone,
including the Cruzes, if we bust any category,
it’s this category. So if you had one budget category that you were to bust, what would it be? – Groceries. – Yeah, groceries. Groceries, yes, okay. I’m so glad, okay. So do you feel like you got like progress on that part of the budget? – Yeah, we have actually started for the first time doing
the envelope system for groceries, and knowing beforehand we are able to plan a little bit better and like Dave always says,
you’re feeling, you know, the purchase. Yes, yes. – Just last month I think we
spent probably over $100 less than what we did the month before. – It’s all those little trips to the store that you don’t think are adding up that end up just adding up. So $40 here, $60 there. And oh I need to go get this one thing for this one meal that
we weren’t planning on. Just making it so. – I would call Ryan. Can you stop at the store real quick for this or this or this? But being able to plan ahead of time. So you guys now you
would say that, you know, because you are working on the same page, and you’re communicating about money, do you find that your
marriage is even better today? – Absolutely. – 100%, yeah.
– Yeah, absolutely. – I mean communication is key. So it’s definitely helped
us communicate better, not just, you know, budgeting
and that sort of thing, but in other areas of
our marriage as well so. – [Nanette] We’re talking about
all those things now, and that has changed just
the trust between us, and you know all of that kinda thing has made a huge difference
in our marriage for sure. So your two boys, they’re younger. Have they noticed any
shift, or have you guys like worked with them at all? Like what’s their take been on all this? – Absolutely. Elliot, our 7-year-old. – It’s been sweet. – He’s definitely caught on. He’s got the itch now. (laughing) He’s definitely overheard
us and asking questions and that sort of thing, which is great. We’ve also got the chart. – [Rachel] Oh from Junior?
Financial Peace Junior? Yes. – And so I love that idea, too, where it’s not really a chore. It’s a commission. – Yeah. Not allowance, commission. – Yeah, not allowance,
commission so I love that. If you don’t do the
work, you don’t get paid. – I’ve had a lot more
help in this house since. (laughing) He’s saving up for his own little thing. Whatever it is at the time
that he’s saving up for. I believe at this point it’s gumballs for his gumball machine. Oh sweet. – So, yeah. He’ll be like what’s a budget? And I’m like well, buddy,
let me tell you (laughs). Here’s EveryDollar. – Yeah exactly. Well you guys are like absolutely killing it. I mean, you’re doing it so fantastic. Seriously, I’m like you could’ve lived in that monotonous
state that you guys were at a year and a half ago and
done that for decades, right, and that’s what a lot of people do, but like sitting here
and saying, you know what, we’re gonna be intentional. It’s gonna be hard. It’s not gonna be fun. As you look at all the debt
and like it almost feels like this mountain but as
you’re chipping it away, I can see it in your faces, and like, you’re seeing the
hope and the excitement of what that’s gonna be
like and for those boys being able to have that
legacy of being debt-free, and not only just that but having parents that actually talk about
money and communicate, and are on the same page. I mean, that’s such a huge gift. So you guys are awesome. Well congratulations, you guys. Thanks again for sharing your story. It’s so great. – Thank you. So you guys. I love that you heard it firsthand. This stuff works. (bright music) Okay you guys. Weren’t they fantastic? I loved meeting them and sitting
down with them, seriously. I hope their story inspired you,
and they’re just really fun. I left, I was like, hey can we be friends? I actually found out that we’re zoned for the same school for our kids. I was like hey Nanette,
see you in carpool line in about three years! But
really, they are awesome. So, remember if you want
to make the progress that Nanette and Ryan are making, make sure you sign up for
Financial Peace University. At the end of this show,
go to, but if you’ve already signed up, and you’ve already even taken it, comment below on how
much debt you’ve paid off ’cause you guys going through
Financial Peace University, I know you’ve paid off a lot of debt, and we wanna hear about it. Okay, now is my favorite part of the show. Okay, it’s a new thing we’re doing. So, what I want you guys
to do, pay attention, ’cause it’s gonna involve you. I started this in my Facebook group, and so I wanna hear from you guys. I want you to use the hashtag:
#sheworkshardsavingmoney If you’re working and
saving toward something, or if you already have
saved up for something and bought it or experienced
it, whatever it is, we want this to be a place
that you celebrate with us. So, make sure to post on
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. I don’t care. A picture, a video, a tweet, and use the hashtag: #sheworkshardsavingmoney ’cause we wanna celebrate you guys. So here’s the very first rendition, moment, of #sheworkshardsavingmoney Kate says, a week at Disney World. It was so awesome, and we paid cash. Ugh, I’m kinda jealous of you, Kate. I love my life, not yours. Kelly, we saved for an entire
year to have our deck built, and it took out an entire
window from our kitchen, and we had to replace
it with French doors. Very nice. That took up an entire wall. It was very expensive,
but we paid cash for it. Sarah says my husband and I worked so hard to pay cash for Christmas this past year. It was the first time we’ve
ever done it not on credit. It was so incredible! Shanda says, for the past
four and a half years, my husband and I have been saving up to pay cash for our first home. We’ve gotten a lot of
laughter and naysayers, but the hope is to buy
a house this spring. It will be so worth the temporary sacrifice and tight budget. So make sure you post because next time we’re going to pick out the best ones, show them all to you here on the show, and we’re going to give away some gifts. So, get creative. Well you guys, this has
been such a great show. We’ve showed you a
couple who started taking Financial Peace University,
who are on the same page and making incredible progress. I loved showing you 15 super easy ways that you can start saving money quickly, and we have a plan for the grocery store, and how to take stress
out of meal planning. So for more information on all we’ve talked about in this show, make sure to click the
link in the description, and make sure you tune in, in two weeks, because it is a new episode
of The Rachel Cruze Show, and we may or may not be
celebrating my big 3-0. My birthday. So excited. So, thanks you guys again for watching, and always remember to
take control of your money, and create a life you love. (bright music)

