How We Stopped Living Paycheck to Paycheck

– Hey guys it’s Dana and it’s Tuesday, that means we’re gonna
talk all about money. And today I really wanna
talk about why and how we stopped living paycheck to paycheck and hopefully how you can, too. So if you’re living paycheck to paycheck like a lot of Americans are,
it can be really stressful. Jim and I were living
paycheck to paycheck, I was living paycheck
to paycheck even before I was married and it was horrible. It really made me feel
uneasy, I felt insecure, I felt like I had no security at all, like I didn’t know when the
other shoe was gonna drop. I didn’t know if I was gonna lose my job, I was out of work for a while
at certain points in my life and it was really scary
and it’s not a place that I ever want to go back to. But I started out 16
years old is when I got my very first credit card, when I was 16. Everybody said, build your
credit, build your credit. So when I was 16 I got
my first credit card and I have had or had
a credit card balance all the way up, you know,
for at least 20 years I had credit cards, revolving
credit card balances. And then when I graduated
from college I did have college loans, when I
graduated from college I went out and purchased a brand new car. The only brand new car I’ve ever bought and it was right after college. I went out and bought a
brand new Subaru Forrester, it had a sunroof, it had
all the bells and whistles. It had like the upgraded seat
material, interior everything. And a huge loan and payment
to go along with it. Because that’s what people do,
that’s like, the norm, right? But then I was completely
living paycheck to paycheck ’cause I was not making a lot of money when I graduated from
college and it was the worst decision I could’ve made
at that point in my life. In 2011 we had twins so when
I was pregnant with the twins that’s when I first sort
of started to wake up and I was thinking, you
know, we have all this debt and we’re having twins and
we’re gonna have to pay for diapers, and I was
thinking of all the things we’re gonna have to pay for
but you know living paycheck to paycheck that is really
scary, really, really scary. And so when I was pregnant
with the twins is when I first said you know we’ve got to
try to cut back our expenses. That’s when I started cloth diapering and we started to use unpaper
towels, we stopped buying paper towels, we started using
like your grandmother would like washcloths as paper
towels in the kitchen and everything and so I tried
to change up some things to start saving money so we
could stop living paycheck to paycheck but we still kind of were living paycheck to paycheck. And then in 2013 I got a new job. Because we sort of had an income crisis, we were never really making enough money so we were relying on debt
at times to buy groceries and to pay our bills and
for a good number of years at the end of the year I
would have a balance left over with our oil company
and I’d have to put it on my credit card, like $800
to pay off the oil company. So I was doing that and
so in 2013 I got a new job and I got like a $20,000
pay increase and I was so excited, I was so happy
and it was around that time I started listening to Dave Ramsey. When I got this new job is
when I started listening to the radio to his show and
sort of got hooked up with him. And then I got pregnant
again with our last child and so that is sort of when
I had to listen over and over again like I guess I
have a really hard head. So I had to keep listening
and then it still wasn’t fully sinking in that you
have to live below your means obviously to have money and to not live paycheck to paycheck. And I’m learning now you
have to eat less calories than you expend if you want
to lose weight, obviously, we know these things but
we don’t always do them. We know them but we don’t do them. And you hear it said over and over again, just like you hear over
and over again that eating fruits and vegetables are good for you but most of us don’t do that. But then to make a change
you have to make a change in your life and it’s
really painful to go against the grain, so to speak, of
what everybody else is doing. And I work in finance, I
work in a corporate office and even people who have been
trained, have gone to school for finance, they don’t
necessarily understand personal finance. So the norm is to borrow
money, have a car payment, and so it’s really hard to go
against that and be different. So in 2014 we had our fourth
baby and during that time one of our boys was in the ER. And when he was sick we were
at home and I was trying to decide should I take
him, it was on a weekend, I was trying to decide
should I take him to the ER which was two minutes away from our house or should I drive him to
an urgent care center? The urgent care center was a $20 copay and the ER was $100 copay. And so I drove him like 30
minutes to the urgent care center because I wanted
to save on the copay. And I drove him there and
it was closed and he was really sick, really, really
sick and so we walked through the door and they had just closed. And so I had to carry him back to the car and he was having trouble
breathing and he was throwing up. I remember looking in the
rear view mirror and just seeing him throwing up and I
had to drive all the way back 30 minutes to get back to the hospital. We went to the ER and luckily he was okay. But that was my, I’ve just
had it, I’ve just had it. I’ve had it with this
and we’re gonna change, we’re going to change
even if it’s painful. I don’t want to ever again have
to make a decision like that where I risk my child’s life to save $80 because we didn’t have
any money in savings and I was stressed out about money. And I never wanted to do that
again so it was my moment where I said we’re gonna
make a change and we’re gonna stop living paycheck to paycheck. And so to stop doing that you
have to have a moment, right, where you decide that you’re
not gonna do this anymore. Where you’re gonna make a change. And so to begin that process
then you have to start by writing down, you
have to know everything that you owe, right? Who do you owe, what’s
all, everything out there, even when it’s really scary. ‘Cause to make a change you
have to face scary things and it’s gonna hurt so
it’s gonna be painful. Nobody really likes
looking at what they owe, it really sucks, especially
when you don’t think you can maybe pay all the
minimum payments even. But you have to know,
that’s the first step, you have to write everything down. Once you know exactly
what you owe and obviously you have to stop, stop
accruing any more debt. Because that’s just gonna be more payments that you can’t make and that’s forcing you to live paycheck to paycheck. So write everything down and
then make a true commitment to say that you are gonna
stop borrowing money. Then once you’ve written everything out then you can see what you
owe and then you can start by just making sure that
you get current on your rent or your mortgage so that way
you can have a place to live. So that you don’t end up on the street. If you have credit cards to
pay, if you have other bills to pay, medical bills, whatever,
leave those go ’til last. You just want to make sure
you get current on your home, your rent or your mortgage
and also your electricity and also maybe your oil bill
so you have heat in the house. You want to get current on
those things and try to do that month to month before
you start going back and before you start
paying for other things. Food, too, you want to
make sure you’re eating. So those are your
