I hid a GoPro in my Bike Bag

So tomorrow morning, I’m getting on an air plane and flying from ashville, North Carolina. To Anaheim, California my Carbon mountain bike is gonna be inside of here now travel before I looked out the window I see the way they treat these packages and I thought you know what let me put my GoPro at risk and see if we can get a little better of an idea what happens on those trips the Only thing is I’m not be able to record a full resolution. It’s gonna be filming through this little screen Don’t expect high fidelity anything with that said let’s see if we can do it. so what I’m thinking is I’m gonna have to cut a round hole behind here and take the GoPro to back inside the bag. This is an expensive bag I don’t want to cut holes in it but It’s just even worth it for this I’m just gonna have too start cutting Do I have a really sharp knife You’ve just got a blank razor blade in that hand yeah post it on reddit, yeah I’m trying to cut more. I see what you’re doing You’re just putting the the just the lens through this. Hole. Yes, okay. I got you. I’ve been known to cut Expensive things everyone knows that can’t have nice things you’re holding Oh my god theres such a better tool for this hold on Scissors What does it look like when you stick it in there It’s pretty incognito actually I took me a second to realize it was actually a GoPro lens poking through so there now we can see whatever they GoPro see is I can see you just find it sets in like 100% hack mode this does not look good, but Hey, we’re make it work I don’t think that the duct tape alone is gonna be a very good thing to Hold this sorry enough unless you like way overkill with duct tape We could do that Okay, GoPros taped on there. You don’t think it would look just way more awesome If I just cut it out cut out the circle there. I don’t know I’m going for it man I’m going for I’m going for broke. I’m gonna cut out the circle rest in peace EVOC bag I Cringed when you used the razor blade with no handle okay? Here we go oh Look at that. Let’s just hope this doesn’t get smashed Music We will be using stairs for deplaning today Please watch your step And hold the handrail as you deplane All right, so i’m here in charlotte. I kind of consider that the worst thing that can happen is I lose a GoPro but on the way here on the plane I realize that could actually be much worse There’s this module inside my bag with duct tape all over, and it looks kind of sketchy, and if the bag gets inspected They’re gonna find that thing How do I consider that possibility I? Wouldn’t have done this or at the very least I would have put like a post-it note in there that said GoPro now I’m thinking I really Really should not have done. This don’t copycat this video in any way like I wish I could take it back now It’s probably out there right now or in some room with a bunch of people in hazmat suits Music All right layover in Phoenix, I’m really stressed out about this bag kind of regretting doing this Music In Southern, California The moment of truth is coming did my bag make it Or did it get confiscated. I think that’s it Holy, Sh** no way I can’t believe it Alright, let’s take a look here. I know it’s out of battery And that goes without saying oh holy crap This looks so sketchy. There’s no note in here like they inspected it, so I guess it just went through What there’s still battery it must have stopped recording, or a must have. I don’t know what’s going on here It looks almost like somebody stopped it from recording. Well anyway guys. I have no idea What’s on this, GoPro, but I’m sure you guys do by now, so I’m off the box component So we’re gonna be doing lots of fun stuff there so catch me in the next video Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time

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