How To Scale Your Online Business & Set Yourself up for Success | #AskJC 01 | Tyler Ryan

I have some rapid fire questions nice
would you rather read minds or accurately predict the future predict
the future I’m changing my answer read minds cuz I
could predict the future life would be so boring how do I make money what does
your day look like or some of the biggest challenges you faced ass JC alright it’s been let’s see I think last
time I thought I was in Hawaii Yeah right
Hawaii for the year yeah yeah six-figure feat of mastermind yep my 12th meeting
and and I wanna I just want to take a second to like commend you because all
the people in the group who came and went yeah I think you went attended
every single every one every single one and there was less than 5% of the group
that attended every single meeting yeah so you know I’m not I’m not drawing eye
causation here but coral you know correlation all right there’s some oh
he’s headed all the meetings and he fucking crushed it I think that there’s
something that one and the whole point is that the the 12th meeting that was a
graduation and evolution for me because those 12 months had been so incredibly
productive and I had gotten everything and more that I came for yeah and it was
just like I found a new direction to move on to but I was so much bigger than
what I couldn’t imagine twelve months before totally yeah and that was so much
because of you and it was yeah I mean I played it if I play a very small role
I’m happy but it was you you you get all the actions you took all the steps you
were the one who did all this shit you didn’t want to do to get where you
wanted to go yeah yeah yeah I mean that that kind of brings into something I was
curious about what was what was your first ever mastermind experience how did
you how did you even come across masterminds in the first place because I
know I was struggling as an entrepreneur by myself yeah for about a year and a
half before I realized that the pain was so great in trying to do it alone and I
just had to go find something but I didn’t even know that there was
entrepreneurial coaches I didn’t know there was mastermind but there was a
thing for it I was just thinking like you know
like yeah well the problem is with the masterminds on is you get a
bunch of people who need to go to real mastermind well as meetups I went to
those meetups tonight and you saw the efforts very quickly yeah
it’s those groups are usually a bunch of people who no idea what they’re doing or
people just there to sell their shit and they they pitch everybody right I do I
was actually very jaded I guess would be the word because my very first touch
with internet or online marketing was it a mastermind oh that was how it started
right so I got it I got a scholarship to go to the seminar in Washington DC and I
met Craig Ballantyne there and I the the story goes the true story that I was I
was I had this basketball thing I was trying to sell online this little eBook
no one was buying it I was at Michigan State and I go to the event in DC and I
meet Craig in the autonomous store he liked me and he goes if I tell you how
to make money on this thing I give you the plan where you take action on it of
course he goes great give me $1,000 really yeah yeah my fuck
I’d like 40 bucks my paypal yeah fuck it fuck it like whatever I at that point I
was living on like Rice Krispies and chocolate milk so I I don’t need a guy
was fine I fuck you so you’re the money takes out a napkin
he writes this whole launch plan for me I take connected back to Michigan State
and I’m making $20,000 a month in the first month when I got back the minute I
started making money Craig comes back and says you need to
join my mastermind group $12,000 a year I joined right and I used to drive from
from East Lansing Michigan to Toronto like a couple times a year for those
those masterminds every single time so that was my first touch my second touch
was you know through Craig and met Pedro’s you know I’m gonna pay the
school Ian and they I was like the young hotshot with them because I’m like this
20 year 21 year old making money and they wanted to like parade me around is
like look at our guy he’s killing it which is good for them and I was happy
to be that person and they were like you should come hang out at our mastermind
cause Bay dress and Craig had a mastermind together and they would have
meeting his Las Vegas now imagine you’re 21 years old and these two older
millionaire guys who are awesome or like hey come hang out with us in Las Vegas
for three days where everyone’s paying this much and you just hang out for free
okay sounds fucking great right so I would go to those masterminds
and me and David cynic I don’t know if you know David
he runs off paleo hacks commonly what we were just literally like masterminds
going on we would just sit in the back on the ground with our laptops out and
just listen so I was getting I a merged into that culture and tell us that from
dude from the very beginning mm-hmm yeah I mean it’s kind of like once you see
the world that’s there it just keeps opening and opening and
opening with more people that you meet more events that you go to yes because I
mean at first you see like hey there’s a guy who I can pay $1,000 they’ll give me
some tips then you realize like oh he’s got a coaching program yeah oh wait he’s
in the coaching program yeah oh wait that guy’s in a coaching program too and
the world just keeps opening up more and more yeah it would it just keeps going
dude it’s like it’s like an MLM thing but yeah as I got it but it works right
it’s very positive but yeah I mean dude everyone everyone needs a coach Tiger
Woods as a coach Warren Buffett when you wanted to learn bridge first thing you
did was hire a coach you know everyone needs a coach like you were saying right
when you were starting you didn’t know their entrepreneurial coaches right but
it makes sense right like you you worked at NASA right what was your degree oh I
got a bachelor’s in physics yeah the Masters in mechanical engineering yeah
which is ridiculous right yeah it would be even more preposterous to think that
you could have learned what you learned without a teacher right is it possible
to learn mechanical engineering without it can be self-taught without books or
teachers like good luck figuring that shit out like these are just like we’re
all standing on children’s of giants of people who dedicated themselves for
hundreds of years to figure this stuff out so yeah like in every endeavor you
should get coaches you should get mentors and I was just I was very very
lucky that I I was getting that from the very beginning yeah yeah like Anne
solemnly say I would not be here if it wasn’t for them yeah and you were you
were among my first best coaches awesome man so I’m very I’m very dude I’m super
proud of you and I’m glad to be again like I said even a tiny part of the
legacy I am I’m very happy about that well thank you and we’re we’re I’ve kind
of evolved to is I got to the point now where I got very clear on what my
business for the next let’s say a year or so is going to be once I knew what
that was it turned out to be a software company and so I was looking for a coach
and I needed these criteria to be met they had to be specific
the coaches for software businesses that are selling business-to-business that
our bootstrapped meeting I’m not taking the venture funding mm-hmm and either a
single person or a very small founding team that’s a lot of criteria sure I was
going in thinking okay now I’m getting a little too specific maybe I’m not gonna
be able to find a coach for this sure enough cranking you somebody mm-hmm
somebody named Nick Cosman and I’m in his coaching program great and this is
like exactly for me what you were looking for you know it’s not just like
I’m in another business mastermind now right it’s like no I’m gonna sass
mastermind for bootstrap companies yep very different sport and you can you can
feel the resonance when you’re in there yeah you know because they’re talking
about the stuff you want to hear you can exactly every eighth word is CAC you’re
like Jack in LTV intro just keep saying these words to me that’s all I care
about okay totally yeah so so fast-forward to
today where’s your business at now and where
are you hoping to get to and say in the next twelve months um it’s a good
question man I no one ever asked me those questions it’s funny um so with
what we’re doing with the Jason Capital brand I’m involved with what we’re doing
I’ve set myself a mission to create a hundred million or student to the next
three years i millionaire student number one is sitting right over there
I and we’ve created seven so far in the first four months since we like set that
goal so I got my work cut out for me that’s that’s what I’m gonna be doing
with with this brand at the same time I’ve become an investor in a few
