If FDR’s Four Freedoms had succeeded, we would be Sweden…

this is a remarkable this franklin
roosevelt and his State of the Union address this is added to the seventy seventh congress
on this day back in nineteen whatever for the year was in me harvey on stoltz
all about this professor Harvey K as well as Professor democracy and Justice
Studies at the university was cousin Green Bay’s
the other the fight for the Four Freedoms what FDR and the greatest generation truly great
and his Twitter feed is slashing Harvey JKK
whyy a hearty time is great Airways and it is so cold here in Wisconsin this
week adjusted know I was coming on I warmed up but suede a sweet it’s it’s
frighteningly called here for for DC arm so professor here the I i’m reading
the the speech that that FDR gave any says a free nation has
the right to expect full cooperation from
all groups a free nation has the right to look to
the leaders a business have labored over agriculture to take the lead in
stimulating effort now among other groups within their own group the best we’re dealing with a few
slackers or troublemakers in our midst is first to shame them by patriotic
example if that fails to use the sovereignty of government to
save government save government save government it was
really worried about the possibility that they work you know corporations are still
cooperating with Nazi Germany in 1841 and and he was seriously concerned that
they might actually undermine the war effort in favor their own profits so when he gave that address on January
6 1941 basically he was speaking to the
american people to mobilize them for defense and he knew over the horizon the war the war that was already waging
in East Asia and Europe and he was concerned there’s a concern
that he might not secure the cooperation a big business that he knew was
essential basically to mobilize the you know arsenal of democracy and then
to to win the war right his is four freedoms at the Four
Freedoms get all the attention you know the freedom of speech freedom of for to worship freedom from want fear
and freedom from fear arm but and I want to get into that but
I think that there earlier on speeches at the basic things expected by
our people up their political and economic systems
are simple they are equality of opportunity for
youth and for others jobs for those who can work security for
those who need it the end have special privilege for the
few and the preservation of civil liberties
for all yet is that is dead I mean there’s a
great speech you know it isn’t just as for freedoms
which are wonderful and so inspiring it’s also that when he
was talking to the american people he knew that many were concerned that in fact the new deal
might be in jeopardy and conservative members of congress on
both in the house and the Senate overwhelmingly Republican in those terms
they were saying well okay where we’re going to prepare
for defensive going to prepare for war so therefore we should end all the New Deal initiatives basically
we need to suspend what we’ve been doing possibly even just you know destroy them you know to bring them to
an end and restaurant said wait a second is said you know if your gonna mobilize for
defense and for war it doesn’t mean you suspend the
victories in his last several years you actually do more than that you don’t
just even sustain them you advance them I mean he understood what a democracy was about and he knew
that if you’re going to go to war you gotta have healthy confident educated people people who feel their rights who feel
that day are descending not not a country owned
by the one percent but a country which is theirs in the most fundamental sense
of freedom equality and democracy and that’s what that speech was about
really it wasn’t just I mean it was fundamentally I’ll you
know call to war in some ways I think more important than the pro Harbor
speech I’m but it was also this sort of
declaration that we’re going to continue to sustain
our values that he made terrible mistakes in the in the weeks it
came at that followed sheesh the n-terminal the japanese-americans
and other things but the fact is that on the grander
scale he did try to encourage Americans to see that this war
was gonna really be about those four freedoms and N a correct me if I’m wrong but at at
various points in his presidency did not franklin roosevelt basically say that it
is the that that it is the responsibility
of government to be the employer of last resort essentially that there should not
be unemployment in the United States of America ok not absolutely I mean over and over
again the idea of the New Deal was not simply
that to you don’t get us out of an economic
depression by way of a recovery it was also the carry on major projects
I love for civil relief but then the on that
reconstruction and reform and you know if there hadn’t
been a depression but for some reason rosa had been
elected the you know it’s difficult to imagine
the other things that alternative but it’s still likely that rosa would
have pursued many of the projects he pursued in the face of the depression
and he believed in the Civilian Conservation Corps he believed in modernization he believed
in in engaging Americans in the labors and
struggles that were that were required for
americans to advance themselves and their nation at the same time benso India I think they would let
roosevelt’s saw in his eight years in the New Deal is the degree to which gym not only he
had these ideas as a progressive liberal democratic politician but also
that Americans themselves had these guys have hopes and aspirations I want to
apply wanted to apply the energy to them which is also yen to go back to the
speech why when he says you know freedom of speech freedom of
worship three terms from want and freedom from fear he doesn’t
think he’s talking to people about something they don’t know anything about he truly believes is the fundamental
ideals American lights right so if if we had a nation and had had a nation for the i
mean basically this all got suspended after the war and and you know the hood the band and and really in in larger part I suppose
with the election i’ve the eisenhower 52 nom it if we had a nation where you are guaranteed a job where the get
the government was the employer flashers are there is always zero unemployment nobody ever had to fear unemployment and they were and the wages were such
that you know the kinda teddy roosevelt Square Deal
definition you know that you lose that they had that you could the great American standard of living
right yeah he could raise your family you can put your kids through school you
had enough paper healthy health insurance enough for a set aside
a reasonable retirement for old age a if you direct quote from teddy
roosevelt nom how different will america be today just
with that one thing I mean he also talked about be a bit making sure that everybody had
free education free health care and housing if they needed it yeah but less so you
can shop somehow different with this country be if we all agreed that the government
should be the employer last resort every one of us who had just heard your
question is probably doing what I’m doing here on
I’m nodding in agreement and two and that kind of America would
be a healthier America a better said america this would be a
this to be the america that americans have always have always wanted not to go on at
length but you know a few years later in January 1944 roosevelt followed up the
Four Freedoms speech with his economic to love rights region
lays out all the very things that you’re talking about as a project for postwar America right
and and a a deal for any country that has done
that on that scale the europeans themselves I think we’re really inspired
by Roosevelt Four Freedoms and much second on the right and I think if you
look at what happened in Europe after the war your you’d see the development
of many of those things I’m I think probably the great shock is
that it’s America you’re leading the way
intellectually and culturally and politically and then failing to actually pursue the
very things a roosevelt and america’s themselves wanted in 1943 and 1944 P survey show that eighty-five percent of Americans wanted
a fold all-out social democratic America in the
post-war years while but of course the Republicans and
conservatives rallied against it and Rosa dozens of
passed away on April 12 1945 by they were coming up to the 70th anniversary
that this strange I’m so you know if he had lived that you know that’s a whole that’s a whole
other discussion we can have yeah yeah or if just his idea had lived and
indeed didn’t know you know truman truman when he came into office on Mills
on Russell’s death he spoken doing just that but really he
really wasn’t up to the task he didn’t have the kind
of kind of political skills and talents that roosevelt did right hand he he basically backed off
because by the way no president can pursue any initiative without the backing old
the American people organized America I’m with you professor
Harvey Kansas area this is the Thom Hartmann program you
can’t we are beat harvey JK kyes and he’s the other the fight for
the Four Freedoms 18ft on the greatest generation truly great among other
brilliant books thank ya rly thank you to

