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you're gonna lose all down the flap I'll put it down here in the non flappy area my family calls it my superpower it's my ability to see value in things that other people might overlook sometimes they go picking with my boyfriend sometimes it's my best friend Sue and sometimes it's my kids but at the end of the day it's all about having fun and hopefully it just maybe making a profit okay well Andrew and I just had lunch down the road and I decided that since we're right here we're going to revisit one of the good wills where I said we're never coming back here we never find anything but we're gonna check it out I think every so often it's good to revisit and see if maybe there are things that we can buy and flip for profit I've been here at least five times in a row and didn't find anything at all oh yeah they've completely like changed they're on to me I'm so we're gonna revisit this place and then after this we're gonna go over to community aid where we actually find stuff but who knows maybe we'll find stuff here today and we'll actually have a video out of it but if we don't we're gonna follow up with community we can always count on them this is true this bomb all right here we go let's see what we can find and the walk-in miss Carson Wentz all right so we've had pretty good luck with baskets lately so we're gonna start at the very last aisle and we're gonna go through the basket and we're actually going to weave our way through the aisles this time in a more methodical fashion than normal where we just like all over the place so baskets and I look at baskets I'm usually looking for older baskets now see I actually I don't even know this is older or not probably not but I like this basket no the strap is broken but it's like an old picnic basket and see I like that kind of vintage not super old but I do like that so I'm gonna actually grab that unfortunately like I said this is broken it would have gone across and you could have latched it but you could probably put a strap on there and still get away with it but yeah we're looking for older baskets I don't even know how to describe what the older baskets look like unless we like find one but these really light baskets I mean you can just tell that those are not very old at all this pear is cute it's probably made in China usually they have a little sticker on the bottom that says Made in China like this like that sticker that's what they look like they just say made in China but I'm not really seeing any baskets not seeing any South Carolina but baskets here sweetgrass baskets and then of those let's see this basket is actually kind of cute hmmm I don't know I'm gonna put it back guys you're like no no no no don't do it yes I'm gonna put it back please don't yell at me all right I'm right here I was talking look at you you find a cute little lamb and you found a little in Hathaways courage solder II is that a shot eree obviously I had I can't I haven't been able to read lately cuz the other day I said smelly England when it definitely said Shelley England's singing rondall that's actually a really good name and when it comes to porcelain yeah alright okay alright I'm on it I'm on my game now see look I got a picnic basket can you um help me I know your hands are full we're just gonna throw that basket and stick this here oh look at those cute little dolls see it those are cute dolls they're probably mine it does look like a buttocks basket I like those of course they're marked collectible porcelain dolls but those are actually I like those those are cute cherry blossom oh my God look at this this is like actually so much fun it is that doggies Fire Department candleholder made in China oh my god that is so cute it is a candle holder I messy any damage on it I know it's modern you can tell me all day that it's modern because I already know that it's 2001 that's modern I'm gonna grab it though because I like it if I can't sell it I'll keep it one of those gills now Juliet was here she would want this you guys know she loves these things she would be grabbing for that looks like we've already got our Christmas stuff out now I kind of like this basket over here I have it what's this kind of cute but no we're not gonna grab that oh it's cute I like it 96 96 it's still kind of cool-looking though yeah it's me to look vintage grab it how much is it 3 1 3 bucks I'll take it for 3 bucks little Bailey's creamer yeah don't stick it there it'll jump right out of those little cutie slots okay I'm trying very hard to be methodical about this but this is Galya wearing never find anything nothing at all this is me being very good and obeying my own rules and not finding anything and wasting time going down aisles where I'm not gonna find a new thing at all except for this bug it's kind of cute just kidding sorry I'm making you dizzy by swirling really quickly I'm not really seeing much in the blue aisle and look at you you're not following the rules it's made in China it is it's not mark just made in China it's got the Chinese caricatures which is an older mark yeah I would pass on that baby okay it is cute though it's just not my style why is the mark covered up always what yes but it's in a box we don't like it when it's in a box it tells me it's not old when it's in a box um nothing in this one all right you just go