I’m Scared To Start My Dream

“I’m scared what’ll happen if I don’t get
it. I’m scared if I don’t get it. then I won’t be loved or that I’ll be rejected
or that people I care about will think I’m foolish or stupid. Or that I’ll be
starting so small that the laugh at me. I’m scared of being embarrassed.” You have
a dream. And if you’re not getting and if you’re not living it, I hope a few
minutes from now, your mind is going to change. My name is Kris Krohn. I’m living
my dream and I’m here to help you live yours. You know there’s a variety of reasons
why people aren’t pursuing their dreams, they’re not living their dreams. And
they’re just not getting started. In our comfort zone, is so easy to just stay at
that job and pay the bills or do that thing that everyone else wants you to do.
But honestly, ask yourself in this moment. Are you happy? Are you genuinely happy?
Are you fulfilled? Do you love your life? Or does it feel like something is
missing? A life lived without progressing towards a dream or attempting to make a
dream come true, is that a waste? I think that’s a question worthy of anyone
struggling to find their dream to actually really ask themselves. But what
I’m here to do today is actually talk about some of the limiting ideas and
beliefs and concepts that actually have us forsaking our dreams for no good
reason. And we’re going to talk about some of them right now. In fact, I want to
share with you then the 3 top reasons why people forsake their dreams.
But before I do, let me tell you a little about me. You might be a subscriber to
this channel and you may have put me in a box and said, “Kris, you’re a
real-estate guy. You’re here to teach me financial freedom in real estate.” That is
not who I am. That is actually the smallest part of Who I am as a human
being. Did you know that I’m a relationship coach? Did you know that I’m
a fitness expert? Did you know that I’m a belief breakthrough expert? Did you know
that I’ve put on live events and that I transform people’s lives? This isn’t
about me. I want you to understand that what we do is we put each other in boxes
because fear number 1 is the fear of judgment. It’s this idea that if people
see me going for it or if I launch my YouTube channel, only 10 people will
watch it. Or if I just start my Instagram channel to pursue my dream, that will
only get 2 likes. And the reality is everyone has to start small. But if you
allow your fear of judgment to get in your way of actually pursuing life on
your terms and the way you want. All you’re going to do is push out ever seeing
that dream come into reality. The one thing that you don’t want to have happen
in your life is live it with regret. Because the funny thing about regret is
that you don’t feel it too much in your 20s or your 30s. But when you’re in your
40s 50s and 60s, when you get later in life. And all the sudden health starts
shutting down and you start feeling different imposed limits or you’re less
marketable in the workforce. That’s when you start realizing “Uh-oh. My opportunities
are starting to slip.” And that’s when rejection
and that fear of regret it just starts pumping through the roof. And that’s when
regret really starts to surface. I’m going to tell you right now. You can not live
in fear of the judgment of other people. You can’t let that be a reason for not
living your dream. You’ve got to find a deeper why. Get connected to that dream.
Be willing to dream again. Can you feel it? Can you feel the incredible emotional
elation and ecstasy that comes with actually considering what would happen
if your dream were to become a reality? Don’t allow the judgment of others to
stop you from living your dream. Some of you aren’t working on your dream because
you’re afraid that you’re going to have to do everything. And you’re not looking at
the starting line, you’re looking at the finish line your thinking, “Oh, my gosh.
Look at all the freaking things I’ve got to do for this thing to happen. I don’t
even know where to start. I feel anxiety. I feel overwhelmed.” Listen, stop looking
at the finish line. Yes, you should have a concept of where you want to get to you
want to have a vision you want to have a goal. But all you got to worry about when
you’re running a marathon it’s the first mile. It’s the mile in front of you. Slow
down, take a chill pill and just realize “Wait a second. It’s more important that I
just get started.” Or “Today, I’m going to do 2 things that will move me towards
my dream.” And by the end of the week, I’ll have done maybe a dozen things. You’ve
just got to put one foot in front of the other. Don’t allow yourself to become
overwhelmed because everything you see that lies before you. But perhaps the
biggest fear to let go of is a fear that it won’t work out. A fear that you’ll
fail and let you’ll be disappointed. Because you put your heart into it. You
put your emotional energy into it. You allowed your mind to think about it.
And you actually put the effort in and you worked on it. There’s so many of us
that are not living life anywhere near our privilege. Not because of the fear of
other people. Not because of the fear of what it is we still have to do. It’s the
fear that if we fail again, what will it mean about us? And I want you to listen
really carefully right now. I probably failed…
I don’t even count how many thousands of times in business. The only difference is
it’s not a failure. Dude, it’s lessons. It’s learning. It’s a
privilege of… It’s a privilege to just be able to try something or learn what
doesn’t work. Because then when you figure out what does, oh, my goodness. It
is so sweet. Do you know how long I have this channel
pumping out videos that reached almost nobody before it actually went somewhere?
You can either allow your past results to deter you. You can allow them to
deflate you. You can allow them to mentally harm you. And allow yourself to
live with fear and scarcity. The reality is is that if you want to live life the
way you want to live life, you want to live it on exciting terms, you
got to realize that part of getting up and moving towards your dream is that it
may look different by the time you get there, you might never get it. But it is
about the journey. It is the pursuit of who you become in pursuing that dream.
Giving up on a dream, that’s a given up life. Someone that never gets their dream
but pursued it is going to live far more life than the next person that doesn’t.
And if you want a shot of actually getting your dream, here’s the real
reality. The only people that will ever get it are those that actually try. So, if
you wanted to actually move from an impossibility to even just a possibly,
which is a privilege. Then you got to start by what? Going for it. So, you know
what? Screw all the judgment of everybody else and stop worrying what anyone else
is thinking. And stop looking at the thousand things that need to happen when
you just need to work on the one thing. And lastly, don’t tear yourself down if
it doesn’t happen the way you want. It is a lifetime pursuit so that you can avoid
the regret of a life not worth living because you just sat by and did nothing.
This is your time. Stand up. Lift yourself up. Raise yourself up. This is your time
to live life on your terms the way that you want. You got that dream. Breathe life
back into it right now and take action today. Hey friend, thank you so much for
watching this video. I hope it inspires you to go after your dream and and live
your life to the fullest, right? I believe that you and I can have it all. And
that’s what this channel is all about. It’s all about empowering you to have it
all. And if you’re sitting here watching this video saying, “Easy for you Kris.” No,
let me tell you it was not easy for me. But I can make it easier for you. How
would I do that? In the link below, you’re going to learn
about one of my upcoming events. It’s called Unleash Your Financial Destiny.
It’s got a lot of money talking there, real estate talk, wealth talk. But it’s
all about helping you harness a mindset in a belief system that can only allow
you to do anything that you want. It truly is life changing. Not just as an
adjective. But because when it’s done, there
we’ll be tears in your eyes and you will say, “My life will never be the same again.”
And trust me, you need to have an experience like that whether with me or
somebody on this planet. And if you really feel strong connection to me, then
why not me? Let’s share in that together. Listen, what I want you to do is I want
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We’re going to offload a bunch of baggage that you may not even know that
you have. And you’re going to walk away a free man, a free woman living life to the
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and then share it with somebody else. Take care. We’ll see you on tomorrow’s

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