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For starters I have to say I cannot and will
not give my name. When I began working at the “site” I’m currently
at I was forced to sign a NDA. It was very detailed and clearly laid out
the punishments for talking about the “site”. They will erase me from existence. But the world needs to know these places and
things do exist. A little back story, I didn’t always work
as a CO at a secret government “black site”. I use to be just a normal officer, like thousands
all over the country. That was until one day. I use to work at one of the larges prisons
on the east coast and one afternoon we had a particularly violent riot on C tier. Several inmates and a few officers died in
the riot. After we regained control of the tier and
were finished cleaning up the blood and bodies, a major from over in our administration wing
came down to talk to me. He said he was watching the CCTV footage of
the riot and was very impressed with how calm and collected I appeared to be during the
whole incident. I thanked him and assumed our conversation
was over and went to leave. Right then he grabbed my arm and said “wait,
I have a job opportunity for someone like you”. Naturally I was curious, so I agreed to the
“promotion” he was offering me. I was instructed to report to an address and
to tell no one. Don’t speak about my new assignment, as far
as anyone is to now I’ve been relocated to HR in an off site location as a result of
PTSD from the night of the riot. I do as I’m told and report to the address
given to me in my new uniform. The uniform by the way is very nondescript. Its meant to blend with civilian clothing
and not raise any unwanted attention to us. I show up at the location, which looks like
a large abandoned warehouse at the end of an old country road. My first thought is “this can’t be right”,
but then someone in the same uniform as me shows up out of no where. I never saw where they came from and personally
I’d swear on a stack of bibles that they just appeared out of thin air. But anyway this large guy walks up to my truck
and checks my ID and instructs me to drive up to the building and turn my lights of and
follow the arrows. Now it’s like 9 at night and very dark out,
so I initially want to question this man about turning my lights off and how am I supposed
to follow anything in near complete darkness. But before I can he disappears again. Rather than argue with thin air I proceed
forward and just before I get to the building I tun off my headlights. Just as soon as I do a large red arrow suddenly
flashes up in front of me. I swear I must be going crazy, that arrow
was not there a second ago and that I am sure of. I follow the arrow to the corner of the warehouse
looking building and see a square illuminated on the ground and another arrow pointing at
it. I guess I’m supposed to park here. I stop my truck and kill the engine, I grab
my lunch box and just as I’m about to open the door and get out the square under my truck
gets brighter. To the point where I cannot see anything past
my hood anymore. As soon as it started it quit, and darkness
took over once more. Freaking out and trying to will my eyesight
to readjust to the darkness I look around. This is definitely not the same spot I had
stopped my truck. All of the sudden there were other vehicles
all round mine, like a normal parking lot. There was a sign in front of my truck with
just a set of numbers on it “924”. I willed myself to memorize those three numbers
so I could re-find my truck if things kept up this weird trend. Soon as I stepped foot out of my truck two
more men came from the far side of this magical parking lot to greet me. Nervous and very confused I tried to extend
my hand and introduce myself. As soon as I did the man on the right shouted
at me “no names!” “its too dangerous here for names, I’m 794 and he’s 551”. What did he mean by “it’s too dangerous here
for names”? What the hell did I get myself into? But before I can get too far into my internal
monologue 794 grabs me and says “387’s gonna want to meet you”. Great more freaking numbers to remember, on
top of my parking space. The two guys lead me into a large plush office
where a woman was sitting behind a desk and appeared to be waiting for me. She stood up at my entrance and shook my hand
and said she was 387. She said she was in charge of this site and
any questions or concerns I should have to bring them to her. I thanked her and said I would. I then asked her “why does everyone use numbers
instead of names here?” She informed me that the kind of “inmates”
that were housed at this site are so dangerous that if they get any piece of personal information
about you it could be the end of you, your family, your whole gene pool. This woman’s screwing with me I thought. Play a joke on the new guy. I started laughing at this. But then I quickly realized that 387, 551,
and 794 weren’t laughing at all and actually looked kinda pissed that I was. So I quickly bit my tongue and shut up. 387 then went on to explain that the site
is a government black site and doesn’t exist as far as anyone is concerned, and that I
may never ever talk about it. She tells me my new identity is 924 and sends
me out with 794 as my FTO. 794 leads me out to what he calls east block. He walks me into the officers station and
shows me some of the pod controls, the emergency equipment, the radios. All pretty routine stuff if I’m being perfectly
honest. But that’s when I notice, the pod control
panel doesn’t have any control switches to open or shut any of the cell doors. I ask 794 about that and he informs me “that’s
because we don’t open the cells, ever”. We don’t open the cells ever? What a weird prison, how do you send them
