I’m Done With League of Legends

I’m done making League of Legends videos. I’m sorry to my fans that only watch my League videos. But please, go watch my other videos. I put so much work into them, And they are honestly way better. I came to this decision when I was playing on ranked for my new video, where I was going to get diamond. *DING* Somehow we actually won this match. And then, I was two points shy of a series, when I encountered this player: This Malphite would just run down everybody’s lane and feed kills until he was zero and nine. Uh, we also had a Bard mid– We also had that going. And it was at this time that I called this Malphite: A fucking worthless braindead scumfuck bastard pile of trash mental dickface that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate he is. *Sound effect* Now there is so much wrong with this. First, why am I being banned for talking shit in a video game? I can understand being banned for cheating, or going AFK a bunch of times, or picking Orianna AD Carry, or feeding on purpose. But talking shit to some guy that is a total dumbass? What is this, fucking pussy-ass baby preschool time? Talking shit is probably one of the only fun parts of this boring ass game. I might as well just play the bots if you want people to act like robots, Riot. *Silent Hill – Tears of .. begins playing*
I wonder if they understand that the root of toxicity is the game. It’s just not fun, and it pisses people off. Let me be serious here: League of Legends doesn’t work as a competitve game or a fun party game to play with your friends. As of today, I have more than eight thousand matches played on this game. So I have some legitimate grounds to review the game. Laning Phase: The other guy sits under his turret and farms creeps for twenty minutes. Then the rest of the game is both teams walking around the map, accomplishing nothing, Until some dumbass gets caught. That’s every match in a nutshell. The death timers are too short. The bounty system punishes you for doing good The turrets are fucking annoying. The rank system doesn’t work at all. Most of this is just the game constantly inhibiting how good you can actually do. In any great competitve video game, there are so many techniques and opportunites for a great player to just whoop some ass. In League, you don’t really have those options. And because this game wants to cater to the biggest audience possible to make the most money. Like Call of Duty, it’s just gonna stay that way. Forever. And that’s what I feel like I’m doing with my League videos. Even though my appreciation for this game is waning all the time and I wanna hit you guys with all these different kinds of videos. I’ve stuck with it Because I know my fans wanna see me play League Now, I know some of you are out there like: “But Dunkey, what about the Pro Players?” Now, please understand this, Pro League of Legends Has absolutely nothing to do with real League of Legends The Pros are in matches were all 10 guys are amazing at the game In real League of Legends: There’s gonna be 3 decent guys, and 7 retards At its best, League is just something to play in the background while you talk to your friends but a lot of the time it’s either: Too frustrating or monotonous If my friends actually get into it and try to win, they’ll just get mad at each other and start yelling and get into a argument Um, but most of the time, people just keep Alt-Tabbing outta the game and pay very little attention to the actual game, y’know It just isn’t engaging and then the match stretches into the 40-50 minute mark and nobody cares at all at that point the matches just go on for way too long, everytime. *Sad Music in the Background*
So I’m not enjoying the game, nobody I’m playing with is enjoying it but I still really want to finish this video up for you guys, cause you know once I get all the footage assembled and I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do for the video, that’s when I have my fun, making it come to life you know, doing the editing, putting in the voiceover that’s the payoff for me, that’s the enjoyable part And I’ve been consistently putting out League videos. Since I started out on YouTube So i emailed Riot. I said “Hey can you guys unban me so i can finish this video up” Now keep in mind during my whole career of being the top guy promoting their game for four years. Riot has done almost nothing to help me out or promote me. And I emailed them for this first and only favor. And they respond to me “nope you’re toxic” And this is when I realised That this company doesn’t appreciate me at all Or anything I stand for *Ending – Mother 2 begins in the background*
I think multiplayer games should reward the time and practice You put into them And you should be able to call the people scumfuck bastards And connect with your friends and have fun playing with them. And League of Legends offers none of these things So I’m done with it. I’m done playing League of Legends I’ll continue to play videogames and make videos because it’s my passion. I love to make you guys laugh. I wanna keep making better videos . And I wanna represent games that I truly enjoy And League has lost my respect And it’s lost that magic that used to make so fun for me And it’s lost its soul *Ending Theme – Super Mario World begins playing* Oh this looks really interesting Mhm, mhm. Yeah yea yeah yeah I have now mastered Riven. I’m trying to remember the song I made for Akali And No! Not a sexy song. Thinks he’s winning. Thinks he’s real good. And then i go BADABOOM! BADA… *explosion sound* And this guy doesn’t like to bring any quints No masteries, no moves. I am not here to learn you how to play Xin Zhao. We are you Chinese father
*laughter* Oh he put something- I am going to see you grandpa. *laughter* *inaudible slowed speech* I need Papa John’s. I need one… “This is not Papa Johns.” I need four pizzas I need QUAD pizzas. [Pizza Butt]: This is not Papa John’s!
[Dunkey]: Papa John I need you!!! There is a girl in League of Legends and she makes more money than all of us! Wow! She is a graphic designer that works for School of Rock! Woahhh! What’s wrong with his leg? I think it’s back leg broke off *laughter* Hey Shrek go over there. Shrek: Wah! Woo-shu, woo-shu! WALL-E: WALL-E! It’s level 3 here. Ugh, they found us! It was a sting operation. It was a trap! We’ve been set up! Gay mouse in position. IT’LL BE YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR- *Inhales* -EARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR [Thanks Dunkey for all the laughs over the years]

