Hundreds climb in 9-11 Tower Challenge 2018

this morning local first responders and many others gathered on Arizona Stadium they’re honoring the nearly 3,000 that fell on 9/11 used for two sons Alex Doty was at the 9/11 Tower challenge to take this step with those remembering as well as the ones being remembered firefighters from my 9/11 we lost 23 pops and 39 deparment pops I lost two friends and colleagues two from the FBI may we never forget Lord thank you all right first steps legs are burning but I think I’m gonna keep it on that’s what this whole thing is about [Music] this ostrich is definitely the heart fallen heroes their names and pictures are lying on the benches I’m trying to read each name as we go some of what first responders went through on that day and every time I thought of how heavy this was or how hot I was that was the last thing on their minds they were running straight to danger the last thing on their minds was how heavy their gear was and I just tried to keep that mentality the whole time we’re gonna do this whole thing in these turnouts and just that’s what this is all about kind of putting yourself in their place and feeling just a little bit of what they felt

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