priorities, you’re gonna pay for your food and your
house, your electricity and heat, all that stuff to
make sure that you can live before you start paying credit cards. Just don’t pay them. If you can’t pay them, if
you don’t have enough money you don’t pay them
first, you pay them last. So if you’re in this
position where you’re living paycheck to paycheck and
you have a lot of debt then you might also want to take some time to think about your
career, think about where you’re going in the future. Think about, do you also
have an income crisis? Is that why, you’re just
not making enough money? Try to think about your job or your career where you are planning
it out and you’re not just wandering around. Because I feel like for
a while in my career and in my life I’ve been a
wanderer, I didn’t really, just kind of was going with the flow, didn’t know what I was doing,
didn’t know where I was going. It’s kind of like you’re in
your job, you’re just wandering, so try really hard to
think about where do you want to be working in
10 years or five years? What kind of job do you want to be doing and is that job you’re working
in now gonna get you there? Or that position you’re
in, maybe you can move to a different position within
the same company, right? And then while you’re trying
to get there you can try to earn extra income by extra jobs. I know a lot of people
talk about driving for Uber or delivering pizzas,
maybe you can pick up extra babysitting, maybe you can
start a YouTube channel even though I wouldn’t recommend
that as an income source. You don’t make a lot of
money off of it at all but I’m trying to think
about side things you can do to start picking up extra
money to help you increase your household income so you
can better pay your bills and to start paying off what you owe. You can start doing your own haircuts. Maybe not for you but
Jim cuts his own hair. Well he shaves his head
so he does that himself. I cut the boys’ hair, we
bought a pair of clippers, maybe you’ve seen that
video of mine on my channel. The first time I ever did
it but I’ve been cutting their hair for years
now with the clippers. The girls, we grew out
their bangs so that we don’t have to cut their bangs
often and just like I don’t have bang so that I
cut my hair less often. We can go less frequently
to the hairdresser to get our hair done and when
we do go to the hairdresser we go to like Supercuts it’s like $7, $10. for a haircut and it does the job, right? Obviously you can cloth
diaper if you have babies. I’ve actually washed clothes
in our bathtub before. So you know, because our
washer was broken and we hadn’t yet saved up the money to
buy a new one so I washed some stuff in the bathtub. You can get really creative
with certain things when you really want to. We’ve been buying or clothes
secondhand for years now. Also, our couch is awful, like it’s old, it’s old and I have washed
the couch covers so many times now, and it helps keep
the couch looking new, it keeps it clean. I just take off the covers and wash them. You don’t need to go out
and buy a brand new couch if you’re living paycheck
to paycheck, right? You can wait on that, it’s
something that, I mean, just try to clean it up, you know? Buy some spot cleaner and try to clean it. So don’t buy new furniture. Stop driving as often. We stopped going to my
mom’s house as often, we stopped visiting family
as much just to save on gas and help save our cars ’cause
it’s less wear and tear on the cars so try to cut back
on the amount you’re driving. As you’re going through this
process you sort of want to learn how to say no. You’re gonna have to say no. I’ve said no to Pollyannas at
work, I’ve said no to lunches. You have a big, curly
head, do you realize that? Cut your cable. If you haven’t cut your
cable, why haven’t you, why? Doe anybody really have cable anymore? So we cut our cable, we have
a Roku that we picked up on Black Friday for like 30
bucks and there’s so much free content on there. And it’s been great, it’s been fine. Like we don’t get to see
everything currently, like I have to wait a week
to catch up on the Bachelor, I have to see it a week
later but it’s okay, I still get to see it. So cut your cable. And just also check all of your bills to see if you can get them lowered. Sometimes if you just call
they’ll lower it if you ask or you can get a different
deal, a different package, different bundle but you
know, look at all of that. This goes back to the
beginning of the video when I said to see what
you actually are spending on everything. Look at your utility bills and see if you can get them lowered. Your phone bill maybe you’re using up too much of your data or you’re going over your data plan every month. Start tracking that and make sure you don’t go over on your data plan because it’s gonna be adding to your bills and you don’t wanna do that. You want your bills do go down, not up. Make gifts instead of buying them Don’t buy gifts for a lot of people if you’re to turn down
going to certain events because you know you’re
gonna have to bring a gift. Then just say no, it’s
for a short period of time until you can get caught up on things, until you can start paying off debt and stop living paycheck to paycheck. So this is not easy, none
of it is easy, it’s hard. But if you really want
a change in your life, you have to change things. You can’t keep doing the same
thing that you’ve been doing. And I know from me, I feel like I’ve had a lot of moments in my life where, you know, God has
sort of whispered in my ear that, you know, what I
was doing was not right. And then I feel like I kind
of had to keep getting hit and hit, and punched in the face, and then really hit over the
head with a sledgehammer. You know, like you don’t
want to get to that point. Hopefully you haven’t gotten to that point where something really bad happens before you really get the message. Because I feel like this is a message. I know in the Bible it does say everywhere that if you borrow money you’re a fool, if you, you know, you
don’t want to do it, okay? So, it really does change
something, I think, within you when you stop
living paycheck to paycheck. And it’s a good place to be. So I think it’s worth
it is what I’m saying. I think it’s really worth
it to go through the pain for a little while to get
clear of this in your life and move forward onto something better, something more beautiful,
more positive, less stressful. It’ll make an impact all around, I think. You and for your family. And everyone who interacts with you. You’ll be able to help
more people in the world. That’s my story and the things that we did to stop living paycheck to paycheck, start building a savings account. If it’s your first time
here, thank you so much for watching, don’t forget
to subscribe every Tuesday, I do a new video all about money and I’d love for you to
join me in this journey of building wealth and being debt-free. And thank you to everyone
who’s been watching me over the years, thank you
so much, it does mean a lot. Okay, all right guys, I’ll
talk to you in the next video. Bye! Oh, and don’t forget, if
you have any other ideas of how to stop living
paycheck to paycheck, please leave them down
below in the comments so that everybody can read those and we can sort of share
ideas with each other. Okay, all right, bye. Trying to get out of debt
and most of your money aside from your thousand
dollar savings account is going towards paying off your debt. But then this is the part if
you’re a Dave Ramsey follower like I am that I get really confused on, because I hear him talk on his radio show.

