I’ll SHOW YOU how much MONEY I make on YouTube!

hi guys. So today is one of my favorite days
of the month. It’s the day when I reach into the mailbox and pull out my youtube paycheck.
and I thought i would share that with you. In fact, I have got the checks right here
and I’m going to show them to you! Now the reason why I’m showing you these paychecks
is because before I received them, I maybe like you, used to think that you needed millions
of views and thousands of subscribers before you could make any money on YouTube. So I
hope that’s the proof for you that it’s not true! I started making money, I started getting
checks that were around… I think my first check was like a hundred dollars and then
it worked up from there. Um. But I started making money on YouTube when I had less than
four thousand subscribers. And if you follow the right formula, anyone can do this. I’ve
been making videos on a regular basis about once a week for a year, but it took about
four months of doing that before I started getting paid from YouTube on a regular basis.
The checks get bigger and bigger every month. Now before I show you my checks there’s a
couple things I want you to know. There are still a lot of YouTubers who have this belief
that you’re not allowed to tell people how much money you make on YouTube. However, I
consulted with my legal team and we determined that there are no such clauses in my agreement
with YouTube or AdSense. Another thing that’s important for you to know is that you can
no longer get printed paychecks from YouTube, all of the payments are now done with direct
deposit. So I mean that’s a little less fun and exciting than getting snail mail with
Google on the front but it’s also a bit more convenient. Now I want you to keep in mind
the amount you see on these paychecks is what I have earned with very minimal effort. People
who spend more time and make more videos make more money and there’s actually a lot of different
factors that go into who makes how much and how they make it. Everyone makes a different
amount of money and the amount of money you are paid is different depending on like everything
it could change from day to day. Now I actually make a lot more money from YouTube offline.
And that comes from people who’ve seen my videos, the exposure that I get from making
them, and getting work and jobs and contracts and working with people from that. I do life
coaching, video editing, voice overs, I also make a commission off of my Amazon store.
A lot of the traffic I get to my Amazon store comes from Youtube. So I get paid to do the
things I love and enjoy doing thanks to YouTube videos which is a big thing for me because
I worked in retail for about eleven years and it was soul killing. And it got to a point
for me where I just said to the Universe and to myself like I can’t take this anymore.
I can’t do this. Otherwise, if I have to live my life working in retail my life is not worth
living. And that’s when I knew it was serious and I had to start putting myself out there
and looking into other things for myself. So here are my checks, I’m going to let you
have a look at them. They look kind of funny cause I like blocked out important information
that I don’t want on the internet. So they’re going to look a little bit weird but you can
see my name, you can see they’re from Google and you can see how much um I made.. So, like
I said, I get one of these every month. And so here’s the first one. Google. Adelle Ramcharan.
And amount due five forty seven seventy four. And you can see right here it says this check
is for your earnings as part of the Google Adsense program. Here’s the one before that.
Five fifteen. So those ones are like a couple of months old. Those are probably about four
months ago that I like received those. YouTube has started direct deposits since. So now
I make closer to seven hundred dollars. So I make about seven hundred dollars a month
off my YouTube videos and I don’t even work that hard on them, I really don’t. I just
try to be myself and I talk about things that are really important to me. So it doesn’t
mean it’s not important to me, it’s just that I’m working less than I used to have to work
to make that kind of money. When I worked at the mall, I’d have to work for two weeks
to make seven hundred dollars. Full time. And it was really stressful. Now I know for
some people, seven hundred dollars, that can be half of your rent payment.That could be
massages every week and organic groceries.That can even add up to less days that you have
to work at a job you don’t like every month if you have a paycheck like that coming in.
What could you do with an extra seven hundred dollars a month. Let me know what you would
do with that in the comments below. I actually wrote an ebook about how to make money on
YouTube, where I go step by step the process that I do in my videos, I learned a bunch
of tips and tricks by experimenting with a bunch of different variables on my channel
to make the videos higher and higher. i go into detail on my video that I had that organically
is now approaching one million views that I just shot in ten minutes. That’s actually
going to be part of the bonus book that comes with the ebook. The ebook is called how to
make money on youtube, get more subscribers, get more views and get paid. And then it also
comes with a bonus book which is called YouTube cheats. And those are tips and tricks if you
wanna play absolutely dirty and all you care about is money that’s how to get your videos
to a certain level. So that one is viewer beware, use with caution. I’ve got the links
below if you wanna check those out. That’s at www.youtubecreative.com and I’ve got a
coupon code again in the description box below that you can use to get a discount on the
book. You also will definitely want to check out some of the other videos on my channel
if you’re interested in self growth, personal development, financial freedom and the thing
that’s close to my heart which is healing trauma and going through therapy. thanks so
much for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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