different companies so I’m kind of busy over there as well as we’ve started a
couple other companies that have nothing to do with me I’m not on the front of
them and I’m I’m taking all of the stuff I know about marketing and acquisition
and all the stuff and and scaling up other companies and a bunch of different
verticals and I have some plans for that that I’m gonna do buy them I don’t want
to publicly share all of them but I’m very busy for that way well okay so
let’s go here I should I kind of have a grander vision for my life than any
particular business that I’m working on right now like what I want to do is I
want to be working on the kinds of projects that impact the world
a global scale talking about things like climate change and renewable energy the
kinds of projects that Elon Musk is working on maybe that’s what I want to
be working on okay but that’s like probably 10-15 years from now sure so
all the things that I’m doing now I’m basically building up the resources and
the capital and the experience to be able to take on projects like that yeah
did you have a you know Dan Fleischman the other name so Dan is a really really
talented guy there’s a lot of different things why he has a charity called model
citizen and it’s awesome they fill backpacks with water and books and
supplies and stuff and they ship out the backpacks filled all the different
countries where that stuff is scarce and he you know he’s raised millions of
millions of dollars for this charity he’s I think he’s 39 38 or something and
I asked him like like what’s the plan with this and he goes I’m gonna save the
world I was like like come on dude dude he’s either no he’s like no I’m gonna
save the world backpacks aren’t gonna save the world I know that but I’m
practicing now so 20 30 years from now I’m ready Yeah right
I think actually awesome you actually have a shot well you gotta get prepared
for it yeah it’s like someone saying I want to win a total flight 20 years from
now against Floyd Mayweather well you better start putting on the fucking
gloves right now otherwise you’re gonna get your ass yeah max yeah so what are
you preparing for 20 years from now I don’t I’m very different in that way I
dude I just have I I have such an obsession with right now that I I’m
gonna wear that 20 years from now is very likely going to happen but even
when it happens it’s still gonna be now all right so I have I have ideas there’s
things that I want to do there’s things that I want to build but I I truthfully
I try to just take it a few years at a time like I know exactly where I’m going
to be three years from now beyond that it’s blurry but I have I know that it’s
kind of like you what you’re saying I know that once I get to where I want to
go three years from now the options will be available to whatever I decide to do
max one thing is kind of a side project but it is something I’m very passionate
about dude is I’m gonna I’m gonna throw the biggest like yoga festival the world
has ever seen I just want to mine fuck the whole world
into doing yoga I want everyone on a mat in downward dog being like how the fuck
did I get here what am I even doing yet I can’t stop cuz it feels so good like I
want to do that to the world I know it sounds crazy but Yoga is a doorway into
a certain level of consciousness and presence that most people never get to
experience and with that level of consciousness and presence a lot of the
issues we have today will not exist if everyone was just as Mother Teresa said
right if everyone just cleaned their front doorstep the world would be a much
better place that’s kind of what I’m going for here yeah well one of the guys
on my team Brian he’s he’s the same way okay his life’s mission is to help
people be at peace with themselves yeah that’s that’s like what he thinks about
that’s awesome and so doing something like that is exactly the kind of thing
that would read support for him perfect so I got one right there yeah you got a
seven F billion more to go yeah all right so let’s talk about starting
businesses do it so I’ve I’ve kind of seen now that I’ve tried several
different business models several different industries and talked to a lot
of different people kind of what I what I see is a framework for for starting a
business and I want to I want to run it by you see what you think and see you my
boy you can add to it okay so I want you to imagine imagine a graph so on the on
the y-axis we have price what’s up how much you charge on the x-axis we have
volume so how many customers you have imagine axis looks like this and when we
have a line that comes down this way so there’s high price low volume and then
there’s low price high volume so this is like the the price volume graph what
I’ve seen that a lot of people do where they fail which was me like I tried a
couple of different things and fail first it was a software company failed
mm-hmm then it was drumming information product I would only say it failed
because I’d have enough time yeah I don’t think that felt I think it
definitely just that video made it a success now yeah I know yeah but what
what those two have in common is I was someone starting with basically no money
and no audience mm-hmm yet I tried to start high volume low cost and my my
theory is that if your start there you need what I call
activation energy it’s a concept I pulled from physics meaning like you
need some amount of resources to get over this initial hurdle if you have no
money and no audience it’s hard to sell to the masses yes so you need either
money or an audience to be able to come in at this high volume low cost on the
other side if you start up here at high price low volume it’s not easier to get
the business off the ground because you can work with a few different people
because it’s more personalized you can charge more and then basically the name
of the game is over time as you build up your authority credibility you get
resources you kind of move down this line or you can scale up you can reach
more people now your price is probably going to come down to make it more
accessible to more people and then long long term you become someone like Apple
or you can just go right up here go to high price high volume you have not you
have the credibility and the authority they demanded mm-hmm
what do you think about that and what have you seen that either goes along
with that or yeah well the first thought I have is anyone who’s looking they’re
just starting from scratch they’re at a 9 to 5 or in college and they want to
you know replace their current income with like laptop income and get to 10k a
month or something yeah then the the fastest way to get there is to offer
done-for-you services to existing businesses fulfilling a need they
already have for a high ticket price fifteen hundred three grand five grand
and want something like that because like you said you only need two or three
yeah and you got them and they’re not that hard to get and you have nothing
going on with your life at all like your options are hustle for client watch
Netflix like you have all the time in the world but that is a huge advantage
because now you can give all this extra love and care to those few clients that
you’re you’re chasing after you’re trying to get and you can really over
deliver on that service for them at the beginning because you don’t have
anything else going on with yourself so I think that’s the fast way I always
tell people and ask me like dude how do I just start I’m like dude offer a
done-for-you service to businesses to fill some of the need like our IG agents
right now are smoking it right I’ve never seen anything in the since we
launched a four months ago where we have people who ordinary people who are now
making more than six figures in a matter of a few months and all of them they are
providing done-for-you Instagram services to businesses who one know they
need Instagram two don’t know how to do it it is a perfect fit done-for-you
service you’re not educating the prospect until why they need it we want
to avoid that we want to offer them the shit they already want and this is this
is like the biggest lesson I think a lot of young entrepreneurs miss is and and I
know I didn’t when I started and it sounds like you did it when you started
is we have an idea for our product or our solution and we just get so jazzed
about it and we want to share it with the fucking world
push it out and then no one wants it well with people right you start judging
people get resentful and it’s like no dude you were egotistical I was
egotistical egotistical we assumed we knew what they wanted instead of just
asking them yeah and when you ask them they’ll tell you what they want you
asking hey hey local local yoga you know studio what do you guys need help with
like to you when you need help with most to get more like more clients I don’t
