I Know How This Story Ends | Elevation Church | Pastor Steven Furtick

1 Samuel 17:50 just
one scripture today that I want to share with you but it’s a good one it says in
1st Samuel 17 verse 50 so David triumphed over the Philistine with the
sling and a stone without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and
killed him there’s power in the mighty name of Jesus and every war he wages he
will win so David triumphed over the Philistine and i’m not backing down from
any giant with the sling and a stone without a sword in his hand he struck
down the Philistine and killed him would you look at your neighbor and sing my
sermon title tell them i know how this story ends come on tell your other
neighbor the saved one tell them i know how this story ends
Father we thank you for your word the power of it and that he who began a good
work is faithful to complete it in Jesus name Amen you may take your seat God
bless you I know how this story ends because Holly and I have a rule in our
marriage that when she’s telling me a story if it’s a negative story then I
need her to tell me the ending before she gives me the details because
sometimes she tells expanded stories you like how I said that that was real pc
how I said that that was really cautious how I said that she tells
stories and puts in all the deleted scenes it’s the director’s cut but
sometimes I just need to know when she says today was a terrible day I need to
know how this ends you know how was your day ahh and
then she starts with breakfast but I need to know like how much does it cost
at the end of it like you know is it $7,000 do we both have to go
to the kids school this time or just one of us I need to know how this ends or
I’ll just get lost in the middle it’s different when you know how it ends if
you tell me how it ends you know don’t worry it’s not that bad
we got it all worked out well then I can follow you on all of the the twists but
I just need to know how it ends I need to know that this is gonna be alright I
need to know that it’s not fatal I need to know that they didn’t quit
you just had a bad meeting because she’ll be telling me something about
something at the office and she’ll want to put you know she has good
storytelling technique and she’s a great storyteller but that works
against us in marital communication because I’m not looking for suspense and
drama I just need the bottom line should would be like oh I had a meeting with
so-and-so today it went terrible and I’m thinking like what are they moving back to
Nebraska where their families from do we have to replace them on staff but just
tell me how it ends and then you can give me all the details
then you can tell me that eggs were on sale when you went back home on the way
to the thing and then the thing with the thing and then the
car cut off but then it cut back on and it’s not in the shop just tell me how it
ends and then I can listen to the story I’m gonna show you something real quick
this is a picture from our summer vacation a few weeks ago just a picture
of some family time that we had yeah see that’s how it ended I don’t know can
they see that at the campuses yeah that’s how it ended that’s how it ended with
with Graham smiling with everybody breathing with Elijah making some
questionable sign with his hand notice there is only one oar there were two when
we set out and embarked on this family adventure but it ends like this
thankfully for me as I’ve already mentioned I have a great wife who when
she saw us struggling on the kayak because contrary to my knowledge
sandbars are temporary they don’t just stay there the sandbar that is there one
minute might be gone in 30 minutes there’s this thing called the tides you
think I would know this stuff you would think you would drag the kayak further
than just the very edge of the sandbar before you walked all the way out to the
middle of it to have a family memory but thank God for my wife because when she
saw us struggling when the tide came in how many know when God gives you a great
wife when she sees you struggling she picks up the iPhone and records it so
check out this video she took real quick from the shore alright here’s the boys they paddled out to this sandbar but the tide is coming in it’s minutes away no minutes and
they’re not even they don’t know and they’re not even worried about it oh there’s Graham he’s running yeah
that’s Graham running how could they not realize that they’re stuck so you know Graham said it best he said when we got back
and we were telling everybody what had happened he said that could have ended a
whole lot different you know because you obviously have the leisure of laughter
because you know how it ends I mean well hey pastor I mean it’s pretty funny
actually the binoculars you’re dry now you’re not dead because it’s different
when you know how it ends but if the man on the jet ski hadn’t come by it could
have ended this is what Graham said it could have ended a whole lot different
or if he wouldn’t have had southern hospitality to go get my kayak and
bring it back to me with his jet ski it could have ended look at somebody say it
could have ended a whole lot different how many know there’s some things in
your life they could have ended a whole a lot different that drunk driver
