How to Think Like a Wealthy Investor

How to think like
a wealthy investor. That’s today’s show. Let’s dive in. Hey everyone. I’m Clayton Morris. I’m Natalie Morris. And welcome to the Investing
in Real Estate show, Freedom Fighters, everyone. This is the show where we focus
on helping you get and spend more time with your family
by creating passive income– legacy wealth for you and your
family and be able to sit back and relax and know that you
have passive income coming in every month on
a regular basis. And the vehicle that we use
is buy and hold real estate. That’s our vehicle
that we get there. So today we’re going to talk
about wealth consciousness, the idea that wealthy
people think a certain way about building wealth– that people who don’t have
money tend not to think about. And you often see– it’s very
interesting to look at these different strata– wealthy mindset
versus poor mindset. And that’s what we’re going to
talk about today, am I right? Right, so one quote
that comes to mind is from the great Jim Rohn
and he used to say this– “I’ve been rich and I’ve been
poor and rich is better.” And I thought about that a
lot because the world changes for you considerably
when you start to have wealth in your life. And I feel like there
is a way in which when you’re on the other
side of it because both of us can say that we’ve been on both
side of those things, right? We’ve been rich. We’ve been poor. Rich is better. Do we not agree? Oh, absolutely. Right. Yeah. No one wants to go back to that. Right. And so– But there’s a
completely different mindset on the other side of it. And you realize that,
oh, when I was poor, there was a lot of ways in which
I chased away money and chased away wealth because I
wasn’t in a poor mindset. So we’ve been talking
about that lately. And I think part of the
impetus for this podcast is because you get
a lot of people who call in to talk to you
about real estate investing. And you were able to
point out these little– I want to call them like
cactus pricks of fear that are sticking to these people yet. And you’re like, that
person is not ready. That person is not ready, right? What are some of the
languages that you hear that people are chasing
away their wealth by not having a healthy wealth consciousness? Well, one thing I
think that sticks out is that people blame other
people for their lot in life, right? And so occasionally,
we’ll get an email into the office
that says something. Or it may be on our YouTube
channel or something– there’ll be a comment
like, I bet this is a scam. You’re out to get me. This is too good– –Right. –to be true–
that sort of stuff. And I’m like, you’re
watching a free video on our YouTube channel right now
learning about wealth building. Right. I’m out to get you? We haven’t asked
you for anything. Right. So I hear a lot of that language
from people that are scared or that they hold on
to that– maybe they’ve got a certain amount of money
that they’ve been sitting on in the bank for a long time. It’s that one little nest
egg, and they’re just so terrified that someone’s
going to come along and take that away from them. And I used to live that way so
I can totally relate to that. I’m thinking about some
of the other language. But some of that
language stands out like, How do I know I can
trust you or how do I– and they’re– –where do you make
money in all of this or– And not even just
about our company. I’m just trying to
think a lot more largely about the way in which
people talk about money. Can you think of a few examples? I’ll think of a few
more here about just how people talk about money
when they don’t have it. And they are coming from a place
of fear-based consciousness. Right. Or when they see something
like a tax bill or a property management fee– oh that cuts into your profits. I can’t do that. Or this is going to
be a big headache. I’m sure it will take
away time from my kids because I’m going
to have to go worry about who’s fixing the toilets
and that kind of thing. I’m always like, you don’t even
have a rental property yet. You’re worried about
the toilets already? Wealthy people don’t think
they’ve got 50 properties. They’re not thinking
about the toilets. They’re thinking
about their net worth and how to increase
that overall. They’re thinking at a
higher level, right? I guess that’s the
point we’re making here is that they’re thinking
from a place of height. The reason we can
talk about this is because I have suffered
from this in my life. I have talked this
way about money as being the root of all evil. It is something that
I’m not worthy of– that I need to hold onto it. I need to hold onto it and hoard
it in order to become wealthy. And that’s the
exact opposite way– –Right. –of doing it. And so a lot of ways that
you can challenge yourself in this endeavor is to think
about what are the ways that I think about money. And just sort of lift them out. Like, do I think money is
something that I can have? Or do I think that’s
something for other people? Do I think that I could have
it but I have too many kids. Or I don’t know. I have a high
student loan payment. Or whatever, I can’t
have it because, right? Whatever is on the other
side of that “because” is really what’s
holding you back. And I’ve given this
keynote a couple of times. We talked about this
a couple of times. This notion that
money is nothing more than an abstraction. That’s all it is
because the money that’s in our circulation and our
economy today, does not exist. There’s only– I want
to say like 4% of it exists in paper form. The rest of it is just