100 thoughts on “I’m Done With League of Legends

  • Man Im still so sad. I love you dunkey and if you would ever like to play some norms please hmu man. I would love to see the shit you could do with Neeko and Qiyana. As a neeko main I would love to see the stupid shit you would do and laugh my ass off tbh. I love you dunkey. To bad league sucks

  • I feel so bad that what he said just so true and so fking IRONIC even today. LOL in 2019 still has 9/10 30mins longer gameplay and 9/10 RETARDs.

  • And then league adds in iron tier into rank and somehow thinks that it’s a good idea… smh poor rito so sad and stupid.

  • Just watched the video summer 2019 again and got a league ad at the end, they still tryna use you dunkey lmao

  • Literally got banned for telling people to report inters and instead I receive a permaban immediately for saying a word that meant stingy, what a terrible company. Dunkey’s message still rings true to this very day

  • Been playing League of legends since late season 2. I just got perma-banned for all the same exact reason stated in this video. I wrote to Riot and they answered they don't give shit about this. ( with more beautiful words of course !). I spend lot of effort. Lot ( lot!!!) of money in this game. I watched this video a week before i get banned. at that time i was like '' damn dunkey is so right about this game '' and DANG. Banned. Fuck this game and thank dunkey ! keep making me laugh at every video !

  • Ah, I still remember that stupid Akali video which made me an Akali main. I remember playing League and not knowing what the fuck was going on and how the game worked. Made me an Akali main, Dunks

    I was always getting inspired whenever I watched you play when I was way younger. Oh well, still the best League content creator.

  • The funny thing is that Riot doesn't actually punish people like this at all. Those that try their best to endure it and hit one point where they snap – THEY get punished for having held back for so long. I've had a one year hiatus from late 17 to early 19 (just over a year) and I came back to play. I think I've not seen ONE match where there aren't griefers at least one side. I don't say a word in game, so I can rule myself out of the equations of tipping these scumfucks over the edge. Yet even if there's then theoretically only three people that can tip that one shitter over the edge, while four on the other team, I get that one guy pretty much consistently. I report them, hoping that something happens – nah. Not a thing. Not a single fucking thing.

    Riot just doesn't keep to their own strict rules and griefers get free reign because they theoretically just CAN say "I'm trying my best!" when it should be fucking obvious that they are not. Unless, of course, they are playing the game by controlling their character with the audio regulator on their headphones through the audio jack.

    I still play the game, but I am feeling mighty tired of it and might just happen to go on a hiatus again very soon. I'll allow for one more stretch of bad games BECAUSE of griefers and I'm out. Not just bad games, but clear inters. Then I'll just sell my account because it's worth something to someone.

  • i literally just got a 14 day suspension because of a troll. riot doesnt understand videogames. companies would rather ban people for saying bad words than banning people who actually ruin the game.

  • 4 years later. The game hasn't changed at all. It's the same stale garbage except maybe you get 8 retards now instead of 7

  • Some of the arguments are pretty dumb, yes you were toxic and you deserved the ban. The other guy too but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be banned because he was feeding.

  • Heyyy, look at this, League is even less fun these days than before! It‘s even more unbalanced, Riot gives even less crap about the game than others and it‘s pretty much just a glorified shell to back when it was good.

  • This is the perfect video to make you realize that any game that has you spend more money than the original price is crazy. Especially if it is free like this shitty game.

  • It sucks when I watch the other League videos and start thinking I want to get into the game and then see this and remember why I stayed away for all these years.

  • the funny thing is I got a league of legends ad on this video.
    I hope someday someone snaps and goes to their headquarter and at least shoot 100 of their staff including that fuckface president of riotgames. fuck LoL and fuck their entire company. fucking SJW twats

  • rewatching this video when i just got banned for "being toxic". Said 0 curse words, but apparently arguing with someone who tells you to get a rope to kill myself is considered toxic.

