Human Capital – Episode 1: Planned Parenthood's Black Market in Baby Parts

asado is going to be just drawing blood not procuring tissue from aborted fetuses they part of a Planned Parenthood and they get part of the money so I say okay what are your what are you working to supplied today you know you can imagine where they would run with this like you're selling bad pretty you know my name is Holly O'Donnell I'm 24 and I'm a phlebotomist and annex procurement technician for those who don't know what the bottom it says basically you draw blood for a living I was looking to help the public I mean I'm looking to make blood draws easy for children for people I'm very passionate about people I find myself I'm very humane and very sensitive I thought I was going to be just drawing blood not procuring tissue from aborted fetuses I basically just went on Craigslist typed in the word phlebotomist lab technician and I clicked the link to apply said procurement technician I went to the website said stem express and apply now I applied it was really short it wasn't even a application was it your name your phone number that was it and I got an email back and I interview and they don't even let you know in the interview what you're doing this Xpress is a company that hires procurement text to draw blood and dissect dead fetuses sell the parts to researchers they part of a Planned Parenthood and they get part of the money because we pay them to use their facilities and they they get paid from it they do get some kind of benefit we were asked to procure certain tissues like well brain livers thymus pancreas heart lungs and pretty much anything on the phone the fetus it's basically a huge trafficking of fetal tissues just take a couple and Breanna is my assistant so I was talking to Mary about what I'm trying to offer to clinics it's a procurement service and she said you know all about this oh we already a relationship on the Navy air depa so does sort of thing you do it's a start-up so something's already a service there I'm thinking with my business and then using him for over ten years time so I just kind of renegotiate the contract they're doing the collection for government level collections okay so I'm trying to think of other providers in town there so I don't want to sound like a Salesman here but I'm going to so we return a portion of our fees into the clinic so just to as a way of thank you for this just trying to establish right get a tote yeah I mean yes make it soon right all right they weren't looking for an a compassionate individual at all they were just looking for someone who could get as much money as many samples I think that's why they they were interested in me as a phlebotomist because I can draw quick so I think that they looked at that and they wanted someone who could get the numbers up the owner Kate dyers used to be a procurement tech and then she went and started her own business and now she's making why money they stopped a poor girls half the time don't want to get into portions it's a pretty sick company okay so I'd like what what would what would you expect for intact it tissue what what sort of compensation what sort of the one you start by tell me where you used to be okay I don't think so I I'd like to I would like to know what would make you happy what would work for you you don't negotiate as a person throws up to figure first sell-offs right sir you know I I don't look at it that way I know you want to play that game I get it but you know no I want a walk let me show low things you know what if you low ball act pleasantly surprised and you'll know it's low ball what I want to know is what would what would work for you don't lowball it tell me what you or whatever we can procure they would get a certain percentage the main nurse was always trying to make sure that we got our specimens no one else really cared but the main nurse did because she knew that Planned Parenthood was was getting compensated so she wanted to make sure that everything was going great for us and it's going great for them for us and it's going great for them and and are we agreed that $100 would keep you happy yes there was one incident where I know that one of the girls was working at the clinic and she was anti-abortion I'm not sure why she was working there and she news it I think I communicated with the staff like I need this specimen so I can get this and there were times if she would always get rid of it before I could and I would always ask her I'm like hey I just told you I needed that just like oh I forgot and she did it on purpose all the time and I went to the manager I'm like hey I guess girl keep sewing with my specimen she's like let me talk to her and I'm her talking she's like we need them here like you need to let them have their specimens but she was she was pretty adamant about it she was trying to tell the staff like you need to listen to the to the techs like you know Planned Parenthood needs compensation the harder and the more valuable to tissue the more money you get so if you're if you can somehow procure a brain or a heart you're gonna get more money than just like chorionic villi or umbilical cord that's basically what it is so that I guess that's an incentive to try and get the hard stuff do they get more money so I remember my first day I was at the concord clinic and it was very early in the morning with one of my trainers and I walk in I meet the staff and I look over in the corner and there's a little it's a little white tray with pie dishes on it hmm okay and then I see someone come in with a a bottle of something in a resplendent net like okay and then they they whatever to sink and they emptied it out on a strainer and put it on the pie dish and lit it up and and I'm like looking like what's going on and my trainer comes over and she she puts on gloves and she grabs some some tweezers and she's picking the parts away from the vaginal tissue and I'm I've never had anxiety before this at all so I'm looking and I don't know what's going on I had no idea this is what was gonna be happening especially my first day and she's literally she's has tweezers and she's like okay well this is a head this is the arm this is a leg and she has no oh here you go can you show me some of the parts I just showed you and I grabbed the tweezers and like because I didn't want to lose his job I didn't know I was already stoked to get it so I just I did what she said in the moment I took the tweezers I I put him in the dish I remember grabbing a leg and I said this is a leg and the moment I picked it up I could just feel like death and pain like I've never felt that before like shoot up through my body and I started to like the black doubt basically they got the the smelling the smelling salt I woke up in the recovery room and looking around really embarrassed you know who faints at their first job and when nurses looks the music oh new your new home like yeah don't worry it still happens to a bunch of us like really I guess some of us don't ever get over it and I remember leaving that day like what have I got myself into that would you call that intense these are intact kidneys yes I'd be like that's good to go oh yeah five stars yeah I mean hey you can let me you could start a neural cell culture from this from this neural tissue right here would someone watch that this yes yes yeah oh yeah yeah someone would someone with this this is this is neural tissue that people could take and look and you see how it's still connected through the spinal cord back there if you could actually yeah yeah some people some people prefer that actually because it keeps it a little more protected yeah that 11:6 was pretty good there was yeah I mean there was like three or four samples we could have taken out of the eleven six so that would be you know if we were doing like you know fifty to seventy-five person and I would be like gender 300 we'd be comfortable with that but I so it's like stuff like this like I want to be like just a flat fee of like 200 and then I think the I think the per item thing works a little better just because we can see how if anyone were ever to ask that but what do you do for this sixty dollars how can you justify that originally xe4 affiliates the end of the day they are non profit they just don't want they want to break even and if they can do a little better than break even I do sir in a way that don't definitely