numbers in a computer. And so if your thoughts become
things– if your beliefs really create your reality,
your beliefs about money are proof numero uno that
you are manifesting what’s coming into your bank account. And so the other day we were
talking about something– oh that this is the impetus–
so we went to this brand new restaurant in our town up
in the mountains that we go to, and it had been
open for two days. And we looked at
the Yelp review, and somebody said,
“Oh, this food is too expensive for what it is”. And we’re like, this place
has been open for 48 hours and already someone’s
crapping all over it. And so we both could tell that
the energy with which this Yelp review was written was
just like this person wanted to be a hater. And I turned to you and I
said, Well when you feel poor, everything that’s expensive
feels like an affront. Right, it’s the
same thing why I’m not a big fan of
internet forums, right? For whether it’s real estate
or other places because often, you’re going to
find there’s a lot of negativity– people
talking themselves out of taking action. And there’s a lot of
fear based on that. And so this person who left
this review after 48 hours, I was kind of appalled
by it actually, because here we had seen
this brew house being built all summer, right? Right. It was beautiful,
like stone work, and they put in all
of these big brew– what do you call
those, the big– The big canisters. I don’t know what
they’re called. — that they brew the beer. So there were all these
local newspaper articles about this brewing house
being built over the summer. And I was excited. I was like, great, we can get
growlers and take them home. And it would be great to be able
to go there and watch a Sunday NFL game or something like
that and sit and have one of their own-made beers
that they’re making here on the premises for this town. I think it’s great for the town. They’re going to
employ a lot of people. It’s going to be a great
benchmark of this community. I’m excited about it. So when we drove up there,
I said, Oh, I bet it’s open. Sure enough, it was
open for 48 hours. We go in– we sit down and these
people working really hard. But they’ve got a system. They had a vision for it, and
I was super impressed by it. And so for someone to
say that, Oh this food is expensive for what it is– again it was coming from a
place of, I guess, fear, right? It was coming from a place
of I can get a cheeseburger at McDonald’s for $4. What’s so special– –Right –about this place, right? Yeah. We could tell that
it was someone who was trying to be a hater
because they were triggered inside of themselves that
they’re asking too much of me for this experience. And so you said we should
do a podcast on that because if people can identify
those places where they’re triggered and then attack
those and sort of blow it up, then they’re much more set up
to be successful investors. They’re much more set up to roll
with the punches of real estate investment. And they’re going to pass down
this wisdom to their children where they don’t create children
who are then afraid of money. Just the world really
opens up for you when you think a certain way. And Clayton often has these
investors call him and say, “Let’s do this project– Let’s do this project”, right? Because he’s a
relatively big name now in real estate investment. And people will say,
“Well, we want people with this kind of money”. There’s a whole world
opening up to you because of this way of thinking. We want to attract other people
who have this amount of money and that stuff
just comes to you. So whatever your philosophy
is– your personal spirituality, every type of religion believes
in this kind of manifesting. And so, really if you think
about this type of prosperity and how you can
hold yourself back, you can create so much
inside of your family when you challenge
yourself in that way. I was speaking with– and
this is not to name drop– but the other day Robert
Kiyosaki was kind enough to have me on his radio show. Oh really. Did you hear that name? Well, I think among our
audience, we know I’m right– –going to drop pen
right there on the desk. So on the Rich Dad radio
show and during one of the commercial
breaks, we were just having a great talk for like
10, 15 minutes actually. I think the commercial
break extended because we were just having so
much fun talking about books. And Robert had
recommended a book to me and we were all
commiserating about it. And the book that he recommended
was a book called Awareness by Anthony de Mello. D-E-M-E-L-L-O. And so I
immediately bought it. I started reading it. And I even came home today
and was talking about it with you over lunch and
said, this book is fantastic. I said because so often we’re
driven by fear and anxiety. And it’s all fake. It doesn’t exist at all. And one of the key takeaways
in the book to your point about are– we create our own reality. I’m going to read a
little excerpt here. He says, “Most people,
spirituality means waking up. Most people, even if they
don’t know that are asleep. They’re born asleep. They live asleep. They marry in their sleep. They breed children
in their sleep. They die in their sleep
without ever waking up. They never understand
the loveliness and the beauty of
this thing that we call the human existence.” He says, “All mystics,
whether Christian, non-Christian– no matter
what their theology”, he says, “one thing that
they all get and understand are unanimous on one
thing is that all is well. All is well.” He says, “Even though everything
