HPV & HERPES: The 5 Steps to FREEDOM!

hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is tara and here on this channel we discuss remedies for HPV and herpes and how you can self treat from the comfort of your home on a budget and using very simple home remedies that you can find in your kitchen or at your local grocery so today's video is long awaited and long overdue this is gonna be your 5 steps to freedom from herpes and HPV genital warts okay I'm gonna break this down into five very simple steps and this is the precursor to the book that will be coming out very soon within the next month the five steps to freedom okay so other than the e-book that's coming out I also offer personal guided help okay I have phone support where we can get on the phone video chat VM shared documents and pictures with each other so that we're very clear on the steps that you need to take I also encourage you and make sure that you are doing everything that you need to do to actually really get rid of herpes and HPV for life okay those who get consultations with me will receive the ebook for free okay the book will not be very expensive I priced it very moderately so that everyone will be able to get a chance to get a hold of this book and it will be on Amazon and a few other platforms okay another thing about the book before we get started I would like for anyone who is outside of the u.s. to please leave in the comments what country you're from and what language you speak so that I know all the different languages I need to translate this book into okay just to help you out a little bit more to make sure that everybody is clear on what they need to do so let's jump into it step number one write a step number one is gonna be testing your pH this is very very important this will be an indicator of your health level okay so you're gonna test in the morning right when you wake up before you've had anything to eat before you've had anything to drink okay this is gonna give you a clear indicator of what your ph level is all right so you're gonna test your urine and you're gonna test your saliva which will be two different numbers but as you're doing this remedy over the next two months you're gonna get a very clear picture of how when you eat and what you drink affects your pH so that you can make better choices other than that it's also an indicator on whether or not you should drink or skip the tonic which is step number two so step number two drinking the apple cider vinegar and baking soda tonic the measurements one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon of baking soda and an 8 ounce cup of water okay so when you test your pH if your pH is above a 7.0 you're gonna skip the tonic wait till a bit later that night test the game all right if your pH in the morning is under 7.0 you're gonna drink the tonic very simple you're gonna test your pH to see whether or not you need to drink the time now when you first start off with the tonics and will send you to the restroom if your body has a high toxicity level this is the cleanse it's a purge and it's a very intense detox lemon water won't do it honey and lemon water won't do it if you add honey or lemon to your tonic it will demon in effective okay so it's very important that you follow these steps and these are things that I know because I work personally with people one on one for the past couple years and we have a very clear picture of what's going on now so after your tonic switch is step number two let's move on to step number three step number three is gonna be meal prep meal prep is key if you're gonna make it through this remedy okay you're gonna have to change your diet it's not very strict on what you should eat but more on what you should not be eating okay so what you need to not to eat it sugar whether its artificial sugars artificial sweeteners real natural raw sugar or honey you would need to stay away from sugar as much as possible and that includes fruit so you want to limit the amount of food you eat you don't want to go on like a fruit cleanse because fruit has a ton of sugar and what if she could do sugar feeds cancer it feeds diseases and feeds viruses they all need sugar so you want to restrict their sugar so that it makes them want to leave your body basically so another thing you want to stay away from is meat as much as possible because meat is highly acidic meat also contains nitrates and nitrites that cause cancer okay now this is very simple simple process of how the meat has nitrates in it and has to do with when you kill an animal or you kill flesh and the process that the body goes through you know the I mean you're eating dead animals it is about it's a process that the body goes through and death okay and that's how these nitrates and nitrites are produced so you want to stay away from me as much as you can now you can eat some seafood from time to time but you don't want to be eating seafood every day you want to stick to vegetables now huh I got through the diet change I stir fried every day every morning I got up I stir fried enough vegetables in grapeseed oil because grapeseed oil I will have more information on that in the book and also in in future videos I have a lot of information and past videos on grapeseed oil but grapeseed oil is amazing and you should google it when you have the time all right the next thing as far as your diet that really helped me with salads and they need a bunch of salads because I need warm food on my on my stomach in order for me to feel satisfied and feel full so I would eat my salads from time to time I would dress them with avocado tomatoes and grapeseed oil again in white vinegar okay it's gonna be awesome for your body and really help you detoxify these are fools that's gonna help you detoxify next on our list is going to be step number or supplements yes you will have to take supplements now I understand that a lot of you may have started taking different supplements in an attempt to get rid of HPV and herpes but I have a better option for you okay um it's gonna be your wheatgrass spirulina and chlorella supplement these supplements are packed with everything that you need everything your body needs bitch your zinc get rid of