ICE detains 680 in Mississippi raids

GOOD EVENING. I’M MELANIE CHRISTOPHER. TERRANCE: AND I’M TERRANCE FRIDAY– IN FOR BYRON BROWN. TERRANCE: FIRST AT 6:00… AFTER ICE RAIDS SEVERAL COMPANIES IN MISSISSIPPI, THE U-S ATTORNEY HOSTED A NEWS CONFERENCE. JADE BULECZA IS LIVE FROM LIGHTNING IN FRONT OF THE HOMELAND SECURITY INVESTIGATIONS OFFICE IN PEARL. JADE. JADE: 680 people were taken into custody at seven sites in six different cities across Mississippi – we’re told none of them claimed U.S. citizenship. JADE: Family members are up here trying to find their loved ones. A worker in Canton told me it all happened so quickly when the raid took place there. Officials say these arrests were targeted and not random. Now a 10 year old boy is looking for his mother. Steven Matias, Mom in custody: I hope she is proud. We are going to get her out so that she doesn’t experience so that she doesn’t go back to the life she was back in her country. Matthew T. Albence/Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: In some instances the parents who were arrested will be released and placed on an ankle monitor and be monitored throughout the immigration proceedings and maybe able to go home tonight or tomorrow. ” JADE: Hurst says this has been a year long investigation. JADE: At 10 I’ll have a closer look Live from Pearl jade Bulecza 12 news MEL:

27 thoughts on “ICE detains 680 in Mississippi raids

  • All the tax the local and federal government lost over the years that we Americans paid for, all from one selfish company!

  • They're all morbidly obese from eating off our foodstamps! Worthless DemoRats and worthless companies for hiring them

  • Enjoy your trip back to the worthless shithole nation you sneaked out of you ILLEGAL SHIT! And send that fucking kid back with here.

  • 7 companies 680 illegals. In the US there are more than 12,500 companies that have more than 1000 employees each, you make the math.

  • You know….I think it's ridiculous that when people come here illegally and are asked to come back to court and don't show up that that's acceptable….Yet if any US citizen did that, we'd have the cops/book thrown at us. Equal rule of the law applies to everyone who is here and your skin color or country of origin doesn't override our laws that we all have to follow. There's a process and I recommend those who want into our country follow said process.

    But please don't separate the children!!
    Advise the parents not to abandon their children.
    Take their anchor babies with them.

  • 680 today, and 6.8 million next year. You may be the one who ICE is coming for next…. Don't want to be arrested for being here illegally then self-deport!

  • Keep coming to America we need you! The Republicans lie to their constituents and hires the most illegal aliens. The Red States hiring more everyday keep coming. Fake News!!!! Americans are ignorant racist, driven by fear and hate. Read the comments.
    They are heartless wimps. They love Mexican food and women. Just not the men.

  • TRUMP 2020 680 less future democrats

    a few months ago a group of 20 illegals crossed into San Diego.. They stole a truck drove without license or insurance . broke the speed law drove recklessly evaded arrest then crashed to truck into other cars… So how many laws must they break before we can call them illegals??? FYI the video was on YT

  • Yo, this is a f*in nightmare for those kids that were born and raised in the US, that call the US their home country. Imagine how it is for them to lose one or both parents to a f*in system that shows no shade of humanity. All those kids are homeless at the moment and experiencing a horrible trauma. Great job, Trump administration, great job!

  • both sides of the political spectrum are wrong. illegal immigration suppresses wages for the middle and lower class. you ask why wages haven't increased in the past 20 years, the answer is in the previous sentence. on the flip side, we need laborers, we need to have more worker permits.

  • When you sneak into a country, don't follow the law of the land, and bring children into the equation, what type of morals could you possibly teach them? I'll answer the question for you🙋:NOTHING! These people are teaching their offspring to disregard our countries laws. They will grow up thinking they can do as they please without consequences–which will lead to their own detriment. The United States is a proud country who have fought many wars. They will NEVER just allow illegals to destroy the fabric of the country. It won't happen🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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