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So Friends, have you ever seen a movie come true in real life ? Oh yes, Ranveer Singh’s movie Simmba’s sequel become real from screen to ground News came in the morning that Telangana Police has given phenyl to all 4 Hyderabad’s rats But after this big cat gangs activated and they tried to creates same atmosphere as they did at the time of Yakub , Afjal and how they are doing propaganda we will show you in this video stay with us and keep watching “Aaj ki Taza Khabar” Susbcribe and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon subtitled by Deepika ( [email protected] ) so friends, when we our country woke up in the morning news was flashing about the lady doctor of Hyderabad who was brutally raped her all 4 accused have been encountered by police as reported police were taken all of them at the crime scene in the morning reason of taking them at the crime scene was to make them confess from their mouth that how did they committed the crime during that time they snatched the weapon of police and they tried to escape and then police killed them this news also leaked that police took them to the hospital too there they were declared dead all these statements came from police but do you think these statements were true truth or lies we don’t know but looks like police was inspired from this post on social media this is 4 days old post by the way inspired from this police encountered them but was is right ? we should remember Vishal Jangotra accused in Kathua gang rape but it was proven that he was not there at the crime scene in CCTV footage and all other evidence indicated that he was not at crime scene if Vishal would have been encountered in Kathua case like Hyderabad, will that be justified? but the Hyderabad case is little different all 4 accused accepted their crime according to police they did not even showed any remorse there can be two possibilities either this encounter was 100% real or 100% fake if it was fake encounter then police might be 100% sure that those accused have committed the crime after that they took action if this encounter was real, it means these accused tried to escape by snatching the weapon which then permit the system to take the action according to the law of the nation  family of accused are saying that why such action hasn’t been taken in other cases  why it is done with our sons only ? while father of the victim is saying that he found peace  same sentiments were showed in social media too. school kids were cheering the police.  Ladies were giving sweets to the police and flower showers were offered to them  but why it is happening ? Because they really think they got justice  Because they are the same people who observed that in the Nirbhaya case  the accused who were punished by court are still not hanged  same happened in Unnao case too. Girl was raped. She filed the FIR. Two were arrested. But they mocked the judiciary system and bailed out by taking advantage of loopholes. On the day girl was going to court, they burned her alive.  Got the justice? That is why the public who are fed up really took it as justice. Personally I also think that what has to be done after 10 years is done today. But it is a defeat of judiciary system somewhere  Somehow Narandra Modi government has to reform the judiciary system  while whole country is happy with the encounter  which we don’t know whether it is fake or real  on there hand Liberandu gang has already declared it as fake. Shekhar Gupta is saying, it is mafia-style justice. People who are supporting it has no right to condemn the beheadings by ISIS He has accepted that it is fake encounter by police In the last line he is talking about patience. But he himself doesn’t have patience to wait for it being proven fake in court The Wire Journalist Prashant Kanojia is saying,”it is fake encounter.” Please ask him in which court the hearing has proceeded  Jignesh Mevani is saying that Govt. has got a tool to finish people. Sanjukta Basu is saying, what have we become. What was the proof police had? Those poor accused didn’t even had lawyer.  How brutal we are. We have lost humanity. We should shut down courts. Our country has become a khap panchayat now.  Now what will happen, it will happen at larger scale. Public has no idea that they have become blood thirsty.  Night I was reading about it and morning it was executed.  Now ask them how did they know that this encounter is fake.  Those who did such heinous crime. Accused who did this crime so brutally with lady doctor for them it may not be big deal to snatch the weapon and plan to escape away. Indian express journalist is saying everything is fake. Accused didn’t try to flee.You may do poll for it. Vinod Kapri has declared the whole nation as wild mob. Faye DSouza is saying police is breaking the law. Sanjay Jha has addressed the whole country as Banana republic.  This sympathy propaganda started from the beginning  The Quint went to Mohammad Pasha’s home and showed his house. that how his father is unable to do work and can’t walk properly  Mohammad Pasha is only son who earns. He lives in such a small house. But this is not the first time happening in our country. you might remember Ishrat Jahan who was Lashkar operative as told by David Headley  For her how Nitish Kumar said she is like his daughter  See how the headline few newspaper media printed  with the same strategy it seems sympathy wave was being created for those 4 accused  In parliament how Smriti Irani answered, I want to show you As BJP member said, linking the safety of ladies with communal subject  is atrocious politics ever seen in this parliament in the name of ladies safety  This MP from Bangal, I will not name him Sir,  was taking name of temple, another one spoke about heinous crime of Unnao and Hyderabad  But what happaned in Malda he kept quiet If you don’t know, go read the newspaper of West Bangal  Those who used rape as political weapon in election  Today they are giving speech here Sir, I am not taking anyone’s name  I am not taking anone’s name but as Member of this parliament I want to say something  and expecting people like Gaurav Gogoi must listen  listen as I am saying without taking anyone’s name  Is it true ? Is is true that this parliament has passed the rule of making the strict law, Death penalty was proposed. It is true  isn’t it true ? ? 
stop shouting at me, stop shouting at me  what happened in Unnao is heinous crime ?? yes it is  whether what happened in Hyderabad is heinous crime. yes it is  If burning a girl after rape is barbaric or not? yes it is. Death penalty must be given   So after all this, we don’t know whether the encounter was fake or real we don’t know Victims family is in peace, we are also in peace  Our government has see how to reform the Judiciary system  what type of reform has to be introduced that government has to pay attention  How much attention will be given, we don’t know we are innocent as you know. But you might be knowing, Please let us know in comments.  support us on Patreon, susbcribe us on Twtter, Facebook, Instagram 

