I DON'T LIKE MY COUCHES! Contentment Challenge ~ Real Budget Life ~ Baby Step 3

hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm debt kickin mom and today I am taking you along with me for another contentment challenge okay so if you have been around my channel for a while you have seen that in the past I have done what I call contentment challenges and this is where I take an area of my possessions with that I am discontent with and I focus on paying attention to it and nurturing it and having gratitude for it and taking care of it in an effort to be content with it practicing contentment has been so huge on our debt free journey we live in a culture where we are constantly being bombarded with new flashy things and all of it is so so tempting at least it is for me I wouldn't say that I was a Shopaholic but I definitely am a recovering impulse shopper anyways when we started our debt free journey I had to change that habit that was a behavior change that had to go if we were going to be able to pay off debt and be intentional with our money and it wasn't just about willpower for me I couldn't just have willpower and stay strong and not buy the things I had to figure out a way to actually feel good emotionally and fill that void that I somehow was having that made me want to shop and I found that by practicing contentment and being intentional about actively getting up doing something about the area that I'm discontent in that has helped me so much that's what I'm gonna share with you guys today so we have just recently completed baby step 3 where we paid off all of our consumer debt that feels so good and we are moving along to baby step 3 but I will tell you that when you pay off all your debt there is you know you're especially at the end you're almost at free there's this Gazelle intensity and you're going out at full force and then you reach that goal and something happens where you have to really dig deep for motivation to keep going into baby step 3 because you know be working for so hard for so long putting all of our money towards debt and it's just really tempting to kind of oh we don't have a debt snowball anymore we don't have to make those debt payments and as you're kind of going through the process of transitioning where you're sending that money it can be really tempting to say oh well let's just keep some of it aside to buy a new whatever so one of the things that we did when we became debt-free was we were in need of a new frigerator so that was actually one of our debt free rewards and if you follow me on instagram I shared with you guys the fridge I took you guys shopping with me when I was looking for the fridge and all that and we got a new fridge now that was a need because we had to have a fridge but we did have a garage fridge that we were using during the last month of our debt free journey because we were pushing so hard to be debt-free by the end of December that we did not want to go out and buy a fridge then so we were dealing with like our old yucky garage fridge just to hold us over so anyways we became debt-free we rewarded ourselves by going out and buying a new fridge we had a budget we stuck to it we found a good deal but since having that beautiful new fridge I am finding discontentment sneaking up on me I you know I look at my nice new fridge that we were intentional with and budgeted for and I love it but now I look at the other things in my home that aren't new and shiny like our new fridge and I start to feel discontent I kind of want all the things in my home to be new and shiny now do all the things in my home need to be new and shiny does it really even matter no but that's what discontent is you know it's just not being content with what you have so you know we really want to attack baby step three and be intentional and be finished with it as soon as possible so even though I want some nice new things for my home I do not want them at the expense of not achieving our financial goal of completing baby step three as soon as possible so you know I really instead of just sitting in my discontentment because I know I'm not gonna go out and buy all new things for my home I really want to work on that and I want to practice gratitude for what I have I want to take some time nurturing what I have so here's the contentment challenge that I have for myself behind me you see these big beautiful green things those are our current couches so me and my husband are feeling a little bit discontent with these couches behind us that's been a big one and we've talked so many times like we've looked at couches online we've talked about how much we want to spend on a couch we've talked about the type of couch we want and we kind of just keep talking about this want of a new couch but we're not gonna go out and buy a new couch so I want to take some time today to be intentional in this room our living room where our family spends so much time I want to be intentional about making this room beautiful and finding contentment with these green couches behind me by taking care of this room nurturing it putting some life into it maybe moving some things around and organizing it cleaning it once again just restoring my contentment without actually going out and buying new couches so I'm gonna take you along with me as I do that and I hope that you can be inspired in your own contentment challenge alright so let's get going I'm gonna show you a before of this rant right now that I would be real and open with you guys and honest this is the room exactly how it looks right now there is laundry on the couch the floors are not vacuum but I really wanted you to see what I was walking into and how when I look at it right now I do have discontentment especially for these couches so let's take a little bit of a closer look and they're falling apart guys they're breaking I mean that is not pretty it's probably even dangerous with children these couches are old and clunky they are here's something else that bothers me it's actually broken so this is