Hunting NASCAR Drivers & Impersonating Pit Crews

No no, they gotta hit all five in under a second. (Whole team laughing) WOW. Here. Kyle Larson! And if you’re not a fan, you need to get into it This looks, honestly, just like my garage at home. right away. If NASCAR is not on your bucket list, it needs to be. to figure out all the possible…it’s not… are doing computational models who works with engineers who that just serve a driver who’s also a professional athlete, on their own professional sports team, This is a sport. it’s sports within sports. Those are professional athletes right away, on their way to Phoenix. packing up for their next race which is happening And it never ends. You can turnaround and look and these guys are I think I ever would have imagined. Yeah and it is so much more deep and complex than We got sun burns, we met a lot of cool people, and I’ll tell you this, NASCAR is something you have to see live. (laughs) Because you’re right there with the kids…and you feed them. It feels so weird to hear myself talk again. …Yeah but, sure… Except for kids T-ball. Yeah, more access here than any other sport I have ever seen in my life. Could you imagine that in any other sport? with their team which is pretty cool headset and listen in on the driver’s communications And that’s not just special for us – anybody can rent a and the spotter up top there. that literally connect you to the driver with his team So that’s why they have these headphones But when it’s so loud, you have no idea what’s happening. to bunch everyone up again so it doesn’t get boring. Which is cool because they reset twi..thre… they reset a few times during the race Yeah, see you guys, thanks for coming. Alright, we’re entering section three of three parts of the race. There we go, good luck man. Alright, Young Money. That’s a sick nickname, Kyle. In what other sport does that happen? Ice in his veins! Wow. He’s about to get in his car, race, and people are asking for selfies with him and he’s cool with it. Oh, it’s my song, too! Oh yeah, baby. Please don’t insult him. Jaaaack maan! And he’s a jack-man like me, hey jack man right there! with cars just like everyone else. Roughriders, here he is on pit row doing his thing athletes, played it for the Titans, played for the You know, somebody who needed help. I helped them. We were talking about the level of expertise for the pit crews, I’m no hero! Just a guy that likes to do the right thing, man. A hero in Saskatchewan, a hero everywhere. I know you don’t like to talk about that, but he’s a hero! pulled a family out of a burning car. Other interesting thing about Tig, you may have heard this story, I’m in the family. Yeah, oh, forever in the family. former Saskatchewan Roughrider from home. That’s right. This is Tig, he’s a pit crew, but more importantly for us, he’s a friend. My ears are broken. Hey, you cost us the race. Don’t screw it up, hey? If you’re watching this…get ready to laugh. What are you doing?
Shh… shhh… A sawz-all? Sick.
This is cool. Put that down!
No, it’s fine. It’s full of mothballs…and mice. No it doesn’t. I’ve seen it your garage. Wow, what’s it like to have muscles? It’s just… Red, okay, thank you! That’s a big red. Uh, green or red?
…probably red. I am! It’s just taking me time. Come on you, gotta get back! Slow start, it’s alright. How… I’m not going to make it, hey? Guys, I’m running out of gas here. Jump. …JUMP! (Justin laughing) You have to jump OVER it with a car coming 55 miles an hour at you. And you have to hop the wall with those? There we go. You gotta roll your sleeves, man, that looks better. Yeah, you just ruined the whole VLOG for today. I’m actually…as soon as I set these down, my body is going to collapse. I can tell you that right now. You’re not actually holding them. They’re resting on your hips, Are you just trying to show off right now? BOOM! Wow, that was… I was slow on purpose. You wanna see speed? Hold on, let me stretch it out here. That’s a little closer. Thank you. Ready? (making weird mouth noises that don’t sound anything like the tools) That’s too slow. That’d be like a one-three. For context, ready, and count to one. run around to the other side and do it again. and then put five back on, throw the tire on – not one lug per second – all five in one second. 0.2 seconds (1 second total) to take five lug nuts off They have to, in one second, remove all five lug nuts off Impossible. Hold on! A second per lug nut? that’s two tenths of a second. So if you think about that, that’s two tenths of a second per lug nut. So if you go ahead and blink your eyes, Oh come, on, they were all the same race, though, right? Michael Phelps had a lot of gold on his neck. athletes, Marines, like you’re the real deal. and we’re learning that the pit crews are Four of us played sports, one of us was a swimmer. (laughing) For perspective, we don’t know anything about NASCAR the fastest sport on the planet. I love this, baby. This is insane! Welcome to NASCAR, (Epic rock music plays) That was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced in my life.

7 thoughts on “Hunting NASCAR Drivers & Impersonating Pit Crews

  • It looks like you guys are having a lot a fun in Las Vegas. Picture it Justin vs Greg on the Race trace facing each other & the winner is ?

  • Excellent video guys!👍
    I'm not a big fan of nascar, I prefer to watch racecars turn right also but your perspective was great to watch!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to go to a Nascar race and sit on the pit box! It is on my bucket list to at least go to a race. I am so jealous lol .

  • I don't know what it is? You guys are just so much fun to watch. You can make a video with just funny faces,… For probably a minute…. Or forty five seconds and I'll most likely be laughing have a good time.

  • Greg great work carrying those tires over the wall. 😂 I don't know how I missed you guys there but I'm glad you enjoyed the race. And yes…it's SO LOUD!!😳

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