swerved right into your lane but some kind of angel just pulled that car back
over it could have ended a whole lot different come on you know I’m right
about it if you had if you had got stopped by the police at the wrong time
when you were in college it could ended a whole lot different
some of us it’s not that we never did anything wrong we just didn’t get caught
if we would have been at the wrong place at the wrong time it could have ended a
whole lot different polish your halo if you want imma turn
to the heathen section this is where the heathen’s sit it could’ve ended come on
stand up and testify if it could have ended if it had not been for the Lord on
my side you better give him praise right now before he pulls up your search
history it could have ended a whole you know I’m right
tell somebody you know that preacher is right so it’s funny now and when I read
David and Goliath as my text there’s some Bible nerds sitting out
there maybe watching online going like really David and Goliath of all
the stories in the Bible you wanna pick this one oh boy
I already know this one David kills Goliath Goliath goes down every time
you read it I already know about the slingshot and the stone he had five smooth
stones but the only needed one the giant came he had a big heavy helmet Jesse called
David said take this bread down to your brother’s check on them and David got
down there and Goliath was shouting and David heard it and David said you want no
smoke and David grabbed his sling and he threw a stone at the giant and the giant
went down I already know how this story ends so since you already know how it
ends let me suggest something to you David never read 1 Samuel 17:50 it’s different when you know how it ends so we can shout but David was
shaking shaking in his sandals holding a sling trembling wondering how this ends
wondering will this jet ski get my kayak wondering I’m preaching to somebody today
and you have not read for Samuel 17:50 yet about this situation in your life
and you are still looking at a giant that is bigger than you and since we
know how David’s story ends I want to spend just a few moments today thinking
about how it could have ended because it could have ended a whole lot different
had I gone to that one school and married that other girl how many know it
could have ended a whole lot worse for Holly
she could’ve missed the whole buffet but now think about it if David makes some
different decisions the story ends a whole lot different and see God is
writing your story right now for your family right now for this season of your
life right now and although we know that Goliath goes down
David has to do it in the face of uncertainty and yet no matter how many
sermons you hear about David defeating Goliath you must recognize that there
were three things that David had to face before he even ever got to Goliath and
if any of these three things had gone differently it could have been a whole
lot different if David had been a typical teenager when his father came
and said you know he’s only 17 when he kills Goliath and if he had had a
response to Jesse’s instruction when Jesse said I want you to run these
snacks down to your brother’s if David had rolled his eyes you know God dad
seriously I’m like a future king dad Samuel has already anointed David he
already knows he has a great future but now if David refuses to be faithful in
his present because he’s too focused on his future this story ends a whole lot
different how many of you have heard the story of David and Goliath raise your hand
ya I know because it’s even a sports analogy people use it in the NBA the
NFL it’s an archetypal story it’s so famous it’s so wonderful it’s so fun to preach I
bet I’ve preached it 50 times at least 50 times in this one church but watch
how the story could have gone it could have been a whole lot different Jesse
wakes David up one morning he says I’ve got a task for you I want you to run this
cheese and bread down to your brothers on the battle lines they’re in the valley
of Elah fighting with Saul David wakes up slowly David rolls his eyes David
checks his phone David posts on his Instagram story the
fake account the one that Jesse doesn’t follow and David puts that on Instagram
god my dad makes me sick this is ridiculous god I hate my parents I
hate my life David goes to the battle line but he gets there 45 minutes late
he gets there after Goliath came out to shout his usual defiance he didn’t know
Goliath was on the battle line you don’t know what day God wants to use you you
don’t know what conversation is gonna turn things around you don’t know what
moment is going to be holy you don’t know when a bush is gonna burst into
flames and spontaneously combust with the presence of God and the direction
for the next step of your life you don’t know this but if you don’t show up watch
this and do the ordinary with a good attitude it could have ended a whole lot
different do you really think they would have taught us this Bible story in Bible
School in Sunday school if the story went like this Jesse woke up David David
got up David went down to the battle lines with a bad attitude dropped off
the food threw it at his brothers and went back home
and yet it could have ended like that that could have been the very end of the
