Humanscale Freedom Chair Review

Hi! Gene Walker here from The Human Solution. Today we’re going to be talking about the
Humanscale Freedom Chair. A really cool-looking chair made by Humanscale and has some ergonomic
features that you would expect out of any, you know, real economic chair, but also
has some really unique features that you would never expect to find on any chair except for Humanscale chair. So, to start, the features you expect on
most chairs: height-adjustable headrest, the back is
height-adjustable, and it does also have a seat slider and the chair is also a height-adjustable.
But you don’t expect to find on a lot of chairs is the lack of levers to control recline, control back
tension, those sorts of things.
The way Humanscale has done or accomplished that is by having what’s
known as a double-pivot back rest in a position
sensitive headrest. Which basically means that as you lean back in
the chair, it’s all connected by one counterweight
system which pulls the headrest forward and adjusts
the back to you as your sitting in the chair.
So, that’s a really nice feature you can see the lumbar support for this
chair is also quite aggressive. Which is really gonna do a lot to
support your lower back. Once you get that positioned in the
back and you position the seat, you never have to
worry about messing with those adjustments again and
you can just, let the chair dynamically adjust to you
as you’re sitting in it. Really cool, really cool chair.
The arms are really great too. So, they’re height-adjustable and to adjust
them he just slipped up on the front edge, pushed down on the back edge, and they
lower. Or to adjust them up, just lift up and it’s literally that simple, just down or up. So, they have two arm options, there’s a standard
arm option which is just height-adjustable, like so.
Or, you can get the advanced arms which pivot in at the push of a button.
Now, this is going to allow you to have that arm support you need as
you’re sitting there typing throughout the day at work.
It’s really nice. Now, Humanscale is known for really nice looking
furniture too. You can see it’s a really well designed, very aesthetically pleasing chair. So, it’s going to go a
long way in making your office or your home office look better than if you’re gonna go get a standard
office chair. I’d like to give you a better look at
the features that make the Humanscale Freedom Chair unique. Now, what’s unique about this chair is that it has that self-adjusting
recline which means that you don’t have any levers or knobs to control, you know, activating or
deactivating recline feature. But that just means they are going to be able
to lean back, go forward and its gonna sort-of stay
where you want it to stay which is really nice. Now, the way that works is that this dual
pivot backrest so that that this rod and all this right here so as you recline, that rod and the seat come back, up and the headrest comes forward as you
can probably see. So, that’s a really nice feature and that’s
kinda what makes the Humanscale Freedom Chair
so unique in regards to the way it makes the
adjustments for you. So, the Freedom Chairis available on three
frame colors. On the far right, you see the graphite
frame and base. That is going to be a dark grey sort of
like a pencil lead color. In the middle, you see the titanium frame
and titanium base. That’s gonna be a lighter color gray with a sort-of
matte finish on it. So it’s gonna be more but titanium color. And on the far left you see the polished
aluminum. That’s going to be very shiny like you might imagine a a chrome frame to be.
So, once again this is the Humanscale Freedom Chair. Come check it out at TheHumanSolution
dot com.

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