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what's up everybody its grim welcome to today's vlog please like the video you can't leave a comment to screw tube subscribe for more and I just want to apologize for yesterday there was no vlog and you want to know why because my day was ass and you know as I went through the day I thought to myself hmmm probably should recorded that hmm probably should've recorded that but it was nothing but a bunch of crap all damn day long and didn't come in today I'm like I really should do stupid and I failed it times 2 and I apologize my whole thing is I just want to make fun exciting content it's like really you want to see me arguing with customer service on the phone even though it was hilarious I was telling these bitches right where to go because they're being assholes to me so anyway so last night I kind of said to myself I said you know what am I gonna blog about tomorrow what am I even gonna do for a video so I started looking through other youtuber vlog channels and god damn are they boring holy shit and two million views three million views eight billion subscribers on some of the most boring horseshit I've ever seen meanwhile me do up running around Walmart is hilarious and we got she abused I don't understand you guys would rather watch bunch Point bullcrap go to scrim and there's a little bit for breakfast today oh my god actually I'm it still being more entertaining than that well guys all I have is Twizzlers to eat for breakfast see I'm still more entertaining than these other YouTube vloggers are boring and people are pissed so you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna take you through my days that's it's the new thing I'm gonna take you through my days and I'm gonna be fun as fuck and then I'm gonna be the biggest vlogger on YouTube because I'm funnier than these other fuckers so I'm starting off the day in early answer o'clock I gotta go get my Camaro fixed Blantyre and people are pissed me I'm people and this car only has like 4,000 miles on it and I've already ruined a tire and these are like $400 tires and I gotta pay four dollars per tire I'm really mad about it but damn it so I got to go spend like and I don't have two hours sitting in a car dealer being bored waiting room the tapes got damn tire in the car look see tire pressure low no it's flat you dumb fucker and I know a car on a flat tire so I'm going to technology or something on these tires I'm like I shouldn't even got it fixed in the first place you know what happens it gets all squirrelly in the back and I can't go as fast as I like so yeah four hundred dollars for a new tire so the other day I was here this car dealer rang and I was getting the retire price and making my appointment to come in and I just saw this here it is this awesome yellow ass Camaro you know I got a flat tire throw away the whole card and get a new one I thought it was bad ass not mine another car that's awesome I like that color 3 yeah whether these later parts finally ready get out of here i sat here in the office playing on Twitter for two hours three hours a long time I don't know how long it was with some fresh rubber fresh oil yeah it is do tyre who it is and now comes the part where I have to go to the carwash because that's felt fate I can't ride around to the dirty car and now you can see that the tire is full of air now mr. ring the trying so this is the greatest part of the history of our sport my carpentry down my car is clean and fixed it's a race against time to get it home and in the garage before it starts pouring rain getting cloudy thunderstorms are in the area we got to put the pedal to the metal baby but not here speed limit 25 yeah safe in the garage this doesn't go out in the rain doesn't go out with snow only goes out on nice sunny days I have a big ugly red truck to ride around in the rain and crap I do have to go out again and it's gonna rain very very soon but um I just I my ride home I just saw some very very disturbing news and I just wanted to take a second to say rest in peace to Atika the youtuber and dealing with a lot of depression and issues like that and the New York City police just confirmed that his body was found in the river he apparently jumped off bridge a few days ago and rest in peace to him and that's heartbreaking and this is what happens when you broke clean break your legs so we're gonna do this I'm gonna do it I hope you like shit you ever see that guy no superhuman no he would do it yeah if we do a flip splat so for real look I know we haven't been communicating much lately but why did you have them empty it you put a little shock in it would have been fine waiting cocked it you probably put in the wrong stop for now you how much this cost oh my god with me like you babe for your first time in it I'm not gonna deal with this garbage I'm done you have no authority over me any longer I find it funny for you you don't bathe before you go and we had that problem with the old hole so that'll be like you a little table there the mouth never stops there's no pizza is there Pizza no ice no pizza why do I smell pizza I want pizza we want we're gonna roast me this guy over here never stops breaking balls pink wig pink wig woman or nor did you actually buy your hair I can't I can't will you I got to go out again before it starts pouring lame places I love the ends of you so see this is the problem now it's 2 o'clock and I'm heading off to the doctor hey you know how long does it take when you're at the doctor an hour two hours god only knows and I gotta add a GPS rustling and holy shit literal shit that is a giant turd that has a giant earth somebody just pooped right on the sidewalk here at the doctor's office that's disgusting oh my god oh and it smells yeah oh my god see like I said I still gotta edit GPS wrestling that's the most exciting part of my day when I sit on the couch of my underwear and edit GPS wrestling and if you guys haven't watched GTS revelry you guys are missing out we have some of the craziest chaotic stuff going on on these videos they've been so fun and like I kind of use would be shit lately and I kind of don't get it I mean if you Grimm unsubscribe it's just what I'm hearing so often but I think that we're making great fun content what waste times – please check it out if you haven't been checking them out cos they've been fun mine and here we are now I'm in the basement and now I'm gonna edit GTS wrestling for today in my underwear on the couch except because I'm making this video I'm not gonna be in my underwear sitting on the couch as a matter of fact I'm not gonna film it at all i'ma be naked I'm just kidding guys this whole thing with Atika passing away man he took his own life and it's really hitting hard because as a youtuber I feel his pain you know a lot of other youtubers do too you know we're under constant pressure every day to make exhilarating content exciting content and if we don't y'all are gonna hate it you're gonna unsubscribe you're gonna stop watching and then we're gonna fade away and be nothing to get you makeup and if you don't like us then we're trash that's why I try to be lovable and fun every single damn day of the week and sometimes it just doesn't work out sometimes it's hard to be fun and happy when situation I'm happy you know what I mean but you know I try to make fun exciting content for you guys every single damn day of the week and I'm under the gun right now to get this video up by 5:30 because I don't want at this point green where's video to 5:30 I don't want to be there for you guys like I try so hard and I'm gonna get it done and we're gonna do it right now so let's do this and now see this is the part that none of you know I nailed it today GTS wrestling went up at 5:30 p.m. Eastern but technically I didn't get it done till five twenty nine p.m. Eastern I nailed it times two I finished it got the episode uploaded and now I'm working on the blog this was been my day that's what I did today when the doctor got the car fixed who edited the video and tonight the ninja twins are gonna come over and we're gonna watch Smackdown and then I'm gonna fill perplexing pixels with a tack slug that's gonna be my evening thank you guys so much for watching the vlog we'll have some more I guess I'm on my day again tomorrow probably do the same shit and if you're not down with that we got three words for you eat it yeah

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