you people must pray very serious gonna stay name but this lady she have good an attack email a family a name this attack would it enter CA she doesn't listen to anybody amen that's true up a stone yeah that's true their mother I see a colleague which work but I collect the mother collects some of the familia que mostly because it's like well to separate the way you are fighting what is the mother is the mother so what I'm saying did you tell the mother she know she knows she never eaten a candle she know because this thing is affecting your Kali amen that's true opposite oh yes I know it your daughter I can't listen to anybody okay this is a small boy illiterate true is a small boy yes it's true it's true so she have got a spirit inavaja inavaja they never have is tolerate yes it's true it's it's so true it's hundred percent true please deliver you should know older than you know she's a mother creately yes we're not drinking before I was you were drinking yes this is something so how did you met this lady was drinking and we're drinking was no how could you just what you people would robbed by color no no Robin Carla well why you do why you allowed this thing because they're family they know this is an impossible game I know that God is the one who did it for you marry her no way she will be delivered I know that even me I need God do you know do you know that even before you get this lady was she can't listen to her mother she can't listen to anybody yes what you know is true the time when this brother come to marry why I didn't tell him that is going to suffer I didn't tell him it going to suffer but I knew I told her everything about my daughter you Sara yeah I told her everything that I don't know if you should we do bad things you said this one the best thing the best thing that I told her is my child doesn't listen to anyone I don't know if he's going to cool me I know that God is a titty bar if Nicole is white do complexion no I'm not going by Carla Isaac iPhone what were you loving this character this mama she's tired he's also let me hear this one it's true it's true daddy you know when you want to marry away us the parents why do you carry on I look now you are is the ministry now and this ministry is amounting to zero please please steady in the lab render these girls not go and they look at how she's behaving tahini please do you question your calling yes it's true there is a possibility of choice will help them yes yeah I mean do you want to help you Jesus I want to pray for the minister I was still drinking but there's something that chase you going drink yes spider yes there's a good drink down yeah but that one goes in and from there you drink what I drink coffee I drink a lot of coffee you drink coffee yeah a lot of coffee so that he was not going to drink Teddy she's trying to resist no her goal of Syria I mean the luck today even this thing will go about two three years do you have children no we don't have team will come on what's that making their money what I do to it what I do is we gotta destroy her I've been trying to play yeah she refused as I collect their parents because I know she will never come I've been trying for years trying to bring you a perfect because I thought she would never I brought their parents because you know how about they foster to community bond so you say well I said she's never to come here again and that Madonna has been forced to come here and they want you to come here deal with you don't even have to deliver this crane just look just just look at the police they say you come here is painful and this man is a very good man you say you want to deal display head how did you enter her how did you speaker so we are friend three a friend yes oh wait they were drinking yes that's why you don't want to leave yes I went through a friend they were drinking yes what somebody rebuked I think it's seven years bad considering friends is a live friends the problem is this drivel man who are you inside me if I tell you I want to remove you you can't you can open your eyes you can't open your eyes why I want you to see me no I don't mind I don't want why I don't want I touch that's make of a touch the name they in the name of Jesus now I catch that make Jesus mighty name you are living here for good repair down live it up the demon is coming on ouch ouch ouch nobody will be able to stop it amen amen amen a pasta [Applause] I would leave I will leave I will leave I will leave the name of Micronesia so he never has babies were a Bella say sorry to this the husband I'm sorry too rotten Armenian so you must are serving you must never enter a missus name Hey she's free Hey he loved this lady so much I know I know that got to change here it was a demon I know that is a demon opposed all I said before Hey look at her stop there stop there what's going on you don't know what I didn't want to come here well you didn't want to come I never said that I didn't want to come but you didn't want to come yes before I didn't want to come and today my husband didn't want to tell me where well you know where they are taking me – yes well never told you you're coming here no I didn't want to tell me I was busy asking him tell me where are you taking me – he said no you will see and then my mom told me we are going to make enemies I said no I'm not going today and then she said just go just about your husband I said it's just because of Millie said time I suffered my husband of a good day the Prophet spoke to me and he said we are calling – ruthlessness Sunday I must just prepare myself and he said to me but those there anybody I am NOT going to tell my wife where we are going and I said okay and he didn't tell her where a mossad were you we are good but I say no no no were to go there even your channel if you put that channel our change it doesn't don't put did this channel in my TV or our if I tell him this is my TV I part it with my own money it's better you oh so you don't even want to watch Chinese we receive no you don't know even the TB Joshua said don't put these things in my house you don't want my cat means I don't watch Abuja yes so today lovelies are you going to listen to a speck here you just going in and asking forgiveness for the first time you broke the record today let me [Applause] lift your eye lift your wife in hug your way give a big kiss give a big kiss [Applause] mama that's deliverance for you you see a cry surrendering that demon has left change no more using a coffee whatever she's free now mama look at how your mom can I hug you and hug your parents [Applause] my name is Norma Lapham and the man next to me is my husband Hopalong William Lapham and this is my grandmother and my mother and my aunt Lepik I confirm the prophecy that I've received today to be hundred percent true I was not listening to my husband and I was very controlled if it was like I was a man in my own house my husband was a wife I would always try to play him blame him in everything that we that is happening even in the house even in the ministry I I could not support my husband I could not be there for my husband sometimes I'll just carry my bag and leave the church without no reason and then maybe when he gets at home our make a fight and then we will fight for nothing which I will just fight that's it yeah it affected me so much because of you be trying to try to put everything together in there in the life of people but in the same house you are the one who's crying but because of that because of the calling because of the vision because of what God told me it was difficult for me to give up or to be discouraged so I want you to say I say Lord if you want me to carry this Jenny then it be our deliverer and I knew that one day go to deliver us and who set us free and that's why things were very bad in the house I'll talk to her she would be stubborn and I mean I'm not that kind of tolerating other things when I want something I want it I don't care about somebody what don't want to do it you do it by force that's how things were difficult was so bad and there are many things that I can say but we thank God for everything but now I'm very happy I'm very happy now because of now Jesus has done my job now has done by request he has done what I have requested him to do so now it is my joy now and I know that the female also at their flourishing now today I can just say to the servant of God I say don't give up live the battle to God don't divorce don't say anything don't run away carry it to God and a lot to see you through everything many things will happen even though it will be discouraged to you it will be a challenge but if you know where you are going and you know whom you are working with you will never look back just go forward and focus on Christ Jesus as he has done today for me he will do it also to you amen to the glory of God

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