IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: What caused the greatest freedom upswell in history?

Shapiro: The Left has a narrative that the United States is rooted in racism, sexism,
bigotry, and homophobia. To them, all disparities
are discrimination. If they are confronted with the fact that not all disparities
are discrimination and that, in fact, personal
choice has a lot to do with both group and
individual disparity… If they are confronted with any
statistics along those lines, their immediate jump is
to, “You’re a racist.” Why? Because the narrative has been challenged. Don’t be that. If your narrative is
challenged by a fact, maybe you need to adjust your narrative to fit the fact or maybe you need to determine
whether the fact is true or not. It is also part of understanding
your own principles. You do have to recognize that
there are certain principles that are immutable, and this is what conservatism
really is about at root. Conservatism, to use the
G. K. Chesterton metaphor, is different from
leftism in the following way. If you’re a leftist, and
you walk through a field, and you see a fence in
the middle of a field, and you have no idea
why that fence is there, your first instinct is
to uproot the fence: “I don’t know why the fence is there, so I’m taking it out.” If you’re a conservative, and you see a fence in
the middle of a field, your first instinct should be to say, “I don’t know why the fence is there. I’m going to learn
why the fence is there, and then maybe I will consider whether that ought to be removed.” That means looking at
the lessons of history and recognizing that they
have something to teach us. This has something to do with
the conservative mindset: having a level of gratitude
for those who came before, trying to understand the ideas of people who came before you, and determining, maybe, why
those ideas have been durable. What was good about those ideas? What needs to be maintained
about those ideas? When folks wonder why
the conservative movement has such reverence for the founding, it’s because the results of the founding are the greatest upswell in
human freedom and prosperity in the history of humanity. And that is also true because the founding
embodied certain immutable and eternally true principles, principles we have not
always lived up to, but principles that were
true when they were written. This is Lincoln’s point about the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson wrote,
“All men are created equal and have inalienable rights.” When Jefferson wrote that, he was holding slaves at the time. But Lincoln said that was an immutable, eternal principle that
we didn’t live up to, and it is our job to make those principles apply to everyone the way that they were originally supposed to. It was articulated as a
high principle by Jefferson for a reason, even if he didn’t personally live up to that principle in his own life. Those principles matter. And the conservative principles, the ones that really matter, are that limited government was
created solely to protect rights that come from nature, and nature is God. That is conservatism in a nutshell. The founders thought that
was self-evidentiarily true. I don’t think it’s
self-evidentiarily true. I think that it is an outgrowth
of three thousand years of Judeo-Christian
history and Greek reason. I think there are long roots to this. If it were self-evidentiarily true, then everyone would believe it everywhere. It was self-evident to
people who have been educated in the precepts of Western civilization and who founded the country. Educate yourself about those precepts. Realize why those principles matter.

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  • There is no country founded on peace, love, and inclusiveness. History is bloody, including the United States'. The US has changed their oppressive ways incredibly quickly compared to other places and times.

  • If I had a dollar for every time socialism worked, I would have $0.

    Coincidentally if it did work, I would also have $0.

  • If you want to know what is actually happening between right and left…watch these vids: (not a scam..I have no affiliation..nothing to gain)

  • YouTube has changed again you can't remove gay or trans shit you have to scroll three weirdos and faggots doing lame shit in lame ways

  • Nature is not God. Nature is reality, in that statement.
    It's crazy to me that 95% of everything he says is evidence based.. Then suddenly he switches to faith, for no good reason.

  • The government fears the citizen that is armed
    The tyrannical government don't fear the peasants, for they confiscate all of their firearms.

  • The saddest part about the left is that almost none of them will even attempt to embrace other mindsets and they hide like cowards from any hint of cognitive dissonance brought about by people like Shapiro when presented with facts, logic and data to refute their utopian fantasy land-style of thinking.

    This is sadly ironic, considering how much change and social transformation they’re trying to force down everyone else’s throats.

  • If the single objective of government is to uphold the law, in any capitalism this gov will very soon make laws solely protecting and highly promoting the winners, like taking 12 times more in income (capital gains), some 800 times more in wealth and indebt the rest to "divide et impera"!

    If this sounds like the US, you must be a leftist! Or worse, a Børni socialist!

  • Truth is truth, no matter the source, even if it is spoken by a hypocrite who didn’t live up to that truth, just the same as an honest person can also lie. There are no absolutes and there are no perfect people.

  • The FISCAL CIVIL WAR will bring the most freedom to this great nation.

    We need to stop the massive #wealthredistribution from the hardworking progressive blue MAKER states to the lazy welfare red TAKER states and end Red State Socialism once and for all.

    The fact that the hardworking taxpayers of New Jersey are funding the lazy racist filth of KY is unacceptable. If this trash is too lazy to fund themselves, WE should not have to do it for them.

  • the organisers of yaf gather

    chiarman : will I do to make this talk more productive.

    member : maybe add a dinner

    chairman : good idea

  • A quote from pastor macarthur, who is also a college president, on watching education change in America: “The death of classic education, the elimination of classic education is a very very strategic plan unfolding from liberal educators and has been for about 50 years. It’s called multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is not multi-ethnicity. They’re not talking about letting all different races be educated. They’re talking about raising generations of young people who don’t have a distinct culture. So what do you do? You eliminate out of the college curriculum Western civilization, English history, English lit, American history, American lit, American society, any kind of social aspects of American life. You get rid of the literature. You get rid of the arts. You get rid of anything that’s Americana, the history of America, and you begin to embed in people all kinds of multiculture so they have no kind of idea of their heritage and you disconnect them from the past and that’s how you manipulate an entire population and turn a nation into something it has never been. It’s a very dangerous thing to be isolated. It’s dangerous for the preservation of tradition but we don’t want to die on the hill of tradition. There’s more in Americana than tradition. There are certain very very clear-cut moral values that were part of American culture coming from the west and those are being systematically destroyed, such as telling the truth for example.”

  • …I am wondering why these morons are eating and making noise while someone is speaking. That there is showing how much we care. I know it's an event or fundraiser but should show more respect to the speaker.

  • He made an error in his last comment. If something was self evident everybody would believe it to be true. I believe that is false because there are self evidentiary topics that exist. I think hes partly right not totally, when there is a self evidentiary fact that opposes someone's self centered ideas, they reject it and would rather be hypocrites than humble themselves and acknowledge their hypocrisy because their ego is too powerful. They are slaves to theor own beliefs, they know it's wrong but would challenge you to the point where they would kill you rather than admit their fallacy.

  • You can throw all the facts at these people They'll still resort to silencing tactics "Racist (Which is really an Anti White Hate word) Bigot, Sexist, Homophobe and on and on.

  • Hate Speech, racist, homophobe….all buzz words the freedom hating "tolerant" left uses to try to silence opposition to anything that hurts their fragile egos and subsequent thirst for power

  • Yes Jefferson owned slaves. But, do you know that it was British law that made it so that no slave owner could legally free their slaves.

  • The real first thought should be this is not my fence I should leave it alone… that’s what is wrong with society every is too busy being worried about everyone else’s fence

  • The guy whose first instinct, upon seeing a fence in a field, is to immediately tear it down is likely to get mowed down by the bull the fence was meant to contain.

  • Truth and facts have been lost to leftist Democrats, the only truth or facts Democrats support are the lie's they tell each other and try to sell to everyone else.

  • America and the west is dying, China gonna whoops your ass regardless whether you're left or right. China numba 1,bitches.

  • No matter how many times I run across that predicament I always think the same thing.. "why the fuck is there a fence there and should I scrap it or add on?"

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