Hunting in Iowa for Whitetail Deer

This week on Larysa Unleashed
we’re teaming up with an all star
cast for an epic double dose of adventure. First
I travel to Iowa to meet up with Jerry
Klamer, host of the TV series titled The Bucket List. And
I’ve got some serious bucket list checking
off to do. Then I travel back to my home
state of Florida where I team up with none other than Tom Walker
from the A&E TV series American Hoggers, for some good
ol’ fashion Florida Gator hunting.
You’re watching Larysa Unleashed, go ahead unleash it. [Theme song] Hey guys, welcome back to Larysa
Unleashed. This week I’m traveling to Iowa to meet
up with Jerry Klamer, host of the TV show The Bucket
List. His show is all about fulfilling your
bucket list dream hunts. And he’s invited me to the land
of giants so I could chase the dream of
mine own, one I’ve had since I started hunting and
that’s to harvest a giant Iowa buck. I’m pretty lucky
right now, because I got Jerry from the Bucket List. He spent some time on his lease here in Iowa. And he set up some stands for
me. ready to rock and roll. I’ve
been waiting four years for this chance to hunt Iowa, so definitely a bucket list item.
An Iowa whitetail and that’s what we’re after, so. And we have a really strong
northwest wind and the stand that they set up for me is
perfect for that however hopefully we don’t get
blown out of it. Hopefully though the wind will
die down and we’ll get some action going
here shortly. Hey. Hey. What did you see? I saw a heavy nine. He was just
narrow. A young deer, but it’s the one
that Larry’s been seeing. At fifteen yards. Nice. Broadside, and then…
Tempting. Yep. And then the
eight. Teasing you. They’re both
one-thirties. [laughs] I saw six bucks and three does,
and one buttonhead. Really? Uh hm. What
time? They started moving early
for you. Three-forty. I didn’t get
movement until probably like
five. Really? I was surprised, I
thought it would be way earlier. Yeah. And then uh, had a nice
buck but it was like two and a half year old. It was
probably bigger than my Kansas
buck. They are so big here. They’re
big here, they’re big here. I was like, I was blowing my
mind. I was like, ok really? Gad that’s a young
deer, but wow what a nice one. It was a pretty good first day
in the stand and I’m pumped up after getting a feel for the
property and seeing some deer movement. I’ve never
hunted Iowa whitetail before but it’s always been a bucket
list hunt for me. Now I just got to turn my dream
into a reality. Iowa is full of deer and after spending a couple of
days in different stands, I’ve seen a ton of movement and a
lot of rut activity. Alright, just had a doe come
through and I could tell by the way she
came through looking back that there was
something after her. However it was just a small little
dinky buck. A lot of deer, a lot of
movement, just not the right
deer yet. But I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to get impatient
and anxious because I haven’t found Mr.
Right, my own Iowa giant. By day four I was starting to get
discouraged, but luckily I was in good hands and
Jerry had one final trick up his sleeve. Alright, still hunting Iowa.
This is day four-ish. Ish, as I say that because we we slept in this morning. Shh.
So now Jerry from the Bucket List, he’s got
a bunch of leases in Iowa. And right now we’re
going to go to a new one that I haven’t hunted yet. It’s near
the Missouri border, and right now Missouri is hot.
It’s close by and I’m hoping this Iowa farm
is going to be hot as well. They’ve seen some
big bucks in there and he just
showed me a ton of trail camera
pictures, so what we’re going
to do is roll in. It’s mid-day, hang a stand and
just sit. And hopefully these big bucks
come by. And I get an opportunity. I’m
ready to fill my Iowa tag. Land of the giants. Let’s do this. This is my personal eighty acre
honey hole farm, and I’m going to
bring Larysa in here and she’s going to be the first
one to take a monster off of. but because we’re going to
kill a big giant deer. Right
back here. Yeah he looks young, but great
potential. Wow. Great potential. There’s deer in for sure, and
there’s a lot of sign, so I’m excited. Let’s go kill a
big Iowa deer. Bucket list item for
sure. Land of the giants. Coming up next on Larysa
Unleashed. It’s been raining all morning
so the plan is to probably rattle. Do some
rattling, grunting. See if we
can wake up one of the big boys. Don’t go anywhere, we’ll be
right back. Oh my God, I’m going to cry.

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