story it could have ended a whole it could ended with David it could have
ended with with David feeling slighted because he was asked to do something
that he deemed insignificant you know who I am
Dad really you’re asking me to be a delivery boy to take this food down to
my brother’s you serious right now god Dad okay okay
I’ll go but I’m not gonna run to the battle lines and I’m not gonna have my eyes
open for opportunity okay I’ll go but I don’t have to like it
okay I’ll go to church but I’m not lifting my hands that’s what the weird
people do okay I’ll go but we’re leaving early that parking lot gets crazy and I
want to be at the restaurant before the Methodist Church lets out okay
could have been a whole come on work with me with a vowel sound it could have
been a whole you don’t even have to buy a vowel just say it it could have been a
whole lot different I’m David I’m not Door Dash
what you think I am Uber Eats I’m not dropping nothing off my name is David
say my name David King David crown Davis Samuel put the oil on my head
David it could have been a whole lot different if David had tripped over the
ordinary so here’s what I’m learning is that opportunity presents itself as
ordinary there is not going to be you know I want to kill my Goliath I want a
great breakthrough in my life I want to whatever you know we use Goliath
to mean anything by the way in church if you’re new here Goliath could mean
anything it could mean we want a good parking
space it could mean we want a healing in our body it could mean we want to stop
eating so many chips Goliath can mean almost anything in this particular
instance it means anything that opposes the purpose of God he was standing
against the people of God opposing the purpose of God defying the armies of the
Living God that’s what Goliath was and it usually won’t be physical but before
David ever got to the real battle he had to face the ordinary there’s not going
to be one conversation with your kids that is going to change their life it is
going to be picking them up and dropping them off and trying to get them to say
more than three words to you at a time that is going to change their life it’s
three words on top of three words on top of three words on top of three words on
top of three words you are not going to take your son on one trip to Ireland and
reenact Braveheart or Scotland or wherever that overrated movie happened
and he’s gonna come back shouting freedom and he’s a warrior now for Jesus
Christ it’s not gonna be one trip when he turned 16 it’s gonna be many trips
it’s gonna be many back and forth and back and forth and David went back and
forth and back and forth and back and forth see we know how the story ends
David didn’t he didn’t even know there was a giant in the Valley of Elah not
when he sets out that day and if he refuses to do the ordinary it could have
been a whole lot different what a boring story this would have been
David’s dad said go David went did it with a bad attitude came home slept for
eight hours could have been a whole lot different if David had been typical so
then he gets there right he does the ordinary in fact the Bible says this is
amazing he ran to the battle lines he left his things with the keeper of
supplies he’s very responsible he runs to the battle lines so he’s there in
position with the attitude to see the opportunity and when he hears Goliath
shouting see if David goes down like most of us go around and just gets
through his day he’s not gonna be in the frame of mind to seize the opportunity
and even even when he gets there and gives the brothers the food that he
brought for them one of his brothers has such a bad attitude with him that the
second thing that David had to deal with before he even got to the real opponent
was offense now I want to show you this it’s very powerful how some of us are
fighting the wrong battle we are fighting a preliminary battle and
missing the real one because when David gets there he’s like what’s up guys you
know David is that dude it’s like hey guys what did I miss and they’re like
it’s nothing new man this dude is 9 foot 2 he keeps coming out every day and
keeps saying the same thing he keeps telling us send your best man I’ll kill
him and you will be our slaves but we can’t do anything with him because I
mean look at him look how big he is and David’s like look how big he is one
country preacher said this he said the rest of the army saw Goliath and said
he’s too big to kill David looked at Goliath and said he’s too big to miss I
wonder what’s your perspective today I’m preaching for 15 people God said this
challenge in front of you is an indication of
the power within you yeah David’s like so what do I get if I kill him it’s like
well Saul said like at first he was like does anybody want to fight him but it’s
been 40 days now and so Saul keeps upping the ante like the airline’s do
when they got an overbooked flight you know we need two volunteers from the
kindness of your heart to give up your seat we need two volunteers we’ll give
you $200 we’re going to need two volunteers we’ll give you 500 dollars we
need two volunteers we’ll give you $1,000 voucher for travel the more
desperate they get the more the reward becomes now you can only use the