down for sick call? How do they get visits? How do they make phone calls? Remember now I just came from a normal prison,
I’m a noob to the mess I just landed in. 794 explains that our inmates don’t get any
of those things and its best that way. So belaying my constant questions about what
the hell is going on here, he decides to take me out on the tier for count. Count is something I understand, I can do
count. But being the rookie 794 goes with me and
shadows my every step. He gives me a clipboard with a roster of names
and cell locations and off I go up the tier. The very first cell I approach I’m reminded
“don’t open the cell”. I check my roster and see cell 111B houses
an inmate named Joe. No last name, just Joe. I look in the cell but I see a woman, and
shes crying and begging 794 for help and to let her out. I look to him for answers but all he does
is reach out with a high voltage taser and zap the woman. Before I can voice my anger with his uncalled
for response I hear bones cracking. I turn back to Joe’s cell and the woman who
was there before looks like her skin in melting away and shes growing by about 2 feet. Until it all stops and before my eyes stands
my father staring at me. Sensing my confusion and I’m guessing assuming
I was going to do or say something incredibly dangerous and stupid 794 dragged me away and
back to the officers station. When I finally regained myself he explained
to me that Joe is a shapeshifting telepath from an alternate dimension, and his only
reason for existing is to get close to humans and manipulate there feelings and suck out
their life force to sustain his own. 794 then tells me that Joe is nothing compared
to what else they house here. Of that piece of information I soon learn
is a grave understatement. Apparently this sites whole existence and
purpose is to capture and contain creatures and beings deemed too dangerous by the “organization”
to co-exist with humans. These beings come here through wormholes and
apparently most can blend seamlessly with humanity and cause little disruption in day
to day life. But there are the select few that live for
chaos and discord. And its our job to minimize them and keep
them hidden. “Humanity can never know” is the motto posted
everywhere in the facility. Honestly after years of seeing it every time
I turn a corner or enter a room, I’m sick and tired of it. Personally I believe in the freedom of information
act. And the public needs to know about these kinds
of places. And yes I said places, there’s a lot of them
out there. But the reason I write this is not so much
to blow the lid off of my employer and expose the world to the secrets of of few black sites,
no. I’m here because a few days ago we had a containment
anomaly. One of our more viscious and dangerous prisoners
escaped. And frankly we cant find him. Not for a lack of trying but this one has
a list of skills and abilities that make him very difficult to track. We call him “Father” only because all the
other inmates seemed to worship him. We had to keep him in a wing all by himself
because every time he was housed near others they would get more violent and agitated and
dangerous to deal with. So the “organization” built a whole wing just
for him, but the day we were scheduled to move “Father” something went wrong. We had a power surge and lost a few control
panels, which normally isn’t too big a deal because we have fast boot back up generators
that get us back online quickly. But for some reason this day the generators
didn’t come up like they’re supposed to, and the panels stayed down for too long and a
few containment cells opened by mistake. We managed to recapture all the escapees with
minimal damage, that is all but “Father”. According to officers on his tier and CCTV
tapes as soon as his door opened he just vanished. And that’s particularly discomforting because
invisibility isn’t even on his list of know abilities. And we keep very detailed lists of all our
inmates powers and abilities. So I’m here trying to warn the world, give
you the heads up your government should. Here is everything we know about “Father”. He normally stands about 6′ tall but can make
himself taller or shorter based on his intentions at that moment but never more that a few inches. His hair color varies with each person who
sees him, so stay in pairs with people you know and trust and ask of everyone what hair
color they see. If its not the same color you see RUN. He has the abilities we know of to read minds,
teleport, adjust his appearance to be the most attractive version of himself to whoever
looks at him, will draw people to him with his charm and charisma, ohh and lets not forget
we now know he can become invisible. From what we know about “Father” he came to
earth from another parallel dimension that he destroyed and intend’s to do the same here. He begins by gaining a following, then moving
into seats of power and control before attempting to become a world leader of some sort with
the ability to control whole governments and military personnel. Then he tries to start wars of massive scale
and use weapons of mass destruction to decimate whole planets before moving on to his next
victim. If you or anyone you know happens to spot
someone fitting this description do not under any circumstances approach. Run away, get to a safe location and call
the authorities, we are working with all local state and federal entities and they will know
how to contact us and what to do next. I’m just hoping this message gets out there
before “Father” has too much time to gain a following and gets into a seat of power. Stay safe people, stay safe.

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