actually a brick a lead brick that my husband put underneath the couch because this is totally broken and he's tried to like turn it over and screw screw the wood back together and everything but every time one of the kids does a cannonball off that ledge they land on there and break the couch oh we have a brick holding it up and all this black stuff that you see underneath the couch that's actually the bottom of the couch disintegrating I think and coming out so we need to do something about that maybe cut those pieces off they're old they're clunky but you know what they're functional we're able to sit on them they're able to serve a purpose um so I think I really just need to focus on first of all cleaning this room that is all um empty on the bottom shelf there because at Christmas time I put Christmas decorations on there and it's been a month since Christmas and I haven't touched it so I'm gonna take some time maybe reorganize that gallery wall and make that look a little bit more beautiful so yeah I'm just gonna go through and I'm gonna clean I'm gonna spruce this room up and I'm gonna make it look beautiful despite to the imperfections that I see in these couches first and foremost clearing out the clutter here getting rid of the laundry putting everything away and while I'm doing that these couches are bad we know it we've had these couches since both our cats were kittens they don't tend to scratch as much anymore and we have scratching post in the house but this was the damage done before that oh you're finding things what did you find did you find any money so basically what got kicking dad is doing is this little black fabric that is covering the bottom of the couch it's just falling apart so he's just cutting it off um I mean I'm sure we could if we wanted to get some more fabric and just staple it back on there but what's the point I don't really see the point yeah the cat because there's holes inside this fabric the cats will go in there and like hide inside the couch so anyways these couches are rough guys but see just making little improvements like just taking the time to flip them over vacuum it take that black stuff off that's bothering me now that's not gonna be an issue another piece of these contentment challenges that I do is I challenge myself to not spend any money like I don't want to spend any money at all I could I'm sure that there's things that we could do we could buy couch covers we could maybe you know buy fabric to cover the bottom of the couches we could probably do some things but some additional things but the point here is to nurture things without spending any money and just getting resourceful oh he's finding a whole bunch of stuff in the couch so sweet I think that's our whole family look one two three four five six yep that's the deck kick and fam anyway so I just kind of wanted to put that out there that the challenge here is to not spend any money to find contentment without seeing spending a penny or at least spending very little money but today we're gonna spend no money okay guys so here's the next little area in this room that I'm going to tackle just to help kind of bring some life into this room make it look more beautiful I'm gonna organize and clean this shelf I'm going to declutter it try to put some chords away I know it's kind of a mess but it is what it is I'm gonna try to do my best try to make that look a little bit more beautiful okay so the next thing I want to do is kind of pay attention to the decor I have going on in this space I loved my photo shelf if you guys are looking for how to be able to make those picture ledges a DIY project for under five dollars you can make one of those shelves it's so super easy guys I have a tutorial and I'll link it I'll put a little I card in this guy for you um they're so easy to make and I love them so I think I'm gonna go and shop my house a little bit I think I'm gonna search for some pictures that I want to display in a beautiful way on this gallery wall and yeah just make it look a little bit more beautiful okay so I went and I gathered some various pictures that I've had throughout the house some of my favorite pictures and kid art is one of my favorite things to display it's just so beautiful and simple and I just love it so I am gonna work on figuring out how to take these and arrange them on that bottom shelf you guys I'm done I have put my tender love and care into this room it truly is a magical thing that happens because I can honestly say with 100% truth that I am less discontent with these couches now that we took the time to just show them some love to you know fix the issue on the bottom with the black fabric hanging out and fluff the pillows and to vacuum and you know just clean it I mean yes these couches are getting old and they're getting worn and they have rips and tears and they're not shiny and new but they serve their purpose and lots of cuddles and snuggles and everything happened on these couches and we are so very thankful to have them and grateful to have them when you let that your stuff go it's hard to find the beauty and gratitude in it but when you take the time to just focus on how can I make this space more beautiful the couches really are not even bothering me right now like I'm looking at the background of my house and I'm not just content with these couches I mean they won't be fine and you know in the future when we have reached our financial goals that we have set for ourselves maybe then we can decide to budget for some new couches but right now we are going forward with baby step 3 and not buying new couches we are gonna be content with what we have and now I'm going to show you guys the after give you a little tour of my new beautiful living room that I curated and nurtured and I didn't spend any money you

37 thoughts on “I DON'T LIKE MY COUCHES! Contentment Challenge ~ Real Budget Life ~ Baby Step 3

  • Love these videos by the way. Wish this would become a tag video and more people would practice the art of contentment.

