How to set up Apple Pay for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus! (iOS 8.1)

How to use Apple Pay for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus! (iOS 8.1)
Hey what’s up everyone this is Dom
entered a minute show you how to set up Apple pay in iOS 8.1. So Apple pay utilizes passbook n your credit or debit
card to make purchases at retailers or online
stores on a show you how to get all set up today inside a past work
using the Settings app so let’s go ahead and get right into it setting up Apple pay is pretty simple
but I’m gonna walk you through the steps you
in the first thing that you can wanna do is go into the settings app and find the passbook and Apple pay
options you can see that right here trannies iTunes and App Store we have passbook an apple pay go ahead
and tap on that and it’s going to take us into the Apple
pay setup section so as you can see we have various
categories here at the top we do have our cards that are available I have no
car develop or right now we have the option to add a credit or
debit card in a manner that we have our transaction default such as the default
card billing address shipping address email
and phone number so starting out here obviously we are going to want to add a
credit or debit card and all you have to do is tap on that option there it’ll take you to the next page where
you can either use a card on file with iTunes or a different credit or debit card and
obviously to be easier for most people to just use the card they have on file
with iTunes but you can select he different card option right here and
go ahead and enter the details associated with a secondary card if you like to you
something other than what you have on file with iTunes for
purchasing aP’s in music so jus and your card details right here or
you can even snap a photo of your card using the camera button on the side
there next to the card number and then open up the camera and you can
snap a photo that I recognize the information and imported as it needs to be so that
is pretty simple pretty easy to set up a new card but what’s even easier is if you’re
going to use the card that you currently have on file with iTunes and I have to do is tap on the option
and in here you’ll be asked to verify the security code with your card that you have on file C
and the potter carden grab the security code of the back
there’s usually the last three digits and it then you can go ahead and cap on
next first you have to accept the terms and conditions for Apple pay using your
car to go ahead agree that and then it will continue by verifying
your credit or debit card verification processes may differ between different
banks you might have to have the mobile app
installed from your bank or you might have to enter some personal
information on your banking website or your e-mail address things like that but overall it’s pretty simple for me
and as you can see that I do have my card added inside about popping out I
got a little past but notification about it as well and that’s pretty much it is far setting
up goes after that you can go ahead and your default billing information you can add it from an existing contact
or enter new information and you have this all want reform pull up here seeing right and you
details and go ahead in tap on done and once you’ve entered in all your
information you’re pretty much all set up and ready to go it’s a fairly simple
process to get Apple pay set up and running on an iPhone 6 or iPhone six-plus
another quick tip if you want to remove a car all you have to do is tap on that
card inside the passbook and Apple pay
options and then at the bottom you’ll see the remove card options you
can just go ahead and cap on that in order to remove your card that you’ve
added to Apple pay once you have your card in there you go
ahead and head into passbook where you will see your debit or credit card up there at
the top to the bottom or whichever order happens to be n see consider that I have my car all set
up and everything is ready to go with Apple pay such wondering eyes is quick tutorial on
how to setup Apple pay on iphone 6 or six plus running I O S 8.1 out this was helpful for you and if
it was leave this video a thumbs up also feel free to subscribe for more
videos like this in the future thank you very much for watching
everyone this is Dom and have a great day

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