know like social media great so I’ll offer you social media services like
give them what they want and it makes like a big thing when people are
starting out and this is related to your year if you graph your PV graph there we
go it’s only one quadrant all right it’s just the next one gotcha
I’m wondering what goes on in quadrant two three four but we live that way yeah
all right yeah but um when someone is starting out there’s another another I
don’t know how we can get a third dimension to this thing for the graph
but there’s something called their high income skills which I would you could
also call marketing skills or sales ability that needs to be taken into
account meaning when you have you’re starting out you have low sales ability
you have low marketing ability low high income skills like you’re not you’re not
good at them and that’s gonna prohibit you from being good at marketing
particularly online and if you want to go high volume low price online that is
all online marketing you’re gonna need to be on Facebook and gdn and and
YouTube’s gonna be ads everywhere like you need be big into buying media that
is a hard skill to learn yeah you have to be good at selling not only good
enough to buy traffic at a profitable amount but you have to be better at it
than your competition has been doing it for 10 or 20 years yeah so you go where
there’s a bus competition again like selling the high ticket stuff so I don’t
know that if if that helps or anything but yeah
that’s I liked yeah I mean it’s it’s obviously it’s very well known like
higher price less volume lower price more value but the goal of course is you
get to the point where your shit is so good that you create a monopoly and it’s
high priced high value and everyone’s happy exactly like you’ll notice Apple
doesn’t really deal with a lot of price resistance even though their shit is
really expensive right because it’s become a they don’t sell it it’s just a
necessity like I need water right I need food and I need an iPhone like this this
phone has become like an attachment to our bodies yeah right at some point
vedras is joking he was like when kids are born they’re just gonna like carve
their hands so it just stays like this and you use your hand normal fish it
here and then you can hold your phone here yeah before pacifier they give them
a fucking iPhone now so but that that’s unbelievable marketing for Apple to get
so that level and what I wonder the first iPhone 2004 maybe it came out like
in less than 15 years it’s unbelievable yeah when and to bring it back to this
idea of you you need to talk to them figure out what they want provided done
for you service in the long term once you do that it allows you to get in the
door so you can have the conversations to figure out maybe some of the things
that they also want but don’t currently have a solution for of course yeah and
then as your business grows you’re kind of doing it from the inside out instead
of trying to take this approach of I make something hopefully people buy it
yes and you just you just make your product line from conversations with
customers you’re yeah that’s the only way to do good business unless you’re
Steve Jobs and I’m sorry to say I’m not Steve Jobs and you’re not Steve Jobs
we’re not gonna be Steve Jobs and so it’s like Steve Jobs was like nope
Markie doesn’t know what they want I’m gonna tell him what I want and he made
it happen yeah and a few other people can do that
and in fact maybe you could do that one day maybe I could do that one day but
it’s not gonna happen when we’re thirty Steve Jobs was in his 40s when he came
back to Apple and then that was like the second term Elon Musk is in his 40s
right someone’s listening and they’re younger stop thinking like being
egotistical that you’re gonna be able to know or like you remember to tell the
marketplace what they want much much better like your Senate have the
conversations they will tell you what they need help with a lot of my IG
agents right now they’re getting and the clients they don’t just want to
help you know with the content and the DM stuff they want more followers and my
IG agents don’t know how to do followers right well and they were like well we
can I want they repay me more if I could help them to get more followers but I
don’t know how to do it and I was like well now you’re thinking like an
entrepreneur you’re about to be because you don’t need to know how to get more
followers to sell a guy more followers because all you need to do is know
another guy who can get them a followers and then let’s say you take 5,000
followers and then you keep two of it and you give three to the guy who don’t
go to get followers and he gets your guy followers and you just made money that I
haven’t do anything right and and that’s now you have a now you’ve revenue
expansion right now you have another another offer in your product suite that
you can offer but you would like they had to tell you that you have to listen
to them yeah let’s now shift gears to scaling okay so you took your business I
believe up to eight figures now alright so what were the biggest challenges that
you bought it back down by the way oh you did yeah we went over it and then
I’ve come back down because it’s more profitability here and and there’s again
I got revenue doesn’t mean no brother there’s a there’s there’s agencies I
know like social media agencies that do about five or six million a year
top-line revenue yeah and they make more profit than Gary Vaynerchuk does who has
one hundred and sixty million dollar your agency I think right these
businesses it’s very it very very different when you look a lot different
self yeah so let’s talk about the the journey going from six to seven figure
what were some of the biggest challenges you faced in making that jump from six
to seven I’m thinking very hard about this question I want to answer this good
for you it this is this is gonna out so cliche and I hate this answer there’s a
few I’ll just say the first one was I literally stop hanging around talking to
her associating with anyone who I thought wasn’t totally supportive of me
getting to seven figures a lot of old friends cut then talk to him anymore
even family members cut don’t talk to me anymore I’ve since talked to them now
some of them but it was like I knew for some level I can’t get there with you
guys still here I need to I need some space to go here and then when I’m here
I will come get you like it was if that makes sense that was I one thing that
was that was really big the second thing is I’m sure you’ve read the everything
story right the Jeff Bezos book you know the counts of the flywheel right talk
about it and I found the flywheel in my bit so it my dating business this is
when I first I made seven figures and I was 24
my dating business was doing well and it was making me about I twenty-five thirty
thousand dollars a month for a few months and just in in going deep into
the business I was able to figure out well hey we’re making 25 grand a month
like something like seventy seven percent of it was coming from this one
cadence this one practice it was one one marketing thing we had in our business
the rest of it came from all these other activities and I was like well if I just
did more of this thing I would probably be able to make more money alright and
that’s what I did and we went you know I think it was like July 2013 there I was
at I like 30 maybe something like that and then by October I was you know under
grand a month like it happened very very quickly and you’re Robbie wondering like
what is the thing right well it was I just figured out like whenever I did a
product launch we made a lot of money and I was doing a product launch like
once every four months I was like how how often could I do product launches
right and we got it I was doing two a month but and you go well you burn out
your list your audience into two a month it’s like no you can I just I was like
so I did that I did two a month I burned out my audience and then I learned on
less and I was like well if I give lots of value and I over deliver in the times
where I’m not launching it balances it out and now I’m actually able to
maintain a cadence of two launches a month and I wrote that two launches a
month all the way from 30 grand so 300 grand a month in a matter of like less
than 18 months nothing else changed it was just it was just that so if anyone’s
listening it’s like where is like there is one or two activities that you are
doing in your business that are creating i inordinate like exorbitant amounts of
revenue in relation to the the basically the input output is insane small I’m put
big output whatever that is how can you do more of that input and you’ll end up
getting more output right yeah yeah now I what point did your your focus shift
to cold traffic customer acquisition where did that come into play for you in
