How to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur | Wholesaling Real Estate

If you want to know the honest truth
about how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur in business, make sure to
keep watching this video all the way to the end.
this is Dara, real estate investor entrepreneur, and consultant out of
Atlanta, Georgia, and here, I am speaking on a panel of women crushing it in our
market, and I am answering the question about how to stay motivated when
things get overwhelming. What was something that helped each one of you get through that mental wall when you got overwhelmed within your business when you embarked on that real estate journey? At the end of the day, if it’s money you’re chasing, you’ll find another way to get money, you know? So.. I actually read a quote, I saw quote today
and it said something along the lines of “Things that settle are at the bottom– or
will always be at the bottom.” Alright, so you can settle in whatever is comfortable
and whatever guaranteed check you get every two weeks, but in the big scheme of
things you’ll be at the bottom, because you know your dreams are bigger than
whatever it is you’re doing currently. You know? So, um, so what motivates me
sometimes when everything gets overwhelming which it definitely does. A lot. I– I stop. I literally just put it to the side, don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, don’t even– Like we’re business partners, me and my mom, if you talk to me about real estate right now, I just don’t want to talk about it right now. So we have to even find that balance, too. But yes, so I just put it to the side, don’t talk about it, don’t think about it find something else that I like to do. I–
you know, outside of real estate, I am a creative, I create. I do art, music, dance.
So go find something that you love to do. I haven’t painted in so long and so when
I did paint the other day, it was literally therapy. Or just go out to the–
to the river. We’re in a– you know, we live in Georgia, Atlanta. There’s so many
different places to go hide out to. There’s waterfalls, parks, whatever you need to do
to be in nature, go to the gym, you know? Whatever you need to do to get your mind
off of what was stressing you and then come back to it. And then you’re refreshed, you know? Do what– how many of you, you don’t have to answer this to be honest but how many of you do
something that makes you happy every single day? Whatever it is that you love,
how many do that, find some time in your 24 hours to do that every single day? Aww, thanks for answering. Ok, well that’s awesome, you know. Just do
that more often, and when stress comes, just revert back to what you actually like to
do and love to do, because to be 100% honest, I don’t love real estate, you know? It’s something that I
didn’t even know, like I said, existed before 2015-2016. I didn’t know you can– I
watch HGTV and things like that, but I love what real estate and real estate investing allows me to be able to do. So I’m not–I’m not in love *clapping* you create and interior design, that’s awesome, but I don’t love houses. I don’t love houses. I don’t. So, just find out what it is that you love.
That’s back to what she said about your “why”, you know? I love to travel;
Thank You real estate and your ten thousand dollar checks I can go travel, you know?
Like, thank you real estate, I can go do this. Thank you real estate, I can do that.
So if you are not putting in work to whatever whatever business, you know I know other people said they have other businesses going on but um, just use it as a vehicle. That’s what I look at real estate as: a vehicle to do what it is that I actually like and love to do in life. *clapping* Thank you so much for watching this
video! I really hope that you got some value from it, and hey let me know what
you learned from it, what you got out of this video in the comments section below.
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