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  • Love your show!! Groceries is a huge overspending area – another one for us is our pets – seems like we are always overdrawing their envelope account – between food – vet bills – groomer and all things dogs seems impossible to keep on budget with them

  • Interview people who grew up during the depression, no money, no credit card to use, the people that were young children then, have a different attitude towards money than today's generation.

  • I stopped buying water bottles – We have so many refillable bottles at home, use those instead and save all that plastic waste as well as the money! If you're water isn't good, use a filter before refilling 😉 I recently bought reusable straws and keep a few in the car for those unexpected drive through trips!

  • Where do you go for reflexology? I'm here in Nashville and looking for best place for it. Can't beat a good foot rub!

  • Speaking of groceries….

    Walmart Pick-Up has changed my LIFE!!! Shop at home, drive up and keep ALL THE BABIES in the car, the my load me up and in 3 MINUTES FLAT, I’m out!

  • Utube is AWESOME and I admit…… I am ADDICTED!!! Doctor tells me there is no intervention though. Lol ☺️ Big Lots Rocks!! Groceries….we buy generic brand now. Cosco to u is like Walmart is to me! That's why I say Walmart is the Evil Store! By the way love your reciepies!!

  • For great youtube workouts instead of the gym. I highly recommed hasfit. Hasfit has free workouts for every fitness level. My wife and i have been doing them for five years and saves gym membership prices. Youtube search hasfit. Thanks for your channel.

  • I totally agree with the grocery click list. So worth the fee!!! I had a list ready to order, but I decided to go on my own. Bad move!!! I literally spent just over double the amount than what was on my list. Great tips, Rachel. Thank you for sharing.

  • I gave up my Costco card about 5 years ago. I felt like I was being lured into using their coupons all of the time for stuff I really did not need. I thought I would miss my Costco visits, but I have survived. And, I am still using Clorox wipes from my Costco stash from 5 year ago !

  • I like the idea of starting the meal plan by looking in the pantry and fridge before planning the meals this way you are forced to use what you have before it goes bad

  • Hey rachel thanks for all these tips! I️ have to say meal prepping is a huge time and money saver. Although I️ would switch 2.plan meals and 3.check the pantry. Because if you check your fridge and pantry, you can see what needs to be used, and is soon expiring. So then you can plan your meals around the items you already have! It helps reduce food waste and is easier to plan. Decision fatigue is real!

  • No 🐕 or 🐈 you will save lots of money, clean your house and mowing the lawn yourself and use those 💰 for a vacation !

  • I've taken FPU and have paid off $120k so far since 2015. Projected to be debt free in 2023. I made a lot of bad $$ choices during college but I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and it feels so good! Thank you for helping me put a plan in place.

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