thousand dollars every 17th Thanksgiving on this voucher and blackout dates apply
but now Saul has gotten so desperate he got to the point where he says look I’ll
give you my daughter in marriage the hot one and you don’t have to pay taxes so
David’s like for real now somebody verify this now here’s the difference
here’s the difference it could have been a whole lot different but David hadn’t
been out there forty days and he hadn’t gotten used to the dysfunction and he
hadn’t got used to standing there defeated in a deadlock and so he comes
up and to them Goliath just sounds normal but to David it sounds
different wait a minute he’s not supposed to talk like that you know you
can get comfortable in your dysfunction when you’ve been in it long enough when
all your sick friends are lying around in five covered colonnades it can
be easy for you to start making excuses and David was like hold on so he said
what about God and I get what if I kill him I love this though because this is
what always happens when God is trying to do something in your life the enemy
will always present another enemy that is not the real enemy to keep you
distracted from fighting the one that you’re called to defeat
in David’s case it was his brother his big brother
his name kind of sounds like Goliath but it’s not Eliab he was tall for a
minute Samuel thought he was supposed to be the king cause Saul was tall and he saw
Samuel saw in Eliab what he had seen in Saul which is height not heart and God
said don’t look at his height look at his heart stop judging your situation
externally it’s what’s inside that counts
it’s what’s inside that counts and Eliab starts judging David’s motives he’s like
look at this in verse 28 he goes why have you come down here and with whom
did you leave those few sheep now all of these things David had taken care of
he’s a very responsible young man but but really what’s happening here is I
believe the enemy is trying to trigger David to get him to fight the wrong
person because watch if he stands here and argues with his brother he will
never even see his enemy this might be the whole sermon for somebody now just
look straight ahead if you’re married sometimes you’re fighting against what
you’re supposed to be fighting for and you have to call a timeout sometimes you
have to you have to sometimes be like wait a minute you’re not my enemy
wait a minute you’re you’re you’re not who I’m supposed to be fighting and
if David gets caught up fighting Eliab he never sees Goliath if he gets
distracted some of us are defeated simply because we’re distracted now you
know how the story ends but think about how it could have ended David for the
next two hours defends himself to Eliab I was the other day checking on some
Instagram posts seeing if they were touching people’s lives you know I would
like to say that I always do it with a pure heart but sometimes I’ll scroll to
look for people who say mean things to me and that’s a dysfunction and I’m not
saved all the way yet I am saved I was saved I’m being saved this is the part
that’s in progress sometimes I just like to imagine the
response I could say you know what the spirit of the Lord told me the other day
first of all it’s 1 out of 300 people who say something negative that’s number one
number two if you would invest a fraction of the energy into blessing
people that you put into defending yourself you would be Mother Teresa
you would be Saint Paul you could change the world if you would stop trying to
defend yourself and I’m coming right for you because some of us trip over an
offense and so we never defeat the real opponent because we stand and argue with
Eliab and we never even get to Goliath isn’t that so powerful it could have it
could have had a whole different ending it could have been a whole lot different
and I bet aunt Jackie wouldn’t have taught me that Bible story in Sunday
school if David had stood there and argued with Eliab now here’s the thing
that’s practical about this some of you are fighting Eliab today and
because you’re fighting Eliab Goliath continues to go unchallenged in
your life you know you’re fighting Eliab if you’re still blaming people David
did this move that I want to learn how to do when I realize I’m fighting the
wrong enemy when I realize I’m fighting something outside when I really need to
be dealing with something inside when I realize I’m trying to control how other
people are versus trying to have self-control the fruit of the Spirit for
myself this is a word today this is a word today it said that David did
something very strategic and this is like the turning point of the story
it said in verse 30 that when Eliab was going back and forth and David David hit
him real quick with an insult just to let him know I’m not a punk and then
after he said what he had to say watch what he did David turned and asked
somebody else and watch this when he turns away from Eliab it positions him
to face Goliath so whoever it’s for you’ll never even get
to Goliath you will never even get to the insecurity that is causing the issue
if you keep blaming the people who are bringing it out for you to look at Eliab
wasn’t the giant Eliab wasn’t the enemy Eliab was his brother that he was
supposed to fight for so now we’ve watched David two different alternate
