If You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire

Over the last 400 years, what power has done
the most to spread the ideals of limited government, an independent judiciary, certain inalienable
rights, and free markets? That power would be the British Empire. It was Britain that gave these ideals to the
United States. It was the British Empire, the largest empire
the world has ever known, which made these ideals global aspirations. It was the British Empire, along with America,
that defended these ideals in two colossal world wars. Freedom was an Englishman’s right—and
wherever he went, he took that right with him. Whether he was an English colonist in America,
governing himself through a locally-elected assembly; or an English adventurer, like Sir
Stamford Raffles, creating the free-market city-state of Singapore; or an English officer,
like T.E. Lawrence, leading Arab tribesmen against the Turks, the British always thought
of themselves as liberators, as bringers of freedom. The British believed the final and necessary
justification of their empire was a moral one. The British kept the peace; they brought sound,
honest administration; and they insisted that basic moral standards were honored. The British did not try to nation-build in
the way we think of it now. They were under no illusions about making
Arabs or Afghans or Zulus into Englishmen. They were more than content to leave people
alone, to let them be themselves, to govern them with the lightest possible hand. In American history, we remember this when
we think of the British Empire’s so-called “benign neglect.” We can see it throughout the history of the
British Empire. Think about the vast territory of the Sudan—it
was governed by 140 British civil-servants. Even Gandhi praised the British Empire, paraphrasing
Jefferson, saying that he believed that the best government was the government that governed
least, and that he found that the British Empire guaranteed his freedom and governed
him least of all. In the defense of freedom, the empire drew
moral lines. No power did more to abolish slavery and the
slave trade in the modern world than did the British Empire. The British treasury spent enormous sums to
liberate slaves and compensate slave-owners in the Caribbean. The Royal Navy had, as a primary duty, the
eradication of the slave-trade—and, in fact, abolishing the slave trade become a major
factor driving the expansion of the British Empire. The British enforced a Pax Britannica, putting
down pirates, taming headhunters, and keeping the peace between previously warring tribes
and religions. While respecting—and often ruling through—local
leaders, the British still insisted on certain Judeo-Christian moral standards. They were not, in that respect, multiculturalists. They had a firm sense of right and wrong. When Sir Charles Napier was confronted by
the practice of suttee – widow-burning – in India, he told the Brahmin priests involved
that he understood it was their custom. But the British had a custom, too: They hanged
men who burned women alive, and their goods were confiscated. So, if the Brahmins insisted on continuing
their tradition of widow-burning, then he would insist on following his British tradition
of hanging the murderers of widows. Widow-burning in India soon ceased. But we don’t have to dig far into history,
into the abolition of slavery and widow-burning, to find the British Empire on the side of
moral right and freedom. We can think of events within our own lifetimes
or those of our parents and grandparents. When we think of the two deadliest threats
to freedom in the twentieth century, we generally think of Communism and Nazism. But how many remember that in 1940, after
the Hitler-Stalin pact, and after the fall of France, one power, the British Empire,
stood alone in mortal combat against the combined tyrannies of the world. Even where the British have merited criticism,
as in Ireland, there is more to the imperial story. During negotiations to create the Irish Republic,
for instance, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who could speak Welsh, reminded
the Irish nationalist and Gaelic extremist Eamon de Valera that the Celts never had a
word for “republic.” It was an idea given to them by the English. This is our own history, too. If you love America, you should also love
the power that gave us our sense of inalienable rights—rights traceable back to Magna Carta. It all started in America with the British
Empire, a great, liberty-loving empire. It is the empire’s legacy—the English-speaking
world—that remains the great global guardian of freedom today. I’m HW Crocker for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “If You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire

  • All entirely correct. The saddest thing was the loss of the Empire… The English should have taken the entire planet and taught proper decency, enlightenment, peace, moral fortitude and dignity to the remaining dark-hearted savages of the world…. Talking of savages, such a shame that they never conquered bloody Europe just to shut those continental snakes, crooks, thugs and fools up – once and for all…

  • This whole video is just a massive BRUH MOMENT. British people plagued India by appointing criminals and fugitives as East Indian governors i.e Robert Clive. Chutiye saale.