100 thoughts on “Hyderabad Encounter of Rapists and Liberals Meltdown | AKTK

  • मुजरिम खत्म मुद्दा खत्म जोभी उस केस में उंगली करेगा तो देशके सारे युबा उनकी पिछवाड़ा में डंडा करेंगे

  • Police ne 1 teer me 2 panchi mare
    1. Gunhegaro ko saja dilayi👏👏
    2. Higher authorities ko judiciary systems ke loopholes ke upar sochne or action lene pe majbur kia hai🙌

  • Police aur army mein fark hai… army is always trusted… police ko kya ham hamesha believe kar sakte ho kya… one theory is that police might have killed the accused just to save real culprits… agar thokna hai toh baba ram Rahim ko thoko…

    Waise humne courts kyun kholein hain… sab ka faisla agar junta aur police karegi toh yeh court wale berozgaar hi jaayengey aur modi ko kosengey

  • Are we being misled by the encounter? Was it a deliberate action to suppress information of the case which would have come out during investigation and court trial? Was it some larger conspiracy
    Owaisi MP from there is strangely muted and not the usual aggressive and loud opinion .

  • Koi photo media mai nahi aa raha marne walo bhadwo ki ghar walo se koi reaction nahi lia ja raha hai kuch to gadbad hai is encounter mai, anyways sab khus hai yehi kafi hai

  • लिबरल कुछ भी कहे ठोक डाले कुत्ते को पोलिस को धन्यवाद

  • यदि इनकाउंटर असली है तो पुलिस को सलाम, अगर इनकाउंटर फ़र्ज़ी है तो पुलिस को 21 तोपो की सलामी…

  • People who are complaining about the encounter belong to families which supports rapists and murders. What do you expect from these m***f***

  • Hyderabad police literally have shown mercy on those four pigs by shooting them. The scenario would have been different if they were handed to the public.

  • अपराध अपराध होता है।
    जब वो अपराध करने से पहले नहीं हिचकिसते तो फिर 👮 वालो को भी पूरा हक मिलना चाहिए ।
    ऐसे लोगो को जीने का कोई हक और उसके कोई कानून नहीं होना चाहिए।

  • जितने भी नेता "रेप" के आरोपि है, उनका भी कुछ होगा …..???? या फिर एक समाजिक स्तर को देख कर इंसाफ होगा….????

  • अब पुलिस को कुलदीप सैंगर और चिन्मयान्नद का भी एंकाउटर कर देना चाहिए …..
    लेकिन ऐसा नही होगा क्युकी BJP join करने के बाद से वो पविञ हो गए हैं

  • Lekin kaya police ke pass pukta proof (like forensic evidence ) tha ki bho log hi mujrim hay ?? Agar tha to agla numbar kuldeep sengar ka aana chahiye .

  • bhai inko dukh is liye hai ki in liberals ke liye patharbaazi aur arajakta aise hi to log karte hain jo maare gaye. 5 rupaye ka mutton aur daru ke liye khushi se karenge aise log ye kaam

  • I agree that law and order cannot be jeopardized in the name of fast justice. But if this is fake encounter than I also agree that dose like this needs to be given once in a while to maintain the threat of consequences of wanton approach towards our women.