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  • Hi Dana i really appreciate u & the info u give. I dont have a career i have a job. It pays enuf & the job i want (substitute teaching) doesn't pay as much as my maintenance job. Im tired of cleaning toilets etc. Well its a clean job lol pun intended. Praise God for it. Im 67 & i know i need to save which i havent bn doing like i shd. But im working towards that. I rent. Had 2 houses too much stress.

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  • I'm living paycheck to paycheck but God has been good to me and my children. I pay my tithes and offering faithfully. My bills are always paid. I'm a single mom of three by the way. God is good, I focus on being positive at all times. When it comes to my children I don't care how big the bill is. They health matter more. Better safe then sorry. I like your videos.

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  • The story with your boy being sick was so painful. I'm sorry you had to go through that. When my grandmother was getting too sick, my extended family kept telling themselves that public hospital was fine (in my country it isn't). She passed away, she was old and sick, but I will never shake off the question of whether or not she could have stayed with us longer. The same happened 14 years later when my father had a stroke and refused to be operated because (in his depression) he felt he failed in giving us a decent life so he didn't want to be a burden anymore. He did survive and I would pay the world for that. I never had a "frugal epiphany" moment, but I will never see my family go through this again, I am frugal I suppose, I grow stuff and reuse clothes and have been saving two thirds of everything I make for rent and savings. But it's starting to pay off, the last 2months I finally managed to get to a point where my savings are generating 50$ a month (my basic goal for the past 7 years :-D)

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