your business so when I was doing dating I never did it
one because I had I had a stupid ego thing about how everyone else needs to
pay for their traffic much it’s so good it’s all word of mouth all right which
was true right 40,000 customers all word of mouth i but ii was you get shut down
on most network so if you’re in dating they don’t support dating offers that’s
why you don’t see a ton of like tinder ads on when you’re watching youtube
right it’s just you get banned so I wasn’t allowed to when I switch then I
first launched my book higher status now I’m in personal development now it was
like Oh floodgates are open now we can we can actually pay for customers we can
go we got media so that was when it started yeah now what I want to dig into
that so at the cold traffic part so once you started doing that I know coal
traffic is a Pandora’s box right sure there’s a lot of a lot of things that go
into doing it well and doing it right and cracking all traffic out acquisition
so how did you go from starting out to actually getting something where you
could scale profitably what are some of the challenges that it took to get you
through that that journey well as you know that you’re starting a SAS company
right you’re going one the whole equation is really really simple is LTV
is greater than kak that’s all that matters that the lifetime value of the
customer depending on whatever timeline you’re tracking it just needs to be
better than your cost of acquisition yeah that’s it so those are the two
things you plug how can we lower our CPA how can we increase our LTV so in terms
of like that that’s all I’m thinking about that like even now we’re scaling
different campaigns that’s all I’m looking at is how do we lower our CPA
how do we increase the LTV so there’s there’s that side of it the other side
of it is the people right because you know we were a lot of times we’re
spending you know $10,000 a day or more on I’m just called traffic heads and
like that takes more than one person to manage all those accounts especially the
way that we did it and there’s certain ways you can buy ads like view on
YouTube and you’re very very in-depth with keywords and your target all these
different keywords there can be a lot of fucking keywords you have to optimize
for and that can be like like one guy 8 hours a day doing nothing else just
optimizing keywords all day every day alright so that’s like a full-time gig
so like I I really really believe for someone they need to make the decision
are they going to be a lifestyle business or like a brand
equity type business and you need to figure out which one you want to be
because there’s a lot of people in this no-man’s land who they’re like I don’t
want to be a lifestyle business I want to scale everyone loves that worries
like a buzzard I want to scale do all that stuff but they get caught in no
man’s land and that’s like that what my friend Kevin huddle says he says no
man’s land is like the four to ten million dollar a year rent because you
are yeah you’re four to ten but your revenue numbers are gassed up because a
lot of it is it’s not profit you’re just buying customers right you’re working
way more than you used to because now you’ve got all these employees to manage
and all this shit you got to deal with with ads and funnels and tracking I mean
tracking is a huge part of scaling we talked about that too if you want all
right so you’re no man’s land right whereas if you could have gone back down
to two million dollars a year and back to you know one or two key employees and
nothing else your profit margin is a way higher stress is way lower you’re
working a couple hours a day it’s way better right so you got to make the
decision like if you’re gonna I want to scale I want to go cold traffic you need
to go fucking all-in on yeah you need to decide but don’t get caught in no man’s
line and then the tracking part is is enormous I mean dude like we still have
days we were like yo what is going on with the row ads and Facebook this is
incorrect like this doesn’t look right and and the columns are wrong why is it
like why is click let us say this why does our practice dashboard say this and
why does our Facebook say this because we had three different numbers all from
the same funnel what the fuck’s going on yeah and and you know it’s like like I
Kevin hoto he gave me the best now the other day said like scaling on Facebook
particularly is like driving a Ferrari with a quarter gas tank all the time
that’s what it’s like the most unstable so Facebook we have a lot of issues with
with tracking stuff and it is like a Ferrari with a quarter tank of gas all
there I’ll just tell you this other places we’re looking into now to keep
acquiring and keep scaling is Google and I from what I’ve been told in 2010 a lot
of gurus and marketers and things like this they were on Google they were
scaling and then the Google slaking and they all were banned from Google Russell
Brunson was one of them like all we were banned and they switched the Facebook
because Facebook we just start to get good with their their power editor ever
was called back down in their ads and everyone got comfortable Facebook and
they stayed on Facebook boy you can go back on Google now
yeah and Facebook is like this Google is like this right like Google is every
website on the Internet like the like Facebook pond Google all
the oceans combined right so there’s so much more opportunity on Google if you
can get it right so we are like I am personally right now I just hired a
coach for myself and I’m gonna spend the next year obsessively learning Google
Ads myself right and that was one big part of scaling also I’ll just share
with you is when I first did it I brought on people who were great at
scaling and buying and stuff I didn’t understand what they were doing I’m copy
I’m marketing I’m speaking I’m coaching I get this but these numbers I don’t
quite understand there’s so many like you look at Facebook dude how many
columns are there how many metrics are that you can track yeah like you go to
customize you got like a couple hundred it’s insane
yeah there’s and there’s so many audiences you get targeted variations
and layers and it’s so I was like you guys handle that I’ll handle this and
that was my mistake I don’t want to advocate that and just assume because it
I don’t know like if I don’t know what they’re doing or if they’re doing a good
job I can’t help right and every one of my company or all my companies I want to
be able to help them right like my marketing team I can help them I copy
team I can help them product our community I can help them customer
support I can help them ads sorry guys can’t help you like that’s not that’s
not good enough I need you to go all that so are this coach I’m gonna like
I’m gonna become gangster at ads myself so that I can help and train all of the
media buyers when you’re bringing on as we scale up all our different companies
going forward well a lot of a lot of people who are in your position to not
only they not understand how the ads themselves actually work but they kind
of shy away from the numbers – yes and I mean I’m working with a lot of
businesses now where the focus is to scale in cold traffic a software that I
built is for tracking customer lifetime value over time and breaking it down by
all your different traffic sources so and this is where a lot of people they
make them a stake of they might look at customer LTV mmm-hmm but a lot of times
they make a couple mistakes they’re either they look at just one number they
look at lifetime value total that’s it or they look at their day zero LTV
mmm-hmm so in other words like things like average order
right and then that’s what they compared to their CPA and not only do they just
look at those two numbers but they’re not realizing that there’s facebook ads
and then there’s YouTube ads and then there’s Instagram and then there’s
Google and all these are bringing a different quality of customers sure and
not only that but you probably have five different Facebook ad campaigns or way
more that you’re running sure each of those campaigns might be bringing in
different quality of customers yeah so you need to understand the importance of
looking at LTV not just add a zero not just one number but at day 0 30 60 90
365 mm-hmm and you have to be able to see that for each of your different
traffic sources thank you because a lot of times you’ll have a couple that are
doing 80 percent of the work right and the rest are killing your return mm-hmm
and if you could just turn those off double down the ones that are actually
working maybe now you have a chance of scaling sure theoretically right but
that that’s also like where the these landmines of scaling come in because you
do that and you turn off the losers and you find a couple winners and you scale