30 thoughts on “Human Capital – Episode 1: Planned Parenthood's Black Market in Baby Parts

  • Its great that you'll speak out what happend in this clinics. I can unterstand that people getting upset with the fact that bodieparts of humans were sold. But what happend next with these dead fetuses and why do no one dare to ask? I don't believe that these sold parts are be buried or burned for this high price and the high abortion rate…

  • Surely medical testing on aborted fetuses that women consented to being aborted is FARRRRR better and less cruel than animal testing?? These are unwanted human fetuses, it's not evil or even especially cruel, save perhaps being a little distasteful. But it is logical. Why not use these aborted fetuses to help humankind overall through medical testing ??!! These women wanted or needed the abortion. This video's content doesn't justify shooting people who work at Planned Parenthood. If you care that much about human life then care that there's 100,000 adult humans who are innocent in American prisons, not having the quality of life they deserve.

  • Going to PP in 2 weeks for an abortion. They are giving me a deal. I'll be 9 weeks. It's a collection of fucking cells people. Women spontaneously "abort" foetuses every month. I'm also getting my tubes tied after. MY CHOICE. This world is so corrupt, y'all gonna virtue signal now when our government is and has been funding genocide all over the world for decades? Cry me a fucking river. While you're at it…learn to swim.

  • Holy crap. I can't believe this. Saddest part is that it actually makes sense; after an abortion, some people might look at the foetus and say… hey, instead of throwing it to the garbage, maybe we could sell it on Wallapop and make some money. Disgusting. Do the "mothers" know about it?

  • If the person signed a consent form and the fetuses help the lives of children in need that are dying. Why are we going to deny the help?

  • Funny how the owner of the baby murdering "business" is a fucking ugly dyke. No wonder she has no problems with murdering unborn babies and harvesting their body parts, satanic whore.

  • OMG Mengela and associates, are some evil filth/ a PRICE LIST FOR FETAL PARTS !!! Damn these murdering ''BITCHES'' throughout eternity!

  • It's horrible but why not use for medical research etc instead of just throwing it away? Makes since but not profiting

  • Anyone who is for abortions are heartless fucks. Your murdering babies and torturing them. Your mother should of aborted your sorry asses

  • Planned parenthood does not care about human life the government that supports planned are Monsters next to the abomination of Third wave Feminst who call abortion a right Abortion is Murder ! Planned parenthood only cares about Money

  • I am really nauseated at the horrible acts done by these people. I don't understand why these people are not prosecuted.

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