HUD Secretary Ben Carson defends controversial transgender comments

I simply pointed out the fact that, you know,
we have to have policies that take into consideration
everybody’s rights. I say everybody
has equal rights. Nobody gets extra rights. If you have a women’s shelter
and you’ve been operating well, you get to decide
how you’re gonna run that. The federal government
doesn’t need to be telling people
who is a man or who is a woman. That’s a decision that
they can make by themselves. You know, the political
correctness say, “You only have to do
what we want you to do and how we want you to do it, and you have to say
what we want you to say.” And that’s in the process of — -“Or else
we’re gonna punish you.” -Of destroying freedom
of speech. Yes. -If someone decides to change
his or her gender, does that mean that that person’s gender
automatically changes? In other words,
if I say I’m a woman, am I? -Obviously, it doesn’t. You know, if I wake up tomorrow
and I feel like I’m Chinese, it doesn’t necessarily
make me Chinese. -What’s that like,
being dismissed as a bigot? How would you respond to that? -Well, you know,
it’s the same as — The president is called a racist
for virtually anything he does or doesn’t do. You know, they’ve already
made up their mind that I hate transgender people,
which is completely untrue. You know, the Bible tells us
that we have to love everybody.

100 thoughts on “HUD Secretary Ben Carson defends controversial transgender comments

  • An another Christian speech brought to you by USA government. Pure BS
    USA Needs urgently a president with an other religious affiliation or with non religious affiliation.

  • I wonder who might be telling him what to do or say wouldn't have him operate on my pet cat why would he give up neurological pediatric surgery to become a Trump sycophant whatever?

  • There are only 2 genders…
    Unless your genetics are jacked up and are a hermaphrodite.
    If people are confused about their sexuality… it has nothing to do with gender. But no one's gonna piss on Ben Carson's leg and say it's raining.

  • Charge Hillary with crimes against this country. Give her a job on the View. This way it Al about Hillary's G Spot. And UFO'S at area 51. Have 30 shots Hillary.

  • Hey Tucker Carlson, you don't have to ask him what it's like to be a bigot… Just State your own opinion on your own bigotry… You clown

  • I'm curious what the majority of women who use these shelters feel, are they comfortable with men who call themselves women in areas specifically designated as safe.

  • Youtube is ridiculous. They are pushing an agenda with the trending videos with absolutely zero views, and they all seem to be insanely leftist.

  • 2 genders.
    That's all. No more. No less.
    Anyone who thinks they are some mysterious 3rd gender, is mentally unstable and should be euthanized immediately.

  • Someone asked how people could not identify with their assigned gender and I'm glad you did! Really, even my well intentioned friends have to get some explanation at times ) So when your born a Doctor assigns you a gender based on your genitals. What's being found more and more in science is that biological expression can vastly differ from that of physicality. Therefore if I am assigned one gender at birth but come to recognize that my quality of life is hindered because I don't easily conform to that of society i am then in a position to decide whether to continue to live a falsehood just because some people think that my claims of being assigned the wrong gender at birth isn't possible solely because they, themselves, have always felt comfortable with their perceived label; or I can decide to foster the courage to live my truth despite the negative societal effects this could bring. Now there is also the question of Intersex people ( those born w/ both female and male genitalia ). In this scenario the parents are able to decide what gender they want assigned to the child. Generally, the majority of parents in this position decide to assign the child the gender of male most likely due to the premium society in most western cultures put on boy children. However, that child could – and in many cases has- deviate from that label due to the body chosen for them not matching with who they see themselves as. In some cases people don't feel particularly comfortable with either gender markers because you have to remember that these labels are man made ( of course in Christianity the belief is based on scripture identifying a "god" but we have to look at this objectively knowing not all people follow that sole religion) so therefore perhaps they could actually be presenting as neither gender – or third gender, if you will – some religions such as ancient Hinduism acknowledge a third gender referred to as Hidjra that present more feminine but aren't necessarily "girl or boy" therefore had this religious sect been made the dominant spirituality in western culture we might more easily recognize that persons who identify outside those to poles deserve to be treated equally and respected as much as those who feel comfortable in their body and identify with their assigned gender.

    Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend everyone!

  • Ben is sooo out of touch and just spewing false equivalents… Sex and race are two totally different things. If Carson had balls that doesn't mean that he feels Chinese… See what I did there?

  • Gay people get out over your outrage! No one is singling you out as a sinner. We all sin. You are not that different than everyone else. Love your neighbor. Testify Ben!! I love that guy in government. More like him!