them up and then two weeks later the winner is turned into losers right right
so you like that’s why he’s like it’s a quarter tenure gasps I’m kind of fried
like you always you got to be watching this shit every frankly like petting
pulses throughout the day it’s probably a good amount like every hour you should
be watching this stuff and watching the fluctuations and and you’re exactly
right and like we we look at LTV by Channel but we go with me deeper we look
at LTV by creative we also look at LTV by even keywords or different ed groups
because we want it we want to like you want to get the most accurate the most
granular data you possibly can because as you know there’s greatness in
granularity and a lot of people don’t realize that and that’s a great saying
and it sounds good but it is entirely true and we live in a world where most
people are very very happy to settle for shallow and the few willing to go deep
into the granular are the ones who will hold the advantage well that’s that
speaks exactly to when you’re going you go fully granular and you just look at
LTV mmm-hmm you’re missing so much in the picture uneven you go and look at
Facebook versus YouTube you’re still missing so much of the picture yes
there’s so many different levels deeper that you can go and that’s the
importance of having tracking all the way down to those granular levels
exactly and and you really like you’ve got to be very very certain that
you’re getting the right numbers there’s nothing more hot writing than making
marketing decisions based on inaccurate numbers right so you’ve got to make sure
that the numbers reporting this is why it’s important that fail-safes that’s
why like I said we have a dashboard for our tracking that’s the separate plus we
use the clickfunnels supposed to be use the face but we have like three or four
places we can look so we can keep keep comparing against because there’d be
perfectly honest clickfunnels is imperfect a lot of numbers are wrong and
and and Facebook isn’t perfect that pixel doesn’t always fire a lot of
people obviously know that same thing with Google so like you need you need
like if you’re gonna scale like it’s not just oh I’ll learn how to do ads and
I’ll scale my offer like scaling in 2019 scaling in 2020 requires a team it’s not
a one-man show and I think you said something very important to it’s not
like let’s run these ads and then check in once a week right sure I mean but
again like if you’re a lifestyle business and you’re selling let’s say
you’re an online coach you’re a lifestyle business and you just need 10
appointments a week to sell people on the throne sure you know you check your
ads frankly you could pay a VA to check on the twice a day and give them
parameters and that’s you know that you can check them once a week but if you’re
scaling yeah like you want like no I want 150 thousand customers paying me
$29 a month that’s a you know that’s a full-time obsession and and if you’re
not obsessed about that I promise you your competition is and they will they
will Bend you over and take your company yeah so did you have any any personal
struggles that you dealt with like emotional stresses in your relations
outside as you were going totally dude first first three months start having
mini panic attacks yeah no joke I was 20 28 and I literally started having mini
panic attacks where I was like well I can’t breathe
where’s the money going where’s the coming job yes well it was for the first
time I go from entrepreneur to CEO because entrepreneur is I got my online
courses and my trainings and my coaching and I write the emails I send them out
I’ll deal with the affiliates I know where the traps I control everything in
my little world I can’t control the money making stuff CEO I got ads team I
got marketing team I got these people I can’t control the money anymore I can
influence the people who are doing the revenue generating activities now but I
can’t control the money so like big lesson for me early on was I was like
first of all I was like what fuck do I do with my time now cuz I’m not doing
all this shit anymore I didn’t know what to do right and then the second part is
yeah I’m spending like fucked $8,400 what the fuck did that go yesterday fuck
now I have got a hundred thousand dollar payroll shit I never had that before so
there’s all this other stuff that came on all at once I was not prepared for it
and I was not taking care of myself my mentality back then was dude throw it
all on my shoulders I can carry it off yeah and and eventually at some point
you know you get all these bricks in your shoulders you can’t carry them
anymore and you break down and I I had to take the foot off the gas pedal for a
while I had to like if you’re gonna do more for the business fine
but you also need to balance the self-care with it so like I told you I
got this media man coach right I’m going all in on this all right like like I
will know more about ads than Zuckerberg does at some point all right I don’t
know if coming that far but I’m like I’m going to eat right and I told Natalie
this and the first thing she said it was great let’s make sure that we get you
more massages each week to balance it out cause like I’m gonna be at a
computer all day looking to edit and those were very first thought like she
gets it right away because she knows what happened in the past like we’re
gonna go harder on this fine but we need to you’re gonna increase workload you
need to increase self-care at the same time so that can be for me it you know I
I usually get two massages a week like that’s that’s super important it’s
massages it’s yoga it’s the daily meditation practice it’s the
bioenergetic even foam rolling for me is like a great great relaxation self-care
type thing and then as well as like every usually one on Saturday or Sunday
me Natalie will go there’s this great movie theater nearby where it’s like the
most amazing seats nice nice doesn’t describe not only that I hit a button
and then a server comes up to me what do you want
and I just I want sushi great I want steak great I want a bottle wine great I
want tortilla soup yup got they got everything and it’s like really good
food so we go there finish the bottle of wine I have a great time
like Jason two or three years ago would never allow himself to do those kinds of
things because no I’m an entrepreneur did be working hustling all the time and
the it needs to be balanced right so like I have all these
taxes now that are self-care and I’ll I’ll never go back to the other way
because this is just so much money yeah well I can I can certainly relate to
that myself because even even for me kind of I’m going through the the stages
of building up the foundations of the business so I can really start growing
right so I’m in I have to do a combination of all the product
development because I’m the software developer know but also all the client
conversations all the closing calls all you have about prospecting everything
yeah and I kind of went through a similar period where I was so immersed
in the business that I had to take a step back and just be like I got to find
myself again yep because not only am I thinking about the business all the time
it’s keeping me up at night when I’m trying to go to sleep it’s preventing me
from having good sleep so I can be rested enough to do all these are there
were things yeah but I I’m not doing all the things that I used to do that were
that were for me yes you know whether it was journaling or just going and
shooting some hoops outside or just go for a walk in the morning know these
things that when you’re doing them maybe you don’t really appreciate how
important they are for keeping you sane and keeping you under control when you
take them all away and then you just throw yourself into this constant fire
that never stops you realize how badly you need them totally dude just like you
know I play basketball my whole life I play college basketball and one thing
that we were always taught was that you rest and you take recovery time to let
your training take effect right and if you don’t have recovery time then you
you over train you never let your training take effect like so you’re
doing all the hard work for nothing and business and it’s no different right
like a lot of people don’t know this Gary Vaynerchuk takes seven weeks off a
year he just disappears for seven weeks right most entrepreneurs like never like
most most corporate people c-suite level they never take seven weeks off here
they can they’re so like there needs to be that balance that refeeding of the
spirit and if again if you’re like you said you were thinking about the
business all the time and you know like the best ideas come when you’re not
thinking about you’re thinking about anything else
you’re in the shower you’re doing yoga you’re taking a walk you’re playing