  • I'm always grateful to the British Empire for causing a genocidal famine in my country that killed 1,000,000 people.

  • I am British. I am proud to be British and I am proud of our history. We did some terrible things, don't get me wrong. But we also did many positive things, such as spreading a common language, building infrastructure for local communities for both our and their benefit and even left many countries as puppet states rather than direct control. You can see this with countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India whom maintain strong diplomatic ties with the U.K. So yes, we have our faults, but what country doesn't? None, America committed atrocities in Germany and Vietnam and Belgium killed many Congolese people. So we may be portrayed as 'bad guys', but in reality every country is a bad guy. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • nineteen thousand dislikes, thousands of cancerous comments, and six debunking videos…and I STILL support the video even though my background is Indian!!!!!

  • What a pompous idea. LMAO. “Thank your colonial masters”. Wherever Brits went they caused chaos and stole resources. Lost all respect for pragerU

  • 느금마 마가렛
    느그애비 히틀러
    애마애비가 쌍으로 개병신이니 이런 좆만이가 영상을 만들지 쯧쯧쯧
    꼬우냐? 좆같으면 한글 배워오든가 씨발놈들아 내장 다 찢어서 곱창으로 맥여줄까보다


  • Judeo-Christianity lol. What a hypocrite! Moral? Well, the GREAT British people smuggled and sold opium in China two centuries ago. When China banned them, TOO GREAT British Navy attacked China. You, westerners, gained the power by iron and blood, but not moral and justice.

  • Why did u not removed caste systems in india ?
    Instead you impose martial law, manusmriti law in our country.

  • so so so…. this video is from the point of view of British empire…. the colonies never agree to this view nor do I.

  • Why don't you mention how British fed the the boer women in South Africa food with glass in it during the anglo boer war or the scorched earth policy where they destroyed any living thing that did not agree with them. If the boers didn't discover gold in Johannesburg there would not have been a war. What the British did to the Boers can be compared to what Hitler did to the Jews in WW2. History have 2 sides. The victor's version though true usually fails to mention the horror. I am a huge fan a PragerU but this is BS.

  • Obviously there's two sides to every story. But this side is a side too, and it's not a bad thing to voice it as well.

  • Well ….NO……I like PragerU videos but don't agree with this one. British were the worst to India. The troubles they created are still alive…….they were vicious. Gandhi holds no respect in India because we know his reality.

  • Britain is a paradoxical civilization in every sort of way. They have these magnificent ideas of democratic government, and yet commit genocides everywhere they go. If you live in misery, thank the British Empire

  • For all you triggered people, the British empire was good, and my reasons would be the same of the video. I might like the British empire, but I also agree that the Armistar massacre was bad.

    You can't argue that all the nations that the British colonised were brilliant places of civilisation. You can't say that your country is brilliant then say that the empire, a force that wanted to stop slavery, an empire that fought against the Nazis, an empire that didn't abandon its territories and people. When a Argentinian dictator was invading the Faklands, did they abandon them? No. We made sure that they would never return.

    And tell me this, if the British empire was terrible, why would the Hong Kong rioters be waving the Union Jack? Because the empire stayed long enough to turn it into a democratic, capitalist powerhouse, where several banks and cooperation were stationed. I'm sure it sucked so much that those banks and businesses stayed in Hong Kong when the Communist Chinese took over, not moving headquarters to other places.

    So if you disagree, tell me why and I will listen.

  • The most Racist ,cruel ,dirty, immoral and demonic empire :BRITISH THIEF's EMPIRE


  • I love that he ignores the rebellions, abuse, and neglect in the British empire. Why would a country colonize another if they loved freedom?

  • This is why Hong Kong want to be returned back to the British Empire. They don't want to be ruled by the communists.

  • I’ve never seen a more shameless defense of the idea of the White Man’s Burden in my life 🙄 “The British saw themselves as liberators” I wonder how the African slaves saw them? Or the Native Americans forced off of their lands? Or the Indians who were treated like second class citizens in their own country?