  • INDIA ka Judicial System LUND ke jhhanth ke barabar hai 👌👍 Supreme Court ho ya Police kisi ko toh khujli mitana chahiye thha 😂😆

  • Goli kuch kass jagha pe lage hy en log pe esliye ena chilaa rahe hy dont worry govt hospital pe muft mai ……..elaz kari …..aur …..phir chir chilay 📌

  • न्यायलयों को दीमक लग चुकी है जब जनता को न्याय नहीं मिलेगा तो जनता कानून अपने हाथ में ले लेगी न्यायाधीश सावधान हो जाएं चिदंबरम जैसों को जमानत देगी और आम जनता दस साल तक अपनी सुनवाई के लिए कोर्ट के दरवाजे खड़ी यह कहां का न्याय है

  • If encounter is fake then i belive still our people belive in humanity ……karma things hats of all cops … ….giveing on justice

  • Jitne librandu reporter aur log hain jo is encounter ko fek bata rahe hai in logon ko v thok encounter kar dena chahiye

  • If anyone of these 4 men is found to be not guilty by court in future, I will wish these policemen go to hell, till then I am with these policemen

  • India Ko Democratic country Bana ke
    Nehru aur Gandhi ne गजवा ए हिन्द ki pehli niv rakh di he

  • Police1-sir ab Kya krna hai in 4 janwaro ka ?court le jae?
    Police 2-court le Jane se kya fayada .court in salo ko 10 sal baad bhi nhi hang kre gi.
    Police1-to Kya kre sir?
    Police 2-encounter kro madharchodo ka.
    Police 1-meri beti bhi yahi cahti hai.jai Hind sir.
    Police 2-phir thoko salo ko.
    Jai Hind.

  • दानवों के अधिकारों की बात करने वाले दानवाधिकार आयोग का रंडी रोना शुरू हो चुका है।

  • बलात्कारी के साथ सही हुआ
    लेकिन मुझे शान्ति नही मिली
    उनको जिन्दा जलाना था
    बलात्कारी का समथन करने वाले खूद बलात्कार से पैदा हूआ

  • असली नाम…1. मोहम्मद पाशा 2. मोहम्मद इकबाल3. मोहम्मद रहीम 4. मोहम्मद अकरम
    को पुलिस ने एनकाउंटर में मार गिराया ।
    धन्यवाद पुलिस।

  • कभी कभी सही काम करने के लिए गलत रास्ते पर चलकर भी सही काम किया जा सकता है

  • न्याय व्यवस्था में बड़े बदलाव की और न्याय और सजा एक सीमा के अंदर मिले ऐसा प्रावधान करना होगा। बलात्कार, आतंकवाद और नक्सलवाद जैसे अपराध में राष्ट्रपति से दया की अर्जी का हक़ भी नही होना चाहिए।

  • Ab kejriwal masoom mazloom besahara majboor parivar ko silai machine de sakte hain aur chahe to apni salary se 11000rs bhi

  • Unh logo ko Ase Nahi Marna chaia Tha……
    Tadpa Tadpa kar Marna chaia Tha.. Tabtak jabtak vo apni maut Ki bhikh Na mangte..

  • प्रियंका गांधी उन्नाव जा रही है रेप पीड़िता के परिवार से मिलने।

    क्योंकि आरोप हिन्दू लड़को पर लगे हैं।

    क्या कभी किसी मुस्लिम आरोपी के खिलाफ बोलते देखा है इनको ??

    फिर भी हिन्दू वोट देता है।।

  • I think its time to change our constitution… 7 years jail for rapists… Is this a joke…? Desh hai yaa Randikhana…? Sorry for that but its truth…

  • rapist ke liye jinko bhi sympathy vo use apni behen bivi maa beti ke pass chor de is se jada sympathy aur kya ho sakti hai automatically aur jada sympathy niklegi

  • No one knows this is fake or real.. and this is not the first encounter… Whatever is done is true justice for Priyanka..

  • शांतीदूत कम्युनिटी वाले भी शांती फैला रहे है l

  • This is just like the Mumbai encounters staged or not which brought some sense of law and order to Mumbai.
    It is not necessarily a bad thing but this can also be misused by the police.

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