basketball you’re driving your car and then the the brilliant idea comes like
we need to allow space for the brilliance to come through and you
you can’t force it right maxwell maltz imovie yeah for it’s the mechanism to
give you the result you want used to be kind of more laid back with it and let
it do its thing and trust and trust that the dots will connect had been I had
been single as an entrepreneur for my entire my entire time as an entrepreneur
like I quit my job single stayed single with this whole
time for the last like three years yeah and so I never really thought about what
having someone like that in my life would even do I just kind of I kind of
thought of it like well I need to put all my time and energy into the business
anyways forget the dating Sheriff I don’t really need it anyways so then I
meet her and I realize all of the the great things that that having a
relationship can actually do the biggest things for me is I never realized how
much I would value having someone that was stable with me and is able to just
be outside eyes that are independent of the business because if you’re only ever
I was living with my business partner we’ve talked about the business all the
time go to sleep wake up work on the business together and you just stay in
that world the whole time you never you never leave yeah but she’s not working
in the business she goes to work every day and comes back she has her own
schedule yeah and so when I see her it’s kind of like I have to explain to her
what I’m doing whereas before I have to explain
anything to anybody mm-hmm right it’s just me and my business partner we know
what’s going on but now I have to tell her like what I’ve been working on what
what I’m trying to do in the business is get you guys know tell her you don’t
have to talk yeah I can get this on right exactly
I get to tell her and when I hear her feedback it can be like the most
innocuous little thing this isn’t obvious like do you really have to do
that you know whether it’s me saying like you know I need to work on this
this and this this weekend she’s like you sure yeah even if the answer is yes
it’s still like a hmm yeah let me take a second yeah sometimes she realizes that
the answer should be no mm-hmm and she’s actually someone there that can tell me
like hey just like let’s go and chill for two days you need it
and having that there is kind of like it’s always brought me back when I have
these periods of just going too hard and not taking care of myself enough it’s
balanced here yeah it’s great man so what is I know you’ve been with Natalie
for how long six years six years so what is that
relationship done for you and I mean I know that there’s also rough patches I’m
trying to manage a relationship while you’re being an entrepreneur as well
sure what is that relationship done for you over the course of you time was an
entrepreneur dude if I didn’t if I wasn’t in a relationship I don’t even
think I’d be alive right now like I would have just partied myself to death
I’m totally serious so there’s that say my life that’s that’s important they in
relation to in a big way yeah that’s good that’s a good place to start hey
there’s a grounding effect that takes place in it in it it’s like an effect
that goes inside of you becomes a part of your rib and then just goes with you
everywhere you go so all the dealings you have all the people you talk to
there’s a certain you’ve a home to come to come home to or you the place of
stability that you guys can call your own your own little like your little
black hole world it’s a nice metaphor yeah I know you understand that one
right yeah right like your own word it’s just yours and there’s nothing else
there right and it’s so like that part is huge um I mean dude she just she just
take such like good fucking care of me is always looking out for me and she I
use her as a sounding board now for a lot of stuff because one cheese she
knows a lot about my business because again I work from home and I’m always
working out so she sees it and she hears it but because she’s not so deep into
this like you were saying she’s able to see things that I couldn’t I’m so deep
in the weeds and she’s up here and she can see the whole forest
so he’ll point things out to me things that are like certain things like bitch
will say and I’m like how the fuck like that was so obvious yeah trying to think
of a good example I can share with you um I have nothing off top my head bucket
so another one like I’m talking about right now one of my companies and I want
to bring them on as like an advisor like Board of Advisors and give him an equity
slaw gimmick and do something there and I couldn’t figure out like well how do I
make it work how about position it to him etc and then she was like like
basically I wanted to bring him in as an adviser to a lot of my team to train
them and that was going to be his industry expertise
bring to them and I it just it didn’t make sense the way I was trying to do it
like the amount of time I needed from him etc and she was like well what if
instead of training all those people he just works directly with you because you
guys already add this relationship it’ll take way less time and it also gives you
the skills and you’ll be able to work with them it was like the most obvious
solution ever and Alice’s like dot and we did it and it’s great all right so
like there’s all those little things that you have and I I think with
entrepreneurs I don’t know many entrepreneurs who have gone past three
million dollars a year that weren’t in some type of relationship I know
gay men who have made hundreds of millions of dollars but they don’t
really count right because they’re like you know it’s different right they
weren’t in relationships but for whatever reason they were able to focus
I guess but all the guys I know like if you’re single and you’re making two
million bucks a year two and a half million bucks a year three million bucks
a year there’s not so much desire to make more money yeah you basically
because your costs are super low I mean I’m sure you got the Ferrari and you got
the house and stuff and you take the jet trips but that shit doesn’t cost that
much like so you you don’t have that need to want to make more money but and
then in addition you’re probably partying a lot you’re probably spending
a lot of time with a lot of different girls and there’s a lot of energy I
believe there’s like a there’s a primal energy suck when you’re sleeping around
with a bunch of different girls at the same time you know Napoleon Hill talk
about sex transmutation and energy and things like that and I really believe
that if you are holding around oh my god trust me I had that face right I get it
but you can’t focus that much in your business like I remember when like you
know I’m trying to work and there’s like 11 different girls all texting you and
they all want to see you like you cannot focus no shot no man has like but the
self-control f2f through a while it’s like it wears you down and you’re like
ah you guys can have me right like so when you’re relationship and it’s a
legitimate relationship like now you have you know wonder you don’t have all
those distractions and you’re able to just like focus and then there’s also
that idea of like a shared mission and a shared vision like I’m sure you and
Sophia I talked about vision and where this all going and and
it’s it’s something cool to like to be like like we’re a team this is where
we’re going it’s all sources then let’s make this shit oh yeah and and the
visions that can happen on a weekly timescale you know it’s the kind of
thing having some well you’re like we’re gonna power through this week and then
we’re gonna go to the beach for three days
totally yeah there’s the reward part you guys are looking forward to it yeah like
like one thing me Natalie want it’s a jet jet we’re coming for you right like
we want a jet because we travel a lot we love to travel and we hit airports
obviously we need a jet right it’s a perfect solution but I I don’t have jet
money right now right I know what jet money cost jet money is is you probably
need a sixty to a hundred million dollar net worth to start I’m not there yet
right so like that that it like I believe you should have like like the
selfish motivation on selfish motivation that is one of my selfish motivations
for what I’m doing is jet yeah there will be a fucking jet and it’s literally
it’s not to parade around it’s not to show off it’s just so I can like if me
and you are here and I start talking to you about how amazing Florence is in
September which it is and you’re like I want to see it hey tarmac one hour we’re
gonna Italy yeah yeah turn around right and we just go and then it’s what it’s
like 5:00 p.m. right now or 6:00 p.m. or something by tomorrow morning or by 4:00
a.m. tonight we’re landing in Florence and we’re getting gelato but 9:00 a.m.