  • I actually had this same revelation a year ago. I recently just tried it again. I learned that the more you take the game seriously, the less fun you have. It’s a video game, not a job. I understand league isn’t for everyone, but hear me out. I will never play league alone, but with friends. It’s honestly just fun making jokes and laughing out asses off. It’s not about the game, it’s the way the game brings us together.

  • Again the “Americans” thinking the US is the whole world. NA league is a shit show go ask any pro players.

  • You know what's insane? A game with a League System of ranking that keeps the same rules, limits, and skill requirement across all rankings.

    You know what's ALSO insane? Urban Legends perfected Ranking players with ELO decades ago. Why does every competitive game start from scratch, then flush itself pursing an audience of fucking fanboi casuals?

    Well, years later, we have Street Fighter 5 which has pulled the same dumb shit. It's the entire industry. They want to lose to sports.

  • Apparently, this video is actually kinda misleading. He wasn't banned for that comment. At least not JUST for that comment.
    He makes very good points about the game, but this guy ain't no saint.

  • I got the same problem with SMITE. I've never seen a game that has such a high emphasis on CC moves that for half the match you're either stunned or you're dead

  • fucking worthless braindead scumfuck bastard pile of trash mental dickface that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate you are

  • Yeah.. 3 years later looking back I agree the ban was sketchy and the game is in a bad state still but unbanning you? Nah. Content creators can't be exempt from punishment

  • No worries Dunkey, I've found your channel by Half Life video, it was really nice & funny, thanks bro

  • Going back to this video makes me realize how bad of an argument dunkey is actually making for League not being fun as this applies to literally all giant competitive games out there right now (Dota, CS:GO, Overwatch, etc.)

  • Fuckk this game… and imma never give up.. i keep makin accounts… imma be toxic forever.. and let new players dont play this game so riot loses momey and players… fkk them i lost my d4 acc because i had a troller that goes heimer adc.. and i have atm 70+ perma banned accounts and will never stop

  • It's pretty ridiculous tbh, the people in the chat that is. Do guys not see how full of hate you guys are. Chill
    And also league isn't dying. The Chinese server has 100m+ players. It's not gonna die, it has stayed for 9 season and I doubt that's gonna change.

  • I can't believe donkey used to be LOL chanel I'm sure he never needed that game to make good content.He is here today with almost 6M subs not because of the games he plays but because of he's personality
    Ps:Knack 2 is a masterpiece

  • Man I started watching donkey like 2 years ago, after his league age, and jeez I have never heard donkey say stuff like that to other people, he was really toxic in league, and he just seemed so defeated, like I never heard from him before. This is genuinely sad and I'm so happy he stopped league videos

  • League in nutshell:
    Have 2000 games on champ
    It gets remade and you need to learn it from beginning
    over stuffed new champs
    everyone has escapes and inhuman moment skills
    everyone does true damage
    everyone nukes
    Have good farm and decent score. Die once give them 1k gold and push them back to your level
    say 1 word get banned for 2 weeks

  • I've started the process myself. Uninstalled last month, friend got me to reinstall like two weeks after that and we played a few games together but just got mad. Saw the latest announcement about "Eternals", which is literally just a shitty achievement system behind a pay wall (???) and uninstalled again. What really sucks about the ranked ladder in particular (Which is the only motivation to keep playing that same damn map over and over and over again) is that it's designed to punish win streaks. Instead of rewarding you for progression, they start matching you with worse teammates against better enemies so that you're almost guaranteed to lose as many as or more than you just won. I've compared the rankings of my teammates and enemies after many different winstreaks came to a screeching halt and this is the only conclusion that I could come to. What kind of sadistic bastard designs a ladder that punishes success? Riot games, that's who. They do it to keep you on their ranked treadmill- But I've just had enough.

  • I watch this video everytime I think about getting back into league. I had quit back in 2014 and almost came back so many times but thanks to the dunk I've always stepped off that ledge.

  • Im fucking deciding if i should quit league, i had like a break for like 2 seasons and came back this season but..i just got in a game with a lucian that was fucking braindead, and then he decided to troll, i obvs flamed him, and then i got chat restricted…i reported him and just a few days ago i checked his match history…he was still playing games, he was probably trolling, he had shit scores like 3/10 and somehow he is not banned like … how???

  • I've been playing League of Legends while smoking for over 4 years now and I contracted lung cancer because of it. Stop playing League of Legends while you still can!

  • this video is gold.. i have now same feeling.. .. 90% games i palyed so well but there are some afs feeders or dumb fuck who pick tp on ash and proceed to feed .. i m also done..

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