endings if he argues with Eliab then he misses Goliath if he doesn’t obey his
father in a simple thing then he misses Goliath it could of Graham was so prophetic
he said it could have ended a whole lot different I was so mad at my Mom for
forgiving my Dad I didn’t think he deserved it what would that funeral have
been like if she had listened to me rather than listening to God if we
weren’t even on speaking terms when he died it could have ended and I only
bring it up because every story in this room is still being written and
sometimes you think you know how it ends but what if it’s not over yet what if
it’s not over yet i’ma preach it through that little
facade that you have right now what if it’s not over yet what if what if you’ve
wasted a lot of time but what if God really is able to redeem the years that
the locusts have eaten what if it’s not over yet I’m just posing a question what
if it’s not over yet what if your best days are not behind you what if the
devil is a liar what if everything that you have been through can serve a greater
purpose what if a generational curse was being broken through your battle
what if God brought you to the Valley of Elah cause he’s the God of the turn around
the God of a second chance the God of a new beginning and the God of a new
ending Mary and Martha said I know how this story ends
but one thing they didn’t know is that Jesus doesn’t provide resurrection he is
resurrection so if he’s on the scene watch this
when David showed up he said I come against you in the name of the Lord now one more thing I gotta show you
y’all calm down it’s a Bible study not a football game
it’s not a basketball game there’s nothing to be excited about in here it’s
not like the blood of Jesus is enough for you it’s not like depression is
defeated it’s not like the devil has to back up when you call on the name of
your God it’s not like worship can push back darkness it’s not like grace can
break chains y’all sit down because now he has to go
through Saul the one that should have been celebrating him the one that should
have been supporting him David kills Goliath stop being so boring
when you read the Bible the Bible is boring you’re boring read it better this
thing could have had so many endings it could have ended when David had a bad
attitude toward the ordinary it could have ended when David was fighting
against who he was supposed to be fighting for he could have got offended
it could have ended with ordinary it could have ended with offense and it
could have ended with only do you know only the spirit of lack and limitation
do you know only what Saul said to David David was like showing Saul his resume
he’s like I’m pretty good at beating stuff that’s bigger than me I beat a
lion one time I beat a bear put me in coach and Saul said you’re only a boy I wonder
what you’re only in your own mind remember Saul wasn’t the enemy Saul was
supposed to be a friend you ever had something inside of you turn on you
you’re only I had it this week I was thinking that I’m just a preacher
because I was thinking how really influencing culture is done through
rappers and fashion and others and and I was thinking about changing a generation
and I felt discouraged about it like I’m only a preacher but there’s this one
verse that always comes up when I think that way and God told Jeremiah one time
he said do not say I am only when I was thinking about that I know this isn’t
exactly what the text means but I was thinking how God’s name is I am so when
you say I am only and you’re supposed to take God’s name you mess up the name
that he gave you by diminishing it in your own sight I am only do not say I am
only do not say I am only I’m only a boy but David said no no no I’ve never faced
this giant before get ready to shout but I brought the same God to this valley that I brought to the last valley that’s
the only reason I’m preaching it is because you’re standing in front of
something right now you’ve never seen this before but David
said here’s the common pattern I’ve noticed okay
I dropped the lion I dropped the bear it only stands to reason that if the lion
didn’t stand a chance if the bear didn’t stand a chance because they opposed my
father’s business if this giant opposes the purpose of God
I predict an upset victory over everything in your life that is bigger
than you that opposes the purpose of God within you come on he’s the God of a
turnaround so I know somebody shout I know how this story ends cuz I know who
wrote it I know who wrote it he is the author and
the perfecter of my faith she looked at me last weekend on our date night and
and this movie was gonna have a nice ending but then she remembered that the
writer of this particular movie is noted for everybody dying in the end and
she looked at me now I want you to get this when I say it okay
she said it can’t be over I just remembered who wrote it come on you know
it’s a word for you you know there’s some things cuz we tell ourselves
these stories but if God wrote it it’s not over til we win it’s not over
until the light overcomes the darkness come on Nairobi come on
Gaston come on Ballantyne it’s not over it could have been a whole different story
and I want to suggest that maybe it still can be because I know in church we