  • You could take some tome and sew those rips. It won’t look perfect but it would solve the safety issue and you would be less drawn to that spot visually.

  • Ha – I also am very discontent with my 12 year old couches, but yours made me feel better about mine 😬!! After my son spewed red popsicle puke on one of them last month I was sure I'd finally have to buy new, but I cleaned them up and they're staying! Thanks for the post – just what I needed!

  • I love your contentment challenges, and I would come sit on your green couch for a chat with you anytime. Your living room looks very homey and inviting. We are on baby step 7! Paid off our mortgage 2 years ago, but I still love to watch all your videos and can’t wait to see your segments on the Rachel Cruze show 🙂 I recommend your channel to anyone working on the baby steps. You are so positive and inspirational.

  • I love this video! We are coming out of the fog of adjusting to 3 kids and have let quite a few things go in the process. This is great motivation for our debt free journey. Many thanks for sharing your life with us!

  • Always great videos; but, this one feels extra special. Wise words and creative actions. Well done sweet family of 6!!

  • I love it! You guys are awesome. We are deep into baby step 2 (for the 2nd time) and keep catching ourselves being discontent. This always tends to bring about impulse purchases. We are going to do it this time!

  • I'm commenting because when you showed the black underlining of the couch coming off I just gasped! I have that same issue and I'm hanging in there too because right now I'm saving for a trip that I promised my children and so I delayed saving to change the furniture. I practice gratitude every day ( I have a wonderful gratitude app on my phone), but I neglect to include my living room furniture. Every time I clean I just express how I need to change it, but I never say 'thank you' to the Universe. I love this video. I will apologize to my [still very useful] furniture when I get home and include it when I express gratitude for my blessings! Thank you DKM!! 🙂 Just subscribed…. Greetings to you and yours from beautiful Barbados!! 🙂

  • THANKS so MUCH for this video! I’m going thru exactly what you described. I’m not alone! You are wonderful 😊

  • Really lovely look at the end! Also introducing plants around, make a big difference in how any home space looks:)

  • That cannon ball thing is the #1 deterrent I have to buy anything new until the kids are grown and gone. They are why we cannot have nice things. We actually bought a new couch in November, by December the toddler had already projectile vomited from one end to the other and destroyed the thing. Never again until they are adults and have their own houses.

  • I so loved this challenge. Can you please make this a series?! Different areas of your home you’re discontent with and what you do for that area to improve it on a budget or with spending no money at all? This video has been so uplifting and motivating.

  • I'm so glad you're on Baby Step 3 now! We finished Baby Step 2 probably a year ago now… and we've had our EF almost funded multiple times… We also saved up a big chunk of money to complete a very large, very necessary foundation repair. We didn't save up quite enough now, though and we had to use some of our EF to finish the project. We want to badly to get started investing, but we've got to stick to it and get our EF built back up before we start investing! I need so encouragement and motivation!!!

  • Great video. We bought a house and it came with living room furniture and a bedroom set. Not our style, but in good shape. It's hard because we want to go out and buy new stuff but we are focusing more on paying for the house and some renovations that need to be done. New furniture is a want not a need. I'm going to tidy up my house today. 👍🙋‍♀️😁

  • Love this!! We are in the same boat. We have found great success with moving things around and giving them some more love ❤️

  • Yes! Love it! your contentment challenges were some of the first videos that drew me in 😊 your front porch one ☺

  • Taking the black stuff off completely made a huge difference! And omg all the cords! My biggest struggle is trying to make all the electronic areas look good.

  • You did a great job of explaining contentment. I agree with you about things. You did a great job redoing your living room with things you had.

  • I’m super inspired to go freshen up my livingroom right now! Thank you for sharing and being such a positive influence

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