  • As much as one wants to disagree with Tucker, we can't this time. Ben Carson is quoting scripture, but he's doing it to his own demise. The Bible is broad. And there's wisdom in it.

  • Any liberals out there fed up with the blatant liberal bias, whether it's WaPo or YouTube itself? Any liberals feel like Ben Carson's position shouldn't be castigated because maybe it's even more empathetic to the (silent) majority of Americans? Maybe there's a discussion to be had instead of just loud bitching about bigotry? If you consider yourself a liberal and feel this way, consider abandoning your party.

  • The Bible tells you that you have to love everybody but conservatives hate gays, non white immigrants, the poor and the list goes on

  • Lmao. Ben Carson says basic facts of life that most of us knew when we were 5, and it’s considered controversial. Fuckin leftists…

  • Gender is a social construct, sex is biological. Race is genetic (biological), ethnicity is cultural (social). Some Native American tribes recognize 4 genders. You have to differentiate between facts (biology) that can't be changed, and how our culture distinguishes identity. On the sex issue, there's multiple possible combos, XX, XY, XXX, XYY, XXY. You can't group people into merely 2 slots just because it makes you comfortable. Therefore Ben cannot just be racially Chinese, but much like we say African-American, he could become African-Chinese if he moves to China and adopts their lifestyle. We'll miss you Ben! (This is assuming his heritage is African and not say, Jamaican or Cuban or Haitian or the other places black people can come from.)

  • The bible said to love everybody.
    And the bible also said , the Genesis account, God reveals to Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah are to be destroyed for their grave sins (18:20).

  • carson is a moron. what happened to someone who was once supposed to be an intelligent neurosurgeon? he botched those operations toward the end of that career. now he speaks in the manner of a simpleton. was it some experimental drug that he tried on himself or did he have some head injury? something is seriously wrong with him.

  • Washington Post has gone on to prove their dishonesty with this chopped, "selectively edited" version of the interview. Yes, Ben Carson clearly states his opinion on gender, but they cut out him clearly saying regardless "all citizens" needs should be taken into consideration. Watch the entire interview if you can find it and you will see a kind logic driven man who has compassion even for those he may not agree with. Shame on you W.P. for cutting this in a way that makes him look like he's disregarding anyone!

  • Haha…….Dumb and Dumber discussing what life is all about. These two aren't really human and are telling others what they are. What a joke.

  • Every racist on earth supports Trump. So do all Nazis, KKKers, white supremacists, skinheads etc. Ben Carson apologizing for him is sickening. Carson is delusional. Tucker is just a useless douche.

  • HA!, the Bible says tactic, yeah, thars gobbled up like manna by the fake self-claiming "christians", but a true christian would be doing what the Bible tells them to do, not just paying lip service to it, hey oh!, hear that lip service, Melania Trump and Kimberly "jezabel" Guilfoyal, somebody called your name, get busy goodtime, slap and tickle girls.

  • ben carson is a idiot…i petty the people he his former patients still dont understand why a actual doctor is in control of hud

  • Ben Carson start by waking up, you're always look like your halfway sleeping. Dreaming of being a Chinese or a brain surgeon. 😂🤣😂


  • Since little Billy's "forward" thinking mommy decided to paint his nails and take him to ballerina class now we have to tell they theirs and them that it is a woman since it thinks it is…..wait she is ? They are.?????yeah he still has his little balls though right?

  • That’s a good guy because if it’s wasn’t about politics if that’s wasn’t his job he would be still making his mark including all given accounts of history

  • When Libtards call him Doctor Sleepy, I'm like he saves lives and you use tweezers to pick Pringles crumbs from inside your navel and foreskin

  • I disagree Dr. Carson, sometimes the Government has to step in and make decisions for everyone. Like less than 200 years ago when you were considered by many 3/5 of a human.

  • 🛑🚧Housing is No longer affordable for most…it's freaking Grossly OVERPRICED by realtors and home flippers and banks approving these loans on homes not worth 1/3 listing prices 🏡

  • Oh boy, they're Playing the
    LGBT- BULL SH-T CARD again.
    Trying to SHOVE that DUNG down our throats again. We heard enough of that CRAP when Obama & Biden was in office.

  • What a sell out. People are crazy! Theirs only 2 genders. The future is going to be one hell of an insane asylum at this rate! God help us.

  • People are entitled to their own opinions, not their own “facts.” “There are only two genders” is a fact. That a bunch of mentally ill lunatics who believe otherwise were “offended” by this is not a news story, and covering it as if it were one is nothing but propaganda. Carson didn’t “defend his comments;” he said nothing that needed defending

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