talk a lot about new beginnings what about new endings what about putting two
more periods behind that one that you thought ended the sentence and making it
an ellipses what about new endings what about to be continued
what about the third day what about Sunday morning what about Jesus I know
how the story ends so when I see him on the cross I’m not worried the disciples
didn’t know that this is the challenge to know how the story ends even when you
don’t know how it’s gonna get there might not be a straight line it might
not be perfect it might not look like somebody else’s situation you get in the
worst trouble of your life trying to wear Saul’s armor trying to fight like
everybody else fights yours might be messier can I say something for somebody
that God put on my heart yours might look laughable
I’m only high school-educated good God’s gonna get that much more glory because
you didn’t have a college degree now when people look at you they’re gonna
have to know it had to be God I know your GPA it had to be God God’s purpose
advances I know your GPA you weren’t smart enough good enough pretty enough
you didn’t pray enough you didn’t do the right things it could have been a whole
different story but the grace of God stepped in just in the nick of time spoiler alert
Goliath goes down plot twist
Goliath goes down and and guess what that’s not how the story ends I’m sorry
I know it looks great on a flannelgraph
David’s awfully cute with a slingshot especially especially when it’s one that
you pull back you know like it’s a spit ball like it’s God’s like it’s a
spiritual spit ball boom you know I know it’s the it’s the cartoon version here’s
the grown-up version you ready David never read 1 Samuel 17:50 most of us
never read 1 Samuel 17:51 all apologies to all the children’s Bible teachers but
you don’t really know how this story ended because David when he hit
Goliath with the rock it stunned him but then David had something else that he
had to do in the spirit of mortal combat look at your neighbor and say finish him the Bible says that after he knocked
him down because some of us are content just to stun our enemy you know what I’m
saying just to come into church feel good for a few hours
get a little word go home forget about it go right back into the same stuff go
right back into the same cycle go right back into the same deadlock go right
back into the same pretending go right back into the same image but David said
something he said something he said something he said I didn’t just come
down here to bring cheese and bread see I always thought that David was the
delivery boy but it turns out that the way the story ends David wasn’t the
delivery boy Goliath was so now I’m a preach this home you ready what did Goliath have that David needed that David didn’t know that he would need it’s
right in verse 50 it’s right in verse 50 it said he came to the battle without a
sword in his hand spoiler alert he left with one who was carrying it his enemy I
declare come on y’all I’m trying to be good but I declare I know how this story
ends Goliath has got your sword Goliath has got your
grace and if you want to see the victory you’re going to have to defeat what’s
standing in front of you but you don’t have to do it on your own come on let’s
stir something up all over the whole church University City Blakeney I want
every single warrior every single worshipper to declare I know how this
story ends tell the person next to you I know how your story ends tell them your
story ends with glory God’s gonna get the glory out of every situation in your life I know how it ends some jet ski is gonna bring me the kayak
I don’t know who God’s got in the water but even now somehow the sister said to
Jesus God will give you what you want so David stands over the giant I always
read it as being the final sequence in the battle that after he knocked him
down he look at the verse he took the sword from the scabbard anybody ever
said scabbard in the last ten years he took the sword little things like that
keep me preaching you know and after he killed him he’s already
dead he cut off his head why’d he do it for a trophy coz this wouldn’t be his
last giant now I always thought that the story was over when David cut off his
head how much more savage can you be the head
is off the giants down but that’s not how the story ends so we only think we
know how it ends you tell your story you’re like and then I got a divorce that’s
not the end of your story that’s not the last time you can love or be loved
that’s not the end of your story you know they were doing pretty good and
then they did this that’s not the end of the story
that’s just character development it can’t be over cuz I know who wrote it
I said it can’t be over cuz I know who wrote it it’s not the end of my story
I know how this story ends I know how I’m leaving this battlefield
I’m not leaving empty-handed I’m leaving with a sword I’m leaving with a lesson
I’m leaving with a testimony I’m leaving with a brighter day on my mind
I’m leaving with a new praise in my spirit I’m leaving with a prophecy I’m
leaving with a word from God you know what’s so crazy is that the whole point
of the story has nothing to do with David to begin with
