I Let The Internet Pick My Christmas Gifts

– Oh my God this is so cute, it’s. Oh wait, what? (holiday music) – Today I’m going to use three online gift generators to
try to find the perfect gift for my girlfriend. (holiday music) After being together for
so long you do kind of start to run out of things to kind of get, ’cause you know, it’s
not only just Christmas, but it’s birthdays, and
it’s Valentine’s Day. I feel like I can get a little bit more creative this Christmas. Let me see what these
online gift generators can come up with. The first one is called Presibot. It doesn’t ask too many questions. Let’s check it out. Who is the lucky person
you are gifting it for? Girlfriend. It asks you the occasion,
so Christmas, their age. 20 to 50 dollars, I guess now
I just press find my gift. Oh, that’s kind of cool,
definitely something I would love, not sure if my girlfriend would love it. This website actually gives you the option to try again
or just wrap it up. But just for the sake of this experiment, I’m just gonna wrap this gift up. Gifts.com this is really cool,
so it only asks you three questions technically
in this gift generator. It asks you their gender,
their age and lastly, what would they most likely
be doing in their spare time? But it gives you multiple different kind of categories and what
you can kind of choose from. I finally decided to get them candles. She likes candles, I
think it’s really cute. For this next one here is called giftgen. It asks about the character
of the person I’m getting a gift for, so that’s pretty
good, that should help. I’m feeling good about this one. Oh and this one gives
you a list of things. Which is kind of cool. It’s a little more work with this gift generator, because you
have a little bit more freedom. So for giftgen I’m going to
go with this unique necklace. It’s a signature handwriting necklace. So I think she’d like that. She wanted a name plate for a while now. And I think it’s a creative name plate. So for the first gift
generator, presibot.com; it asks a few questions and it didn’t
seem to give me a gift that would really be best for my girlfriend. It’s not as specific as you would like. Gifts.com I found it to
be the most difficult. I could have used a little
bit more guidance and help. For giftgen, I liked
it because it gave you so many different options to choose from. It doesn’t really matter what
I think, so I’m just going to go ahead and purchase these and see which one is her favorite. Call me Santa Clause, ’cause the gifts are in the house, man. I can’t wait to see which
one Shakeya likes the best. Hey babe. – [Shakeya] Yeah?
– I have a surprise for you. – Really, don’t lie,
are you being serious? Should I go for the bigger one first, or should I save the big one for last? I think I’m gonna go for this one. (paper ripping) Oh my God this is so cute. It’s, oh wait what, okay,
it’s a headphone stand? I’m confused like, so it’s just a stand and it charges my
headphones or something, or? Oh, it has like, okay, so
it has little USB ports. But I’m confused, I
don’t know what it does. I definitely like it, I liked it, rather. Until I realized it didn’t even come with the headphones,
it’s just a stand. So now I’m back to being confused. (laughing) When it comes to technology, I guess like, I’m so-so about it, it doesn’t excite me that much, it’s
kind of an okay gift. (paper tearing) Aww this is cute, I love candles. I definitely could use these
gifts, this gift for sure. Oh my God, wait this is actually nicer because it comes with a remote. This pretty cute, I like the fact that these are battery operated so
I can always kind of have that ambience or that kind of like, you know the vibe in
the house or whatever. And I love the fact that
it has a freaking remote. Guys, all right, any
body who likes candles you know this is kind of
cool, like, are you serious? Oh it is jewelry, this is
cute, this is a cute gift. Okay, you did good, aww, guys
it’s a cute little name plate. Okay guys that’s kinda cute. I honestly would say out of all the gifts I definitely liked
this one the most, for sure. The candles this was
the second gift that I opened and I like it the second most. In regards to the stand, I don’t know. I guess Jade can have this because what am I supposed to do with this again? You did pretty well. – [Jade] Well can I tell you that I actually didn’t hand pick these gifts? I actually did these
through a gift generator. – [Shakeya] Really? Well if you did that, that’s interesting. I didn’t even know that they
have that, but I will say that I think it’s kind of accurate. I wouldn’t say it was
100% clearly it’s not 100% accurate, but it’s pretty up there. I wanted a necklace so
this was on my list. I actually, I have a list. I gave it to Santa
Clause, instead of Jade. (laughing) Thank you Santa. – I did good. Guys, can’t front, super excited. Because she doesn’t like
the headphone stand, and guess who has some
headphones that need a stand. I’m about to go jazz up
my desk at work, holla.

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