is a mess, all is well.” A strange paradox but to
be sure but tragically, most people never get
to see that all is well because they’re asleep. And they don’t understand
that it’s all a game, that when they’re
asleep, they think they’re conditioned to
believe that money is evil or that they can’t be rich. And I see it in
a way that people write their emails
into the office which is, I have no money. I’m going through a divorce. My life’s a mess. I can’t do this. I’m never going to be
able to be wealthy. Is there a way
for me to do this? And I say, absolutely. I went through a foreclosure. I had all of my
assets totally frozen. I couldn’t buy a cup of coffee. Yes, you can do this. You can absolutely do this. It’s just a matter of
you are thinking about it and really tapping into that
sort of truth within you. If you’re just sort of quiet
about it– meditative about it, you could actually
see a pathway forward if you allow that to happen. Yeah, exactly. Exactly, so we don’t
want to call you out for your fearful behaviors,
but when we see it, it’s so sad to us because
we’ve related to it before. Both of us have been in
that spot where we’re like– even the other day I was
flipping through a magazine in a waiting room. And there was this beautiful
Ralph Lauren outfit that I was like, I want that. I’m going to go buy it. And maybe 10 or 15 years
ago when I was a super broke college student, I would have
felt really pissed off by that ad, because I felt like it was
showing me what I cannot have– a lifestyle that someone
else is worthy of. And I stopped and I
thought, oh my gosh, I can just buy that
because of the results of all of these choices. And so not that I’m
worth something– –Well, I get what
you’re saying– –You what I’m saying? –I know what you’re saying– –It changes your world view. What you are saying
is and, not to sound like egotistical in any kind of
way, I get what you’re saying. I don’t want that to come
off as like, guess what? I could just buy
any dress I want. That’s not really the case. It’s that– –Right. And I didn’t. But the point was, I didn’t
feel as triggered by it before, whereas when I was
young and broke and would watch Sex and the
City and they would talk about all their $400 shoes. I would be so scandalous,
and I felt like, that’s for them and not for me. That’s for other people. And when you– –And you took a
negative approach to it. –think about that
type of lifestyle– Right, yeah. Well, and that’s what that
Yelp review was about, right. It’s like, Yeah, fine. These hoity-toity beer hall
making their cheeseburgers and charging $9
for a cheeseburger. Yeah. It’s that same sort “a
front” they’re almost feeling threatened by
this $10 cheeseburger. Right, as if it’s some
sort of a threat to them. Yeah, exactly. So yeah, you don’t want to be
wasteful about your thinking. And you don’t want
to be overly lavish or piggish with your money. But you really want
to challenge anything. I What this entails
is really listening to the voices
inside of your head because they’ll be one voice
that says, you can do this. Give it a try. And then there’ll be another
voice that for some reason is going to tell you why that’s
unsafe and list out its reasons and just listen to the voices
in your head and the things that you tell yourself. And then figure out if
those things are true. Most of the time they’re either
you don’t know if it’s true or not. Or you haven’t tried or you
haven’t done any research but like this– this
is a scam kind of stuff is that’s you
proving to yourself that you can’t do it
when, of course, you can. If we can do it,
anyone can do it. Right. I mean if you look in
the real estate world, we’ve definitely had– maybe the tale of two different
types of investors, right. We have one investor who builds
pools for a living, right? So he totally understands construction, and he’s
just totally hands off. And he just bought 20
properties with us. And he’s like, great. I’m super excited about it. When can I buy the
next 20, right? And he’s just kind of
like, hey I’m going to go watch some football. And– –Right. You guys know what
you’re doing, great. Then we have another type of
investor who might literally cobbles together every
piece of their 401(k) loan, and then they’re pulling
this money from grandma or whatever it is. Yeah And then they’re sitting there
waiting for that rent check to come in on that
very first time to prove to themselves that
they made the right choice. But they’re also that
voice behind them is telling them not to
trust themselves, right? And so they’re living in
this place of constant fear. And then they’re emailing
everyday like, is it rent time? Is it rent time? Is it rent time? They haven’t really put their
faith in themselves, right? What if that person
who’s sitting there worried about
every little dime sort of operated like the
individual who builds $40,000 pools for a living. You know what I mean? What if that sort of
mentality were shifted? Right. What if they could trade
brains for an afternoon. How differently would she feel? Really nothing’s changed, right? She just changed her reality,
her perception of her reality. And that’s really
the difference. There are a lot of people like
her that don’t think like her. They think more abundantly. And guess what? More abundance comes to them. I mean it’s just
a universal law. It’s true. We now know it to be true. It’s not malarkey. We know this to be the case. So I’m fascinated by– –But it’s just
really hard to do when you’re so used to listening
to that sabotaging voice. For a lot of people,