break break the rules okay have fun just gonna keep following my own rules all right this is fabulous but it's broken as they normally are we talk about that all the time oh goodness um let's see my bear is kind of fantastic and I should really just stick to one side shouldn't I that's kind of a fun book I bet Juliet would like that book I'm gonna grab this book for Juliet because it's a cute puppy dog eating a cake I don't know what the books about but I think she'd like it look at you shopping you're doing my shopping than I am I'm just doing a whole lot of talking all right I'm going to shut you guys off until we find something like this money right here no that's not money never mind my forehead oh look at you wait focus like that 1792 in 1792 was the first year that mint produced coins so it's it's gonna go through you keep trying to put stuff in there you're gonna lose all down the flap I'll put it down here in the non flappy area with the eye maybe we could put pull the stuff up and then put up the flap and then nothing would fall out but that's too much effort too easy actually it would be too difficult here I like this we should get one of these huh Ashton would like that you should grab that for Ashton Ashton likes bugs he's with my book child okay let's see here we've got what is that oh that is moose versus that looks like it's me to look vintage and it's not actually vintage hmm what oh wow that's fun I like that recycled plastic purse okay yes please all right so recently we got some reverse painted lamps as you remember probably in a recent haul video I talked about how they have a tendency the inside paint has a tendency to start chipping and flaking and you can see here that these are reversed painted in here through the glass you can see that the paint is starting to craftsmanship so two dollars for this two dollars for that they are a pair which is really nice they're this quilted pattern unfortunately because of that it takes away from the value because otherwise they'd probably be worth 25 a to $45 I mean granted there is a lot of oxidation here in really good condition that's what they would be worth in this condition they're in really not worth much but we've got another one down here this guy but this is just a single so we've actually sold one almost identical to this but it had a pair and we sold that for $40 oh look at this reverse painted lamp so you look at all these reverse painted lamps this is the problem with reverse painted lamps so when you buy lamps and they reversed enid make sure you tuck them over very carefully because that's pretty unsightly this is actually really nice how did I miss that I just needs a chimney for four dollars here's what brand-new cord just needs a chimney a frosted chimney guess we're gonna buy this one we're not buying lamps but we're buying this lamp okay well I just spotted this fabulous vase if I could get it to society and I thought to myself with it's got to be modern right it's not it's not modern and it's actually emerged West Germany on the bottom if I was by this I would keep it for myself you can see it is damaged it has a chip on the bottom that just not bother me I would still keep this what 15 dollars for even with the damage which i think is a little bit intense but this is not a piece that i hoed ship this is a piece I would keep fabulously mid-century and I'm gonna keep it okay so we've got the West Germany vase loaded into the cart but I just also picked up this beautiful Nippon piece and what attracted me to it was actually this little handle it's got more iaj on it although I did just notice that ship bummer oh my gosh you can't tell from the front of it though so I'm gonna grab it I'll probably start off really low it like 99 cents because the front is super pretty and that little handle with the mooring aaj just kind of a little unexpected since the rest of the design is flat so we're gonna stick it in here with our West Germany vase and hope that it doesn't just roll on top of it because that would be bad or maybe I should just wait until Andrew comes by with the other cart and in other news these are still here and they're all cracked two pieces they've been here for about six months so that's exciting let's keep going did you see these ones are these the same as what you picked up Oh God no stay away from the hall and mold unless it's a Christmas tree that's my rule okay no not usually no I usually steer clear of it sometimes they picked them up in the night like oh why did I touch that kind of thing yeah I'm not really seeing all that so okay well I think that pretty much sums up our trip to the goodwill unless andrew has missed any aisles Andy do you miss in the aisles of course our cuz you were kind of just going half as we lay down in just about every aisle there was no method it was just like no no madness anyway I think we're gonna call it quits we've got two full carts I'd say and we've got community aid to go to yeah but I think we're good enough footage to call this one complete video so we're gonna split it into a two-parter we're gonna go from here over to community aid and you guys will see that footage tomorrow so we'll see you guys tomorrow bye don't forget to Like and subscribe and if you spot it's something that you just can't live without don't worry I've put a link to our Etsy store down in the description