9 thoughts on “If FDR’s Four Freedoms had succeeded, we would be Sweden…

  • "Freedom from Want"
    "Freedom from Fear"

    ….Progressive socialist insanity. Public servants couldn't give two shits about YOUR wants – they're too busy using Public Unions to give themselves plush 6 figure retirement pensions. They LIKE you in FEAR it makes you easier to control.

    Passing the Patriot Act was easily done once the War on Terror had Americans scared shitless.

  • The thing about FDR being scared that business would undermine the government due to profits in WWII is something I had never heard.  It certainly makes sense when we look at the current situation though.  Business simply isn't an entity that is equipped to make choices against it own short term profit needs.  It's like the scorpion and the frog.  Corporations aren't inherently evil, they are just something that is created to generate profit.  You have to have an outside force that regulates what they can do.  We know that we can't let professional football player make their own determination of whether they stepped outside the line or not.  We know that that would be an unrealistic expectation considering the amount of self interest involved.  There has to be a referee.

      FDR sold the American people a dream, and in 1980 Ronald Reagan sold them a very different dream that seems more and more to be a nightmare.  

  • Freedom from want and freedom from fear so your not allowed to be afraid or want anything in lost on those two. We have nothing to fear but fear itself means to be courageous as in have courage to stand up to what scares you and if need be fight for what you believe in.

  • My only problem with FDR was why didn't he pursue the arrest, and trial of the super rich who financed through Prescott Bush's Union Bank, Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime in the 30's? The wealthy also financed a planned coup de tau against FDR in 1934 to replace FDR with a Nazi military government. And of course General Butler saved the United States, and FDR from this planned coup de tau. Why did he, and the justice department stay quiet about the matter? They had the evidence—why didn't those guys go on trial for treason? Because he did not pursue justice, the wealthy went right back to undermining Democracy after WWII, and that is why the world is the way it is today.

  • Thank you for saying " the greatest generation ". my great great uncle was John Gardner or Garner who was vice president , with FDR as president . That makes me proud .i was also excited to learn , I was also related tot he 15th president of the United States ..( my mom says , almost everyone is related to a president back then , cause they weren't that many people here ?).
    . Once I learned about James Buchanan….. Not so proud . He is even toted as being the WORST president. We have ever had . ( I'm sure trump will surpass him .). . But FDR was awesome . Wish we had another just like him . What we did after WW2 makes me So PROUD to be an American . Trump makes me feel ashamed to be American. .with what he is doing to migrants at the border , I can't in good faith an conscience even celebrate. Te 4 th f July this year .a lot of my neighbors feel the same . They even cancelled fire works in this area .no one is really in the mood under trump . He has made so many of us feel so ashamed .and he is doing all these cruel abuses to innocent children IN OUR NAMES . That makes me sick

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