poverty is comfortable because you’ve told yourself
it’s too hard to build this amount of dollars. And only certain people with
a certain leg up can do it. And I have these extra
challenges, right. So you’ve already told
yourself why you can’t do it and that voice now is strong. That’s your singing voice
because you listen to it all the time, right? So what you have to do
is starve out that voice. Yeah, and it can be hard to do. It is hard to do to
wake up– to be aware. And when that little
negative voice starts coming into
your head, just sort of separate yourself
and kind of almost look at it as if your looking
at your friend. And so you’re like, why
would I let my friend talk to themselves that way? You’re just being
so down on yourself. You wouldn’t want your best
friend talking about themself. So if you can sort of
almost separate yourself– sort of have an out-of-body
experience and watch the language that you’re
putting out there, not only to yourself, but to
your children about wealth building and abundance
and consciousness– Yeah You’re going to see a
dramatic shift, I think. Definitely. I want to leave you
this with one story that came out of this
book, Awareness, because I told it to you. I love this little
chicken story. So he leads off the book by
talking about this golden eagle who falls out of a
nest and then lands into this chicken
coop as a baby. And then the chickens raise
this little brown eagle as a chicken, basically,
as one of the other chicks because he’s there and they’re
trying to help him, right? So his whole life, he
thinks he’s a chicken. And he’s living his whole
life with these other chickens until one day, he’s old. He’s kind of hobbling
around the chicken coop. He’s this old brown eagle. And he looks up
in the sky and he sees this beautiful brown
eagle flying with just one flap of the wings, is able to soar. And he asks the other
chickens, what’s that? And they said, oh
that’s a golden eagle. That’s the King of the skies. And he can soar
above everything. Well here he was a brown
eagle his whole life but he didn’t know it. And then he passes
away and dies. But he lived his whole
life as a chicken, right? So his reality was
shaped by being asleep– by not being aware of
who he could truly be. I love that little story
it’s like, we’re all living like chickens. We really are. Once we realize we can tap into
this enormous potential that’s out there, we can
transcend all of that. Yeah, definitely. I love that. I love that because
most of us don’t realize our creative power. And so many people
listen to this and think, well that’s just for
them because they have– I don’t know, you can list all
kinds of things that we have and we can list why we
think we shouldn’t have it. We can come right
back at you if you want to give us excuses and
tell you why we shouldn’t have those things, right? Right. But wealth is not
for other people. Wealth is for you listening
to this, right now. And so identify your sabotaging
thoughts and burn them– get rid of them. Yeah. Love it. So there you go. And you know what? We’re going to put together
a little cheat sheet for you that Natalie kind of talked
about at the beginning of today’s show, asking yourself
these specific questions about wealth. We’ll put it together– put
together 10 questions for you on a cheat sheet that you
can download for free. We’ll put the link right
here in this episode. So in the show notes, it’s
right below this episode. Just click on the link
for the free download. Download it, sit down, and
be honest with yourself. Go through it and
give yourself a score. How many of these questions are
you able to answer honestly? And be vulnerable
because no one’s looking over your shoulder. This is about you. So answer these questions. And I think it could really
help you on your road to building wealth. So– Right. I think Clayton just
gave me homework. I have to build a cheat sheet. –That’s right. Come on. Well that’s going to do it
for today’s episode, everyone. Thank you so much for
listening and watching the Investing in
Real Estate show. We publish this show
multiple times per week. Now go out there– take action. Build wealth consciousness and
become a real estate investor. We’ll see you next
time everyone. Bye everyone.

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    Anyhoo here’s some feedback on the podcast. Natalie should have the same mic that Clayton has…the sound quality of his mic is much clearer. Natalie’s sounds a little muffled. Just some feedback. Thanks again. Aiming to be like you guys one day very soon 💸

  • I know this is an older video but this really helped me. I have one rental and about to buy a second and have been feeling really anxious about it. This put my thinking right. Thank you. Love your videos they really have helped me.

  • Thanks so much for sharing positive, helpful universal Truths of happy and productive mindset for life and business . The "unproductive" comments are not important to anything in Business or a enjoyable life and Family. These type of comments; are people that are mentally OR socially ill. These people are unhappy due to dysfunctional parenting and or educational system. Feel sorry for these persons; but such people are not someone suited to self-employment. If a "SELLER" speaks in such manner; find another seller…move on QUICK !

  • This is true, the way you think is the way you live. Even if you have a challenging situation in your life the way you THINK about determines how effectively you deal with it.

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