Identifying the root cause, Mastering your inner critic. Christopher Salem

Hi William Jaroske here reporting to you a
nice sunny afternoon and a city called New Baltimore Michigan close by
the beach on Lake St Clair but yeah I just wanted to introduce to you Christopher
Salem since he’s an entrepreneur inspiring entrepreneur like ourselves and he
has been seeing people inspiring to make changes in her life and grow but then
I’m struggling at different phases and their career and life but he’s just like
you and me right a regular person that faced similar struggles but he shares
from experiences that already worked successfully through hard work and
dedication to help in your own challenges but we all reach our crossroads in our
lives but it’s time to make our like life-changing decisions to become a
better person and always becoming a person in always inspired to I felt
that was never within our reach or considered odd that we’re not deserving
but most of our important are you willing to commit
full heartenly to become a better self that leads to feel being feeling and
looking better then you ever had in your life make more money while having fun
pursuing your passion being a better personal relationship with others and
more freedom that solution was like I always resolves on the problem or the
challenge but the issues is many people operate what the in their lives and
in businesses and not affect of the root cause of the problem
they managed effect but do not address the root cause and life but the book
that he has which has published now as a masterying
your inner critic resolved root clause that create prosperity. Prosperity
written by Christopher Salem and he goes through seven steps process such as like
the book shows you how to address there are the root cause and then release it
over the time creating a new healthier habits that lead to prosperity and all
areas that these seven steps are mastering your inner credit and are as
follows the resolves root cause and step 2 you got like learn to
embrace change not many young entrepreneurs like everyday ourselves is we
cannot face the change they’re all too well and step three as stepping into
your fear like as a lot of us end up fearing the unknown and I cannot that
get out of our comfort zones and step four is you don’t know why why you’re in
success you got to know your why to success and you got a lot know your why
and why you’re in business to serve others if you just didn’t like that
earned money there you you end up being in some platitudes and end up getting a
mediocre lifestyle and Step five is setting goals to live life on your terms
not someone else’s not working a nine-to-five job at are you hate there
and more likely you’re underpaid and underappreciated
and number six is invest in yourself that is most important and step seven is
being held accountable being accountable yourself know if now you’ll find yourself
an accountable of accountable partner but each steps will bring you closer to
what you’re like started by step 7 you’re on your way to
master in a critic and allow you to create a life create the life and
businesses that you deserve but Christopher Salem can like bring you out
there these are problems and life that you’re facing there on everyday life so
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