How To Set up and Use Your Mint Account | Mint Personal Finance Software

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s very easy to
sign up on It takes less than
five minutes if you’ve got all your bank usernames
and passwords in order, and I’ll show you just that. So we go to, hit the
Sign up in under five minutes and type in our email address,
a zip code, and a password. And that’s it. Mint is anonymous. So we’ll never ask you for
your name, your address, your social security number. You don’t have to
provide any of that. There’s a one-time
account setup process, and essentially you enter your
bank or credit card username or password, and Mint
will link up to that bank, download all your transactions,
all of your balances, all of your bill due dates,
every single night. So this is really the only work
you ever have to do on that. So I just click here and
search for my institution. So I’ll type in
American Express, click on the American
Express card, and then I just type in
my username and password, hit Login, it makes
a secure connection. It authenticates. It starts to download
my transactions. It takes anywhere
from 20 to 60 seconds, so don’t worry if it
takes a minute or two. So Mint links to all your debit
cards and all your credit cards so you can see all the
transactions come through on Mint. So I can see the balance of
all my checking and savings accounts right here. I can see the balance
on all my credit cards. I don’t have any
loans, but I could add student loans or mortgages
or home equity lines of credit if I wanted to, my investments
across all different accounts. And then it adds that
up into a net worth. And Mint has automatically
renamed and categorized your transactions. So instead of seeing that all
capital iTunes music store XYZ payment, you see iTunes, and
it’s categorized it as music. You didn’t have to do that
at all, Mint does it for you. And so it’s automatically
categorized my paycheck and this coffee
shop, a gas purchase. So it really takes the work
out of personal finance. You don’t have to put anything,
or much, into the system, and you get a lot out. On Mint, I can get a breakdown
of all of my spending. So I can see how much I’ve spent
on home and food and dining, on travel, on
automobile expenses. And then I can dive
through this nice pie chart into food and dining. I can see OK restaurants
versus groceries versus, I have a category
called organic produce, because you can create your
own categories on Mint. On Mint, you can
also set budgets. So what Mint does is we
click here to add a budget, and I can choose a category,
let’s say shopping. And then it shows
me here in green how much I’ve actually spent
over the past six months, so I can see back here in
November I spent about $185. And in blue I can
actually see what the US average is on shopping. And that will appear as sort
of a little progress bar, and throughout the
month you’ll see OK am I green and under
budget, or am I yellow, which means I spent
maybe more than I should have at this point in the month? Or am I red, which means
I’m over budget and Mint will at that point
send you an email alert that says you’re over budget. On Mint, you can
also see alerts. So I can see that my
paycheck got deposited, and that I have a credit
card bill that is due today. But I can get alerts
for just about anything. So I can get an alert
for a low balance, if my credit card
bill is due, if I’m running out of money
on my credit card. If I’m about to max out,
I can see that as well. Get an alert through
email or text message if I’m over budget, if
the bank charges me a fee, if they change my interest rate. And we can even
give you an alert for large purchases, if
you want to keep track of your husband or
wife’s spending. Just say tell me whenever
they spend more than $200. Mint has a couple
of mobile features. You can get Mint on the iPhone. You can also set up mobile
delivery through text message, so you just click on the
little Set up Mobile Delivery, you type your phone
number in, it gives you a secure authentication
code to make sure that you are in fact
the owner of that phone, you type it into Mint
and that completes the secure connection. And then you can just
text in for your balances any time you want. So you just text balance or bal
to short code my mint 696468 and you get your balances
back in about two seconds.

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