  • Jeez thank you British Empire for killing thousands of my people, for telling my people that they were inferior, for creating concentration camps in my country, for denying my people freedom of movement and speech, for killing my grandpa's brothers and sisters who were only demanding independence. Jeez I have a lot to be grateful for the British Empire. Thank you PragerU for making realize how grateful I should be to the British Empire for all the nasty things the Brits did in my country.

  • This is video is steaming pile of excrement.I'm Irish,the brits never gave us anything,they tried to destroy our culture, language and identity. We had to fight for our independence from them and then they partitioned our country.The british flag is a butchers apron.

  • A channel that advocates for democracy,small government and self determination making apologetics for one of the most murderous empires in history.Makes you question their real motives.

  • This video is a bunch of lies. I think the sole purpose of this video by the British is to absolve themselves from the crimes they committed in their colonies.

  • People bitchin as they do, get over it, we know the wrongs of the british empire. Every empire has had them. But no one can deny the good that the british empire has done and many countries wouldnt be doing as good as they are today if it wasnt for the empire.

  • The vast railway network in India was not built by the "Raj" so Indians could go visit Grandma on the weekends, but to systematically pillage India's natural resources. Ffs they even taxed SALT!

  • Africans: thank you British Empire because although you colonized our lands, enslaved our people, took all our natural resources, made borders without considering ethnic conflicts, we still have freedom!

  • They promoted so much freedom that we Americans melted down statues of their monarch and made it into musketballs to shoot their soldiers just to thank them for inspiring so much damn freedom

  • LETS BEGIN WITH INDIA…Gandi was totally not praising british.He could've done much worst to the empire in india.He did not even was pro war when his enemy(british) were at their knees after the second world war.He contributed mostly of keeping the peace.If it weren't for him british rule in india could've ended more vilently then it actually did.I'll not dive into actual events and eg.s cz that would make this topic huge .so if you have any interest on it just look it up.

  • IN AMERICA…the story was a lot different cause the british who ruled the region got their independence from the crown via proper war. They knew what they were doing(and cause king goerge ||| sucked,also THEY DIDN'T HAD ANY REPRESENTATIVE IN THE PARLIAMENT THAT WAS IMPOSING TAXES ON THEM )so they fought back and eventually won.Pease was brought back by deciding terms.

  • Ha Ha it's funny but it's true that I'm enjoying my freedom because of British but what i have lost millions of Indians have been killed for example Jallianwala Bagh massacre many Indians were forced to fight for British army and thousands of have lost their life in foreign land Indian education system was totally destroyed gurukuls which were the hearts of Indian society where band we were treated like animals our historical things were looted all distance or nothing which British have done to India it is not possible to spend all those things in few words but still I am happy because for freedom we have lost everything thank you Britain

  • I’m British and this is an absolute load of shite. I mean it is literally impossible for us to pay the deserved reperations to the effected countries. India alone is estimated to be around 3.5 trillion. Plus the fact you can’t really put a value on the human loss. Anything good left behind by the British empire was merely accident or by product, of the East Indian companies thirst for profits.

  • Everybody confuses The British with the English. The English, the Scots and the Welsh are the British. Up until 1921 the Irish where also British and they all played a part in the success or failure of the British Empire. They all did good and bad things. Britain is the Roman name for the islands they all live on . It’s not that difficult to understand.

  • Ah yes the well known liberators of the world not only oppressing other countries but oppressing their own people

  • The mercantilist system of the British Empire was anything but a "free market". Trade was heavily restricted and colonies had zero control over who they did business with. This is what led to a golden age of piracy and smuggling. If you live in America, thank the founding fathers for your freedom. Don't listen to PragerU or any of the loyalists on the right who want to take that freedom away.

  • Compare the number of Natives in Ex-English territories like Australia,the U.S or NZ to the number of natives in Ex-Spanish colonies like Mexico,Bolivia or Colombia,let's see who were mass murdereres and who were the real freedom and culture givers.

  • And yet there is still civil war going on in some part of Africa that were occupied by the British. And had masscure and starve many Indian.

  • Only the British slave trade is important. The Islamic slave trade that is 1400 years old and still going on today is irrelevant it’s only those white People that count

  • British murdered 29 Million innocents in India within four years only under British mass-murderer Lord Lytton. And this hidden Holocaust is just one of the countless genocides the British are guilty of.

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