tomorrow I don’t know why we gelato that early but we do cuz it’s fucking Italy
right but we tend right and then we’re there and then I’m like but dude the
fucking like the food in Brazil right now we get and then we’re that like that
ability to just go wherever you want when you want
is it motivates me Tyler yeah well we’ve had the same conversation yes yeah I
mean just just this year she used to have this rule where she had to go to
one new country every year well since we met we’ve been to four awesome and I
don’t I don’t want that to slow down yeah yeah we’ve been to Cuba she’s never
been to Canada we went to Denmark and Sweden and before this year I had never
left the continental United States that’s crazy man all of a sudden what do
you notice yeah every single new country that I went to I felt like I learned a
brand new way of looking at like like people in Cuba compared to people
in Sweden even compared to people in Canada mm-hmm it’s like you’re talking
to people and it’s almost like you have to just rewire your brain for a little
bit while you’re there to be able to have these conversations and that is so
so value it’s all about it dude it jacks up your empathy because you realize that
we Americans aren’t this isn’t the only way to live there’s a lot of other ways
to live meet different models that maybe are even better but I always laugh when
people are like America is the greatest country on the planet I’m like have you
been anywhere else yeah we’re like maybe top ten we’re not number one and and why
like why the eeoa got it who cares yeah I mean in Cuba it’s like they have they
have people there just until like five or six years ago you couldn’t even have
your own business everyone work for the government
that was it so you have people there and because of that you still have a lot of
people that still work for the government
those people are making $20 a month u.s. dollars a month but then when they open
it up so the other people can start their own businesses you now have
doctors making $40 a month and you have cab drivers making $150 a day like think
about that if you live in America how do you wrap your head around that you think
one of the most educated high-paying takes a long time you go to school all
the stuff jobs and you have the cab driver
that’s the uneducated person that doesn’t even even really know what
they’re doing with their life mm-hmm in Cuba you have these cab drivers who are
like I’m an entrepreneur I’m starting my own business yeah I’m gonna buy a 50s
Chevrolet no all right yeah and I’m gonna drive people around under 50 bucks
a day awesome it’s like where are you gonna see something like that right it’s
great it’s great dude that was a good commercial for Cuba I mean what people
should go now yeah it’s working it’s worth the experience but I’m not gonna
go back one time I was good yeah a lot of times good Sweden though is also an
amazing place because we were kind of in the the southern part of Sweden where
it’s more like rural mm-hmm and people there they think a lot more just about
how can I help the town that’s their main this is their main motivation they
work like for jobs because they help person on the weekends with their farm
you know they work with a local restaurant mmm they run their own little
farm a completely different way of life very different way of thinking about
money and it’s always interesting to me because if you think about America most
people are though the stereotype is Americans are always thinking about
themselves where everything is selfish mimimi get-get-get take take take I went
in reality I think a lot of Americans it is me me me but it’s not me me me let me
take take take I think it’s me me me what do they think
of me me me we’ve become an incredibly insecure country and it it worries me
because I don’t know where that’s gonna lead three or five years and our phones
have a lot to do with it in social media but we’ve become incredibly insecure
company and I’m I’m a huge believer that you’re only in pain you’re only
suffering when you’re thinking about yourself what you’re thinking about how
can i how can i serve how can i give more to the community you’re not gonna
be in pain you’re gonna feel good and you’re contributing you’re gonna there’s
a fulfillment there’s a self there’s a nourishment that comes from that and and
in our and our culture right now especially with Millennials is a lot of
people is very very insecure so they’re thinking about me me me but you outside
everyone’s not like fucking like Gordon Gekko out there it’s not at all it’s
it’s a lot of timidity there’s a lot of insecurity and it’s I guess it worries
me because because you know tracked over a five or ten year period I don’t know
where this is going but it doesn’t look good yeah well I mean I’d like to think
that people like us what we’re doing for the platform’s over trying to build we
can have some kind of act on that totally yeah yeah we I mean and and we
are it’s just we’re gonna need even more ammunition to fight against the
addictive qualities of Instagram of Facebook
tick tock and so on yeah I give it I give a talk at a high school oh wow oh
it’s awesome how’s those in front yeah and in that in that talk I among the
other things I spoke about I challenged everybody on their addiction to their
phones and it’s one of those things where most people when you if you just
say you’re addicted to your phone they go I’m not everyone thinks that they’re
the exception but what I challenge ever to do because I did this with myself as
one of the one of the people that said no I’m not addicted to my phone I’m
different is try this you take your phone you put it on airplane mode and
you put it on my phone you put it on your desk
like right here and then you just work just watch how many times you look at
your phone and watch how many times you reach over to pick it up for no reason
yep you’re gonna know how your hand moves you know what am i doing right now
there was no sound yeah nothing happened just it’s just it was it’s pure impulse
pure addiction it’s you know you’re reaching for a cigarette it’s the same
thing I won that one great thing people should try to plug this one thing it’s
next time you go to dinner with family or friends or a group everyone puts
their phones in the middle of the table whoever checks phone first pays for
everything okay see what happens that I’m gonna use that one drive again
that’s going okay I have some rapid fire questions nice I think it’s going around
rapidity I like it rapid fire so you can’t give more than a 15-second answer
than any of these sure all right bring it on would you rather read minds or
accurately predict the future predict the future
I’m changing my answer read minds cuz I could predict the future life gonna be
so boring Thanks who do you appreciate more the person that came up with sushi
or the one that invented yoga pants oh dude
sushi I like yoga pants but sushi is like is like a crass a mastery to it I
respect that too much what’s one sports team you like to own our movie the first
one the Lakers I I’m not gonna own the Lakers like there’s a dynasty you can’t
get it I want to own a sports scene one day that guy but like this Lakers just
seems to be the I just from a pure evaluation like how much they’re worth
yeah I feel like the Lakers brand is pretty good I love the Dodgers Dodgers
would be cool yeah that’s my team you should make that evidence so I’m working
on it what is your most watched cartoon
growing up Wow um dude I don’t was most watched but recess it was my favorite oh
yeah TJ Detweiler rottweil it was that Wallach yeah
