Huawei ready for 'no back door' pact

embattled Chinese telecom giant Huawei have proposed a no backdoor agreement to the Indian government it's facing charges of espionage the u.s. has restricted without where the Indian government too has kept Baba's businesses under tight security the telecom gear maker has now expressed its willingness to sign a new backdoor agreement with the Indian government and telecom operators so what does this Agreement me let's break it down for you in technology products backdoor refers to an arrangement with the government or with any third party to share customers data via unauthorized means and with a mollified intention that ever departments of security guidelines make it compulsory for telecom operators to install certified equipment to ensure data protection failing which they face heavy penalties now walkway at present has most of its equipment installed in the network of Indian telecom companies it has in fact teamed up with a leading telecom company to conduct trials for the 5g service but is yet to receive approval for the same why we hopes that a no backdoor agreement would help assure the Indian government about any cyber security breach that could arise as a vendors and the proposal comes on the way of US Secretary Mike forbears visit to New Delhi where we notice that various issues including its participation in 5g rollouts are expected to figure in discussions between Pompeo and the Indian government unless you focus over to your which is reeling under a heat wave with the mercury hitting 40 degrees Celsius maps on your screens now will be showing the locations of regions where the expected temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius every day of the week let's begin with temperatures soaring high in Brussels that kicked off a heat wave with temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius expected in the Belgian capital from today according to the Met department the recorded temperature for June is expected to be crossed this week weather experts said that one winds coming in from North Africa have set the temperatures soaring across Europe as residents travel to put up with the inhospitable weather farmers are fearful that high temperatures could damage the crops like last summer residents in Germany was seen heading to water fountains for some respite from the sizzling heat in nearby France and its capital Paris which has recorded a soaring 40 degrees Celsius a few places in the country have recorded even up to 43 degrees Frances Met department has warned the further quote-unquote hot humid and unstable water the authorities activated an action plan for children the elderly and homeless people who have been most affected by the heat wave in Paris officials pledged to open cool rooms inside public buildings and temporary water fountains they will also leave the parks and gardens unlocked and accessible and night Frances way of a repeat of the intense heat wave of summer of 2003 when nearly 15,000 died over a two-week period most of them being seen as editor

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