your vitamin C get rid of your iron pills get rid of your calcium pills get rid of your protein shakes all of this is packed into these plans okay another thing when you take these supplements you're actually getting pure vitamins that your body recognizes when you take zinc off of the Shelf or your vitamin C off of the Shelf those are chemical mimics and they're not actually where you think they are and your body only recognizes about ten percent of it okay the rest of it the other 90% it just throws out it's junk okay when you're taking these whole supplements that come from plants dehydrated plant matter that is ground down and then you can take the powder and add them to shakes I added my powder to just water and just drunk it in shock so I can just be done with it or you can't take the tablets which also had tablets that I took as well you can take the tablets and get it done really quickly that way too okay but you cannot skip the supplements you have to get at least one of them if you had to get one I would say spirulina is the best while I was treating I did spirulina and wheatgrass okay now moving on to step number five the apple cider vinegar and baking soda paste now this is what you're going to be applying to your warts you want to mix the apple cider vinegar and baking soda into a paste a very thick thick paste so that it will actually stay on your watch when you apply them okay this is what's whether they are on your hand somewhere else on your body on your genitals but on the outside okay you don't want to put this inside your urethra you don't want to put it inside the anus you don't want to put it inside um inside your vagina okay now if you have some works on like just the inner the outer edges of the inner lips that would be fine but putting this inside your vagina or on your clitoris or anything like that may cause some type of irritation and in that case you want to take the apple cider vinegar and baking soda bags okay so the measurements for the bath is very simple it's gonna be five cups of apple cider vinegar when I treated myself I did not use raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar it was not available to me at the time so I use what I had which was your regular apple cider vinegar which is filtered and it's perfectly fine I still was able to get rid of the HPV that was on my cervix in under two months okay um also you're gonna have to apply grapeseed oil to your works this is very very important now if you have watch on your cervix that's gonna be a different story and you will not be applying grapeseed oil there but if you have worked right on the inside of your vagina right in the hole in that area you can't actually take the grapeseed oil apply it to those works that you have right there and then just use a panty liner to keep your undies from getting oil on them same thing goes with people who have warts on the anus or inside the urethra you want to definitely be taking the apple cider vinegar and sort of baths now what I do suggest is that you get a dish when you dust your gonna dust you know even if you have analyzed your gonna do Sh with an anal douche using one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon of baking soda and the rest of the dish filled with water okay that's gonna be your measurements for the dish but I do feel that if you just take the apple cider vinegar and baking soda baths and fill your dish with the bathwater I think that's actually the best measurements to use because the water is perfectly diluted and it just it seems to work a lot faster but if all you have is a shower in your dish that's fine too and ladies if you have internal if you have internal works you're gonna do the same thing you're gonna get you a dish and you're gonna use the measurements that I said a teaspoon of baking soda a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and throw the rest of the dish with water and make sure that water reaches your cervix okay this is going to balance your pH and it's going to directly attack the HPV where it is it's going to attack the herpes where it is and it's gonna prevent it from being able to regenerate especially the grapeseed oil you cannot skip the grapeseed oil there's no substitute for grapeseed oil nothing else will work coconut oil absolutely does not work at all if you can't find rapeseed oil you have to purchase it online if you can't find pH testing strips you have to purchase it online that's the only way that you're gonna actually get through this ok so I'm gonna run in by you real quick one more time step 1 test your pH in the morning and that night yeah I don't know if I mentioned this earlier in the video but at night you're gonna test right before you go to bed after you've eaten maybe an hour or so after you have eaten all right and then that will be an indicator of whether you should drink the tonic at night or skipping step 2 is drinking the tonics after testing your pH you will drink the tonic to to balance you your body out and to flush in detox step number three it's going to be your meal prep you need to prep your meals in the morning for the entire day so that you are not tempted to go out and get junk step number four it's going to be step number four taking your supplements this is going to be very important and key to also further detoxifying your body and fighting free radicals which will find the viruses in your body and flush them out your system and then step number five is going to be attacking the warts head-on with the apple cider vinegar and baking soda paste the grapeseed oil and the bass and douching okay so thank you very much for staying tuned throughout this entire video check out the links in the description for more videos with great tips very helpful information to help you get through this please um be aware that the book will be coming out very soon and I'll be releasing more information on that as things tie in also please check out the web store where I have listed everything that you need for these remedies um it will be shipped straight to your home very confidential no one will know what you're getting these products for okay um thank you very much y'all have a blessed one and take care thank you bye