recess at school I use I use this what do you do after school like for like
fifth grade six right yeah come home from school I would get a
tub of ice cream from the freezer and I eat the entire thing while watching like
three hours of cartoons every fucking day
that’s the way to live as a kid that is one way to live it yeah I was I was a
lot of Dexter’s Lab Dexter’s Lab yeah so you of course you watch the science base
one so that’s one percent what’s one of the most embarrassing mistakes that
you’ve made that actually turned out to be fine well I don’t know if it’s a
gonna stake at the the most little most embarrassing things ever had happened I
was that access nightclub in Las Vegas 3 a.m. and we had a table it was like in
the back and I had friends who at a table in the front and most of clubs
cleared out by 3:00 so I was like oh I’ll go hang all my friends and instead
of walking down I started jumping down like it’s because there’s you know like
levels of tables and for whatever reason I don’t always wear boxers under my
pants right I just was wearing pants right and I jumped from one table to the
next when I did I heard I know boxers and I split the pants literally from
inseam all the way down past me I was swinging around uh XS nightclub just
just out there and I was so embarrassed that I was like I didn’t me I was like
oh shit and I sat down at a table where no one was that and I crossed my legs
like this literally and people like come sit next me talk to me and no one
noticed cause everyone was so fucked up like I don’t think any like no one knew
but there’s a guy right next to me that I just met and he were like having a
full conversation and I’m like you realize my junk is out right now no idea
and I eventually I got Natalie over and I was like here’s what happening and she
went out the club found me pants bought him at like a hotel gift shop came back
in and then like they like walked me out as if like a towel was covering me went
to the bathroom changed and then went to another after-hours party true story
that’s the value of having a relationship when your pants ripped they
got you right there best ice cream flavor chocolate if you were cut off of
all candy bars except for one none I hate sugar I don’t like it at all frozen
mangoes if you took them away from me I would throw a fit let’s see favorite childhood cereal
Cheerios Cheerios I’m not too sure I’m not a sugar guy yeah
I like Lucky Charms yeah Lucky Charms are good I like their commercials all
right a couple more chart one lesson you knew but ignored but if you would listen
it would save you a lot of money frustration or time I won’t say the
person’s name but when I was 24 I got into a business the over here start a
company with another guy who was very very successful and we both agreed to
put her surmount of money into this company Natalie had met the guy was like
don’t do the deal no no no he’s good and I’m not listen to her on it was gut
instinct on her like feminine intuition we’re gonna call it and I in a matter of
a month I put in a hundred grand and then I lost it and I never got it back
so alright twenty four hundred grand was you know any age I think on a grand is a
good chunk of money and that was I if so what I learned from that is when I do
deals with people I have Natalie meet them and I have her just feel them out
and I cuz she’s processing in a different way than I am and I want I
want multiple sources of feedback about this person because we get emotionally
involved all our biases come to play so I so that’s that was the lesson for me
it was an important one all right last one favor interview question of the day
can I say this one um that’s a really dude I think there’s a lot of ground we
covered a ton of stuff man I think you did a really good job by the way um I
think the the scaling stuff we talked about
hopefully that there’s people listening or in that phase and involved I really
hope the self care stuff that they heard and they will implement because I get it
it sounds it sound like a fucking pussy you need massages cuz you’re scaling
like that sounds ridiculous but it’s genuine I’m telling you you need the
self care if you’re gonna work harder the self care needs the gobball so yeah
and when you’re when you’re in that phase especially if it’s your first time
like you haven’t scale businesses before but you’re like alright this is my first
time going into scale mode you got to be you got to be ready for what’s coming
next totally I mean in what’s coming next is
you have no idea because you never gonna before yeah right so you gotta be you
got to be ready and you need to be at 100% so like if you don’t self care
sleep gets fucked up die gets fucked up shit gets fucked up so you need the self
care be up just to take care of Jason to take
care of Tyler to take care of you so when all this unexpected shit comes up
because it will inevitably happen you’re at your best yeah that’s right and I
know you’ve helped a lot of people scale businesses that’s one of the main things
that I’m focusing on now so I think together you know you and I are kind of
like preaching this message of how to help people go through the scale phase
mm-hmm it’s something that we’ve both spent a lot of time focusing on you’ve
done it successfully multiple times and now I’m trying to help multiple
different businesses either do it for the first time or do it on a new a new
branch inside of their business yeah and I think what a lot of people forget is
they just think about the business they forget that they’re gonna be laying in
bed staring up at the ceiling at night not being able to go sleep because
they’re so anxious and they can’t figure out what’s going on inside the business
mhm and one aspect of that is having the right systems in place so that you’re
doing everything that you can inside the business to keep your sanity mm-hmm is
ability that you need don’t look at things at this high level go granular
get the tracking place that you need that’s all good for the business side
and then once you have all that in place and well I should say as you’re getting
all that in place don’t forget that there’s the person that’s gonna be going
through all this there’s the people around you and you got to know how to
leverage these relationships that you have you know to bring it back to you
with Natalie me with Sofia your business partners whoever it is
that you have around you you need the whole package if you’re going to get
through it without going completely insane you know like I you can’t skate
like it can’t scale without you if you’re the one running the shit you’re
the heart and the brain of the whole body operation here like you got to take
care of you otherwise there is no scale that’s right cool good stuff that was
awesome great chattering yeah you too why is saving money so hard why are
bills so hard to pay why aren’t you dominating your life on every level yet
it’s cuz you don’t have the high income skills yet so at the link below you’ll
see I’m gonna personally mentor you for free in all of the high income skills I
want you to be my next millionaire student
created for millionaires students with this in the last three months I want you
to be next so hit that link gets your free username and your free password if
you love it after seven days it’s only ten bucks a month you pay more for
Spotify and I promise you Spotify is not going to change your life
in your business the way that this can so get your four username and password
right now and I’ll see you on the inside

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