How to Tie Dye a Peace Sign design Tutorial #3

Hello I want to show you how to tie dye a
peace sign and to explain it a little bit easier. I figured I would just retie this
one. So what you do is take your soda ashed shirt or piece of fabric, and you will fold
it in half. Across the main legs, or the main body of the peace sign. And then you will
pick out your center point, put some string on a washable marker. And from that go out
and make a half circle. All Right! Then pick a
good angle from the center, take the main
body and bring it over to this leg. You will do that with this side as well. Then pinch
them together. Bring them around, so you have the legs and the whole body of the peace sign
right here.Then you will have your mark out here. You can remark it as well if you need
to. The you fan fold, or accordion fold up the line you just made. And then you make
this corner, and then you secure it with string. This will be what’s the inside part of the
peace sign. This is the main body of the peace sign the legs and the circle and everything.
And this is the outside part. So there you go. That is how you tie dye up a peace sign.
Thanks for watching!

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