How to sew a Radiating Hope Quilt Block for the Live Well Live Strong Quilt

just quilting and today is the week of hope for the live well live strong quilt along and I have got the hope quilt block all laid out right here it's right here behind me and I know most of you guys are probably not online right now but I wanted to go ahead and get some of this video published because we're supposed to be doing weekly live videos and I'm getting ready to go on an airplane to New York City to watch my son perform I'm singing and dancing there the whole time so this quilt comes from the Live Well LIVESTRONG epsilon and the quilt along is we do want a each block a different week and there are 26 blocks and so and then we'll just keep repeating the sew along over and over but this is the week all that Pope so let's go ahead and go over this quilt block right here there's a lot of string feeding and I'm going to go ahead and show you good morning guys good morning I know it's super early for some of you guys but I just want to let you know that I am on and because I have to get on an airplane and be at the airport by 6:30 this morning so I'm much earlier but hopefully some of you guys can catch this a little bit later so but let's go ahead and quickly string feed some of this I'm going to go ahead and switch you to my overhead camera and here we are right here here is our quilt block and you can see how it's laid out and I'm gonna string feed these three these four sections together the big large triangle sections so let's go ahead and feed this through and I have lots of hope that I am going to be able to get to New York today because I have hope that our aviation system is going to work out ok so I actually have pumpkins this morning that everything is gonna be okay and fly okay as long as I have hope that I gave myself enough time to pack all the little things that I needed and wanted to have packed away so hopefully I won't have to I can just sleep on the airplane to get really ready with fun we've got 60 people that are going on this tour there's a whole bunch of parrots it's about maybe 19 parents of 40 kids 41 kids and and we I'm very hopeful that all of the practice that they have put into everything that they've done throughout this whole last year will be absolutely spectacular in New York so let's go ahead and get this going Cory are you picking up Elise we're in the car waiting oh they are okay great so we are just quickly doing this with this block we are taking Oh another family along with us and so I am gonna show this together and I'm putting these two half square triangles that are the corners of this hope quote walk I do have the hope quote blog post for you and the worksheets but that will be available a little bit later today I will post that on Facebook and YouTube and Instagram the link where to go to get all of the worksheets of everything else that you so let's go ahead and see we have just a few people on we have we have you know I need my other classes on this is horrible so let me go ahead and pull this right here whoops okay we're not done so I have these right here now stitched together and they are gonna be on piece and press just really quickly so Cory I think we've got about 15 minutes for me to safely do this and I will be right there because the people that we picked up are really really close to us they live just SuperDuper close so how is everybody doing today it's so good to see everybody I don't know if I have this streaming to Facebook yet today but that's all right so let's go ahead and just lay these out so I'm trying to press these squares so they look good let's move this over so I can have more of my screen in here so I'm pressing these open I kind of set my seems a little bit and we're gonna get a good press on these and these are our cornerstone blocks of hope so in the Hope blog post there are different components of hope there are our faith there is our faith there are principles that we believe in so for example I believe in the principle of science and aviation that I'm going to arrive in New York safely today okay so I have hope in that I have hope and faith I have hope in my faith of these kids that they've practiced so much now the next part of this quilt block what we're gonna do is we're gonna just sew these four triangles to the four edges of the quilt blocks right there okay so let's go ahead and do that part so I'm gonna go ahead and it and it doesn't matter you just want to make sure you're using a your I thought a scant quarter inch seam you want these to be as good size as they can be so let's go ahead and do a quarter inch seam right here it's so good to see every this morning I know it's crazy but and but we are gonna have a blast of a time and it's good to take vacations and to have breaks from life and we want to Center these in the in the center of the square so you'll reach see that you have extra dog ears that are coming out right here but you do want to Center this right in the square so that this comes out right and you really really really want to make sure that whatever you're doing you are getting that quarter inch seam there because remember we're working with triangles here and we don't want to eat up any more of the triangle or the bias or anything else on this quilt block so we want to make sure that we are gonna go ahead and pull this over so that it works out just fine so let me go ahead and beat this one proved and