Human Capital Trends 2016 | The new organization: Different by design | Deloitte Insights

around the world the landscape of work is changing rapidly ever accelerating innovation challenges established players omnipresent technology is rearranging the physical workplace and disrupting existing business models meanwhile the workforce is simultaneously becoming younger older and more diverse and a new social contract is altering the traditional employer employee relationship to adapt to this new environment leaders are redesigning and restructuring their organizations that means adding more agility and flexibility by moving toward networks and teams and finding new approaches to strengthen a leadership pipeline that's lagging behind current needs it means recognizing culture as an asset and using it to drive business strategy and incorporating always-on employees sensing tools rather than annual engagement surveys to keep up with a rapid speed of change it means creating more engaged workers by offering more opportunities for continuous learning and designing digital work environments that are inclusive collaborative and flexible all in the service of helping people manage new technologies all this changing scenery is an opportunity for HR to shift its role from chief talent executive to chief employee experience officer and an incentive to embrace data-driven HR with technologies that help HR decision-making become more rigorous and analytical because HR is key to making this happen it's what allows companies to bring together design thinking digital and mobile technology to make work more productive and more enjoyable even as the rise of the gig economy and smart technologies are poised to reshape jobs or even change the nature of work itself the pace of change will only accelerate leaders who redesign their organization to address the contours of a new landscape can gain an advantage in the global competition for talent

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