it says that after Goliath died that all of the Philistines do you see it when
they saw that their hero was dead they turned and ran you’re story is not even
about you what you’re going through right now might not even be about you
you know how many people I’ve seen come out of grief and release their greatest
gift from their greatest grief Goliath has got your sword Goliath has got your
sword you’re gonna be sitting across from somebody who needs it in five years
and telling them I’ve been right there in the battle but here’s what I found
out the sword that came to kill you it’s gonna be the one that God uses to
deliver you and he killed Goliath with his own sword your giant has got your
sword but that’s not how the story ends he cuts off his head sends the sword to the
temple at Nob which was where Ahimelek was the superintendent a little while
later David goes back to Saul’s palace Saul starts going absolutely crazy
trying to kill David David has to run from Saul
remember now Goliath was not the last giant that David would face you
don’t want to stay stuck in just one victory of your life the Bible says he
leads us from glory to glory from strength to strength stand up I’m trying
to close I’m trying so hard don’t leave but stand up and clap your
hands if you know this is not my last one this is not my last victory I come
against midlife crisis in the name of the Lord there’s more for you to do you have
a legacy to pass on you’re gonna make a bigger difference in your future days
your latter days shall be greater I know how this story ends okay hang on a second so
David runs down to the temple right he’s running from Saul he’s already killed
Goliath and he has the leave so quickly that he doesn’t have a sword he runs to
the temple attendant he says hey man I need a weapon how many of you need a
weapon to fight something in your life today you need a strategy
you need an insight come on you need a breakthrough you need a turn around alright David said to him Ahimelek don’t you have a spear or a sword here I
haven’t brought my sword or any other weapon because the King’s business was
urgent the priest said man I’m sorry David
I mean I got one sword it’s the sword of Goliath the Philistine at least it used
to be until you killed him but now the very weapon that you took from your
enemy the very strength you gained from the thing you survived the sword of
Goliath the word that God spoke over your life how many know his word is a
sword it’s sharper than any double-edged sword Hebrews 4:12 the sword of Goliath
who you killed in the Valley of Elah is here it’s wrapped in a cloth behind the
ephod if you want it take it there is no sword here but that one and
David said there’s none like it give it to me he started with a sling he ended
with a sword and the difference was the enemy that he was willing to
confront I know how this story ends now I don’t know exactly how long this story’s gonna take
and I don’t know all the details of it but I know how this story ends
we got the drop on David we read verse 50 we got the drop on David we’ve been
to the empty tomb we got the drop on David we know how this story ends I know
that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy do you hear me preaching
to you right there in your living room do you hear me preaching to you right
there in your kitchen you hear me preaching to you you’re in a hospital
room with a loved one right now but the God of all healing Jehovah Ropheka is in the hospital room with you I know how this story ends I know
no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper now the Bible doesn’t say
that the weapon won’t be farmed it just says that it won’t work so watch this
the weapon was formed by my enemy Isaiah 54:17 is on the screen right now the
weapon was formed by the hand of my enemy what you’re going through it might
not have been from the hand of God but you gotta read verse 16 to understand
verse 17 cuz verse 16 God says behold I have created the blacksmith who made the
weapon so God said the enemy might have formed the weapon but I formed the enemy
and there is nothing that the enemy can bring against you
come on there is nothing cause I know I know I know get your hands up get your hands up get your faith up come on tell Goliath you come against me with addiction you
come against me with anxiety but I come against you in the name of the Lord
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100 thoughts on “I Know How This Story Ends | Elevation Church | Pastor Steven Furtick

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    GOD used David's blood line to make his word(Jesus)flesh,
    Jesus sang 7 of David's psalms the night before going to the cross,
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    PREACH more about the love story of GOD and David

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  • The challenge in front of us is not an indication of the power "within" us. It's an indication of how big God is. David didn't see Goliath as a large target. The army saw Goliath as a large enemy, David saw Goliath as a small enemy compared to our large God

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    Christ was not like this, THIS is not the message of Christ.

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