I’m in New York City! | Whitney Bjerken

– So we are heading to the airport to go to New York City for Jordan Matter’s 24
hour photo challenge. And I’m super excited,
it’s gonna be awesome. That’s cool. We’re going to our gate now. Read this, we just made
it through security. And hey, and I got a lucky penny. (faint pop music) Look at how big this muffin is. – [Dad] It’s the size of your face. – Mmm, kale. (rushing air) – [Taxi Driver] We are
heading to the subway. – [Dad] Beautiful. (Whitney mumbling) – [Dad] Curly. (chuckling) Wanna do a needle? – [Dad] What are you getting? – A chicken kebab. – [Cowboy] Ready?
(Dad chuckling) – Goodnight everybody, thank you. Happy new year, goodnight. – [Dad] So you’ve met the
naked cowboy, what’d you think? – That was embarrassing. (Dad laughing) (soft R&B music) (ringing sirens) – Come in with me. (loud commotion) – Remember when I did
that in my main height? (rushing water) – [Announcer] And now,
we invite you to enter One World Observatory through
the doors on your right, where a spectacular 360
degree view of the city awaits directly below you. – [Photographer] You ready? I got it. – [Operator] For our
next stop 28th street, (mumbles) we will be moving shortly. (loud commotion and chatting) – Daddy. So we finished my first
day in New York City and now we’re just hanging
around and eating chocolate and watching TV. Thanks for watching, bye! ♪ But if we could dream beyond the bed ♪ ♪ If we could think outside the fence ♪ ♪

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