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  • Guys, please listen to this woman! This cured my genital warts in less than two months! I thought I would never be able to live without the warts ever again and now I do.
    Please please please believe her and do what she sais. Food really is the best and probably the only cure.
    And please don't be too nice to yourself. Hpv is a serious thing. Stick to the regimen, stop smoking and cut out alcohol. A few months of not consuming some stuff or the rest of your life with hpv. It's your choice.
    And trust me, I tried just cutting back on zigarettes and alcohol but it wasn't enough. Once I stopped doing both the emprovement was magical.

    All in all, thank you Tara! You helped me get my confidence back. God bless you.

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  • Hi , I was roofied a while back and after a couple of months of being scared to death of the results I would get… I decided to get tested and It turned out I do have herpes. I am barley 19 in college and I don’t fucking believe I am already going through this. I feel tainted , hopeless and lost

  • My story started when i tested positive with HSV 1,my whole life was a
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  • Hi my pap results say i have mild displasia should i still go ahead with taking bs..acv please let me know thank you

  • I'm only 12 and I got Herpies but only like 4 bumps on the top part of my skin near my mouth HELP ME

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  • Ughh I just found out I have herpes yesterday and it hurts baddd😫😫 smh I’ve been searching hard I’m goin to use you and Kareem suggestions pray I can get healed

  • I don't know if I have HPV or not but I wanted to try her remedy just in case. I purchased the test strips, purchased the baking soda and acv, and began a diet of greens only including the spirulina & a lot of broccoli. I thought all was well, until all of a sudden, within a week of starting, I noticed my hands and feet were swelling and my joints started bothering me. I'm 31 years old and this never happened to me before. I didn't experience any other problem besides this. I stopped drinking the baking soda/acv drink, and noticed a change in the swelling & joints immediately. However, from the time I drank this drink, anytime I'd eat food that had any kind of salt in it or meat for the next month, my hands would swell up again. Again, this never happened to me before beginning this baking soda regimen. To solve, I had to eliminate all sugar & salt from my diet for another month, and in its place drink certain herbal teas & foods high in potassium. I guess this method works for certain people. I don't mind applying the baking soda/acv externally but I can't drink this regimen. I do want to mention though for anyone that is suffering with HPV that I read online that there is an HIV drug out there called Lopimune which looks very promising as a possible cure for HPV, even late stage cervical HPV as well (if you can somehow get your hands on that treatment as it's only in the clinical trials stage right now and hasn't been approved yet for curing HPV in the states yet ~ may take years).

  • Hello, I want to get rid of herpes with your help but want to remain anonymous. Is that possible? Where do I email you at?

  • I’ve emailed you . Please help me cure my hsv1 or help me heal or prevent the warts I need exact steps 😩. Please email me back

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