50 thoughts on “I was NEVER Going Back to this Goodwill, But then I Found This | Thrift with Us | Reselling

  • Do you ever put up the kid leg slot flap so your items are better protected from falling out of the holes??? Find myself holding my breath at times! 😱😳😱 Oh… watched further; you DO know what it’s for…

  • Hi Jocelyn! Loove ur videos! I just noticed that your “kiddie slots” are down with ur items in it, you can pull it up so it secures those precious items! You are beautiful!

  • Can you do a home tour of your house showing how you use things you’ve Found in your own home? Also a Q&A would be fun for us.

  • I'm kinda shocked when you buy up things with chips. Particularly for resale. Do buyers actually buy chipped items? How much do you discount them? I noticed Jeffrey from Real Nifty does too. Hmmm.

  • You guys should really get a p.o. box for fans to send mail and presents too. I bet your kids would really get a kick out of it too

  • New subscriber, I love your videos, I’m learning so much! I’m a Mixed Media Artist and I thrift for items to alter. I love your bracelet, is it a Pandora? Where can I find one??

  • Are you closing your Etsy store no new item in it everything now seems to be eBay ? No complaining just wondering.

  • Good Morning…great video! I believe the chipped Napon round painted plate with the "unexpected handle" was a candlestick holder" Very Pretty. Glad you were able to find some nice finds for resell and some to keep. Happy Hunting! Love You Both!!!!! Kathy T. in Minnesota.

  • I once visited Anne Hathaway's cottage. The guide said they cleaned the chimneys by lowering down a live goose. As it flapped its wings on the way down, it removed all the soot. I suppose they ended up with a clean chimney, but a very dirty goose!

  • Thanks for all your great video’s. Love them! The W.Germany vase is a great catch for 15!! I have a little collection of W.Germany vases myself, but I live in the Netherlands so I probably come across them more often then in the US but I’ve never seen that one and I’m sure it would not have been 15 dollars, probably more like €25 or €30 (33 dollars) in the thriftshops where I live.

  • Firehouse looks like Blue Sky Clayworks by Heather Goldminc. I have several of those pieces. They usually come with a ceramic plate that the house and candle sit on.

  • About that recycled plastic purse…back in the late 60’s -early 70’s it was all the rage to make bleach bottle purses. You sliced off the top and bottom leaving a ring. Cut the ring and make a strip. Now you can cut out squares. Punch holes so the squares can be crocheted together to form the purse. My mother made a ton of these. She’d punch some of the squares so she could make simple tulips or other flower designs. Hers were very popular with the locals.

  • Wish we had Charity Shops this big here in the U.K.! I visited a Goodwill when I went to Michigan last summer to see my Dad, and the prices were *ridiculous*!

  • Hahaha I've never been so on the edge of my seat as when you were talking about the W. Germany vase – I was screaming TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT ahahahaha 🙂

  • Love these vlogs I think Im officially calling you both method and madness! :)))) I think you'll both know which one you are heh heh heh I loved that west germany vase I would have been so excited to score that one even with a little damage. Nice job!

  • the Baileys mug I have a female n male it was party of a gift box with bottle of Baileys Yum Christmas great in coffee or tea on a cold winter day in Chi Town. Love you guys……

  • Love you and your family. I went shopping in our local town last week. Spent AUD $50 and have got back $46 so far. Thanks.

  • Drew, the Higley Coppers were the first coins minted in the USA, in 1737, I think. (I’m a Higley descendent.) I know you meant minted by the US, but I just had to comment. Lol

  • Aww Love that book! You should have grabbed the white letter "J" for Juliette also. It was right by the book.

  • You get pretty lucky with your videos not getting taken down because of the background music. A lot of thrifters have to play music over their videos the keep that from happening.

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    Just for fun one day let him have the camera and lets follow him!😁

  • I looked everywhere. I got a very small trinket box. Says cotfer on the bottom. And painted in the top and says Lucerne. Any ideas of what it’s worth anyone?

  • Need that doggy firefighter candle holder in my life! My fiancé is a fireman and we love dogs. Its meant to be!

  • Love the West German vase. If I had that I'd use it as an umbrella stand near my door. It would be a colorful way to greet guests.

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