I've got one more right over here so then really what this is is just a nine patch quilt block I think this is one of the prettiest quilt blocks that there are on the quilt let's see here who do we have on we've got I think Donna we have got good morning you guys it's so good to see you guys hold on I'm gonna sit up so I can I actually have two contacts in and I'm gonna go up closer so I can see everybody's names here so Oh anyways it's so good to see you guys it really is it thanks for chatting with me well you guys are online so I'm just so I've got these four squares now with one part of this on there so now all we have to do is we have to just press and I'm going to just kind of show you this concept of how we are going to let's go impress this just a little bit and I'll finish one of these squares so you can get the concept of how this is going to work so here we have this one press where right here I'm going to stitch this other triangle to the side and I'm going to complete this component right here because we're gonna then so this block together in a nine patch style across this way so we're gonna sew this this block component this solid orange component and this block component has like a nine patch square so let me go ahead and get one of these stitched together and then I there we go let me pull this up and let's press this open real fast okay okay let me see what time is it Jake um 557 okay we're gonna leave him in in just a couple minutes okay I promise we're doing a good job here we're getting it done okay so once again I've lined up this square so really these little squares are just going to be Oh Jake's gonna get in the video with me this is too fun we're on the overhead camera though Jake you want to help me push this through jake has got faith that hopefully his mother's gonna keep his word and be on time to the airport because there's 60 people showing up at this airport this morning and jake does not want to be embarrassed that his mom is late right Jake no I'm not late no no no okay we're going to sell this last little component on there and then we're going to have this will be one of the main patches right now remember when you're stitching these patches together you want each one of these blocks let's go ahead and open this up you are each one of these blocks to be the same so let's take a look at this so let's get a good idea here so we want this block all of these blocks right here so do you see how this block right here is the same as this block okay and do you see how this block right here is the same as these blocks we want all of these blocks to be the same so if they need to be squared down based on how you're stitching them that's what we need because this is like putting together a nine patch a nine patch quilt walk all right once you make these components to the block so you guys I have so much hope and I've got a beautiful worksheets that I need to just hit publish on for you guys so that you have it so I want to be able to show you what this looks like so let me put away my pressing mat and we're gonna switch it to the other camera for you so hold on for just one moment I'm missing one of my little gray blocks right there where'd it go okay we'll find it okay so let's go ahead and bring this back to the forward camera okay so there's Jake right behind me look with magic t-shirts on for Clayton productions where'd my other side of this go so this is our quilt block that we have right here yes prayers for a great trip prayers to because I have faith I have hope in the faith that I have with my belief in religion I have I have faith in different other parts of things that I have going on so for example like say I live in the United States I've got hope and faith in our democracy that things will work itself out or we have hope and faith and principles and there's different ways that we can have folk building things so but this is the way the block is actually constructed and so what you're gonna do is you're gonna take this one and it's a nine patch block so if you can see you do a nine patch straight across here a nine patch right here and a nine patch right here and so all of these together so I'm gonna take these pieces with me and hand Stitch these and get these ready before a great picture and I'm going to hand stitch them actually on the airplane so you're gonna see look I'm taking my white thread with me to hand stitch this so I'll do some other little live videos throughout the day as we are traveling and Jake is whipping my bed and he's ready for us to go but I'm gonna go ahead and take this on the plane and then I'll have a finished hope block as I soar across the United States from Utah Salt Lake City to New York for this cute kid back here and all of his cohorts to sing and dance and inspire other people through their music because music can be something that is very hopeful for us too and optimism and all those good things so we will see you guys a little bit later I'll be doing more lives throughout the day and I love you so much we will chat with you soon love you and I will have something special for our our person that we've got on for for YouTube so if you can send me your address and your information that will be great but I will see you soon and thank you for all your well wishes and I know it's super early so we will talk to you a bit later so see you on the other side bye

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