Hurricane Sandy: Rebuilding Lives After the Storm – Strengthening Communities – Chase

I’ve been through quite a few hurricanes.
Never in my life did I see destruction like this. Fourteen years ago we opened up the restaurant
called Jakeabob’s Bay. Storm washed us away. Came in like a big giant and took us right
out. These are homes. Their kids go to school.
They live here. And there’s nothing left. By Tuesday afternoon, we’d started the pantry.
And it’s just grown since then. Volunteers are comin’ in here, pullin’
out sheetrock, rippin’ up floors. Everybody keeps bringing supplies: “What do you need,
what do you have, what can we get for you?” I thought it was my obligation to come out
here and give a hand. It’s a sense of the community coming together
and there’s a sense of relief. Everybody’s down here to help. It’s amazing.
Brings people together. To come here and help others that can’t
help themselves, that is what gives you the hope. I can’t even explain how strong everybody
is. I’ll be here every day they need me. What happens next? We rebuild. Somehow we figure out how to rebuild.

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