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41 thoughts on “How to Start a Home Based Locksmith Business | Mr. Locksmith™

  • Thank you so much, this helped shed some light on the logistics of what I’ve been trying to do, I’m 19 and have worked in the field for a little under a year but I love it and want to become more independent with my passion.
    Thank you!!!

  • Thank you for making this video. I'm right now trying to get everything I need to start my own locksmith bizz. Can't wait for the next one. Lol that's the main reason why I want to have my own business is because I'm sick of working my but off for butt holes plus I just really lock locks of all kinds and bypasses and all the other fun stuff.

  • I look forward to when you get to the part with Google and website that has been my biggest problem. I purchased the lock company I worked for about 3 years ago and still struggling. Closing the brick and mortar was my first move but biggest problem is population my base town is only 66,000 but the area I cover with surrounding towns total is 135,000 but still not alot for 9 different lock companies

  • Good stuff, lots of good info here. A lot of it applicable to other types of one-person businesses. Looking forward to future videos in this series.

  • Great! I'm starting similar business in Poland but most information from this video were useful for me. Thanks.

  • Thank you Sir, you’ve just recapped my 45yr career and repeated the same advice I also have given for the past 30years.
    Great job!!!

  • Awesome video series start! envious of the other areas, but to be able to do this I just can't take the 4 years of apprenticeship to become a journeyman locksmith so I cam acquire a licence here in the province of Alberta 🙁 however I am in a good career at the moment that is recession proof so I guess it will stay as a hobby.

  • Great video, cant wait to see the next!
    NOTE: when U get into Purchasing Good equipment (and Not the Junk), Please include some of the Junk U have purchased in the past….why it failed and what your experiences were with it… we all learn (Hopefully) from our mistakes….and im sure we could all learn from yours as well….hopefully not making the same ones ourself.
    Seems to me i recall a video or 2 about an SEC-e9 about how Great/Bad it was….VERY Helpful to me, Thnx

  • Do you think there would be anyway to travel while being a locksmith? possibly moving every few months to see more of the country while working, great video and thank you for the good info!

  • Hi there, I’m 40 this year and contemplating re training into locksmithing, (something I always wanted to do), but I am pondering a dimemna. I work in security and can see a lot of access control systems gradually become more and more reliant on smart systems etc. Does embarking on this line of work require becoming electronically qualified separately?

  • Any tips for getting money to invest in a good key machine and some key stock for a new business that has not built up a local presence, like what type of loans are best?

  • You can tell you have been around the block a few times! Agree with everything you say but taxes! Taxes is nothing but theft .. the fruits of my labor is mine..not others

  • You be surprised I have so many clients that love the crap out of smart locks kwikset. I know is junk but they want to be able to rekey their own properties…any suggestions?

  • Excellent info, I took notes. Thank you! Especially the trademark advice. Hard to believe this only has 5K views but hey, that means less competition! 🙂

  • Thanks 🙏🏼 I’m doing for 21 year
    Keys , I work and a small key shop locksmith
    I repair , rekey locks , pick ,
    But don’t do installation , but I have the
    it’s time for me to do something
    Customer know me in the neighborhood in Brooklyn
    The passion I have , I love what I do
    It’s just need to do something
    For my family

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