I’m Terrified Of Heights!

(Whoopsh~) Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye, and Uhhh! *smack smack* Early in the morning, time to wake up! Voice is not warmed up! Gotta do my vocal exercises. *deep inhale* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Welcome to another Vlog, another day in the life of Jack around su- I was gonna say sunny Brighton. It was sunny earlier It’s not that sunny anymore. But today, we’re actually going to the tower. So the last time I did a vlog, I said that I was going to go to the Brighton Tower, and go up into it and be terrified and shit my pants, buuut it was closed and we didn’t get to do it. So we just walked around the beach and did a bunch of stuff that way. But today, it’s actually open! I have tickets booked. We’re ready to go -burp- We have to go up and do it in, like, a half hour. It’s going to be good It’s gonna be a good time, but I’m terrified of heights, so I don’t know how this is gonna go -BUUUURP- But you’re all coming along! So if you’re terrified of heights as well You’re gonna have to come with me and hold my hand and bear with me as I- as we go up into this contraption… …that, I don’t even know is safe, okay. I know hundreds of people go into it all the time But it’s the time when I’m on it that I’m most scared. I’m also uploading subnautica right now, and it’s the last episode Well, not the last last episode, but I finished the story we got in the rocket and we left! It’s sad! I dunno what else we’re gonna do. We might just go into town and wander around and look at some shops or whatever I don’t know. *giggles* The world is my oyster cake. I could do whatever the hell I want… technically. Um, but first and foremost We’ll go to the tower. That’s the main objective of this vlog so *deep inhale* *snap* Let’s go do it *kinda hipster indie rock music in the background to set the mood* We made it out! The weather’s shit. There it is. We gon’ be in dat! *indie rock returns* *sigh* We were dumb again. We were supposed to get here a half hour before the thing and we got here like… 10 minutes before… so, we missed our first flight *chuckles* Oh yeah, they call them “flights”, ’cause the tower itself back here is owned by British Airways So when you’re going up in the thing it’s like get ready for takeoff It’s quirky. It’s fun. It’s unique, but they’re putting us on the next one so we get some footage from it at least- I’m not letting this- I’m not letting this go to waste again *Cute babbling about lateness* Cheers! Thanks. I did however find my new favorite thing It’s Terry the turtle Look how cute he is! I need to get him. I need him. He’s so adorable. Kiss *kissing sound*. We’re in the waiting room, and they have like all these… cool things on the wall Showing you how everything’s made, here’s some of the construction… I don’t know what this is. It’s in the water? *Chair creaking* We’re going up now, in a second. I’m waiting around on board *chuckles*. Before it was built, it looked like a UFO Without like, the tower part in it, it just looks like a UFO Area 51 was in Brighton all along! This is where they’re making the aliens! *chuckle* Also be prepared to see me be very very scared when I’m up in this because it’s… really freaking tall *nervous laugh* It’s 162 meters high. You might as well have me in a room with a lion Because I would move the same way just like: don’t make any sudden movements. *weird high-pitched voice* We’re in! We did it! *relieved sigh* Beautiful music! I want to dance! It’s not so scary. It’s not so high, this is fine I won’t be like that in ten minutes *chuckle* I’m- I’m- Imma be up there soon. All the way up there. I finally have those long legs I’ve always wanted *laugh* Oh my god I’m like freakin Slenderman *laugh* my legs are like 11 feet long *person on speaker saying stuff I can’t make out* Jack: It’s moving! Oh god. We’re going up! Aw 450 feet! Pray for me. Pray for Jack. I’m not OK right now. Oh god I’m freaking out. It’s so fucking high up. I don’t like it. And there was this, like, loud bang, and then the dude came around like: “Did anybody drop something?” because it was like a loud noise which we didn’t expect, and I’m like: Ummm… Excuse me, what? I don’t like it. I mean I do, but I don’t It’s-*speaker interrupts* Oh god, that scared the shit out of me. *Upbeat music* We’re going back down. Finally. I feel okay again, but, d’ya see the burnt pier? There’s like, really awesome clouds out in the distance. It’s so goddamn gorgeous. I’m kinda glad we came at the time we did, during the sunset, ’cause now we get some of these really cool views. And Brighton has some of the coolest cloud-cover ’cause of the… The ocean and the horizon, and everything. It just looks awesome, and all in the distance are all these like, wind farms. But I don’t think you can actually see those in the video. *awkward pause* It’s very pretty. Also, there’s dogs down there. This is what I’m talking about. Look how cool those clouds are! *VERY LOUD WIND* So awesome. Brighton has some really cool weather- I mean, it’s cold as all hell out here… But God that looks pretty. *WIIIIND* It looks like a video game! *MORE WIND* *happy music* Jack: So, da Wiish?
Signe: Yes?
Jack: What’d you think? Signe: I loved it! Jack: It’s pretty cool, right?
Signe: Yeah. I’m not very much of a “heights person”… Jack: SAME!
Signe: I got super scared, but it was not that bad. Signe: I did not expect it to shake as much as it did.
Jack: Yeah. Jack: The shaking was not nice.
Signe: I don’t think people realize how much it shakes when they walk around. Jack: Yeah, people were walking around and then the whole thing bounces up and down and then… just that loud bang Jack: Which you didn’t hear.
Signe: No, I didn’t.
Jack: And then the guy walked around like: “did anybody hear a noise? But you didn’t seem scared you were, like, walking around taking all these shots Signe: Well, I was so mesmerized by the beauty that it didn’t matter. *Jack laughs*
Signe: It was really, really pretty. Jack: *mocking* “Mesmerized by the beauty”. Oh, also I was, like, taking a shot at one point But I was like pointing it at the ground I was like: oh that looks really good! On like the really nice camera And then like I looked from the screen out onto the ground and I had like a little like heart palpitations like: dat’s not cool I’m not supposed to be up that high! I can’t fly! “I can’t swim!” Signe: *laughs* I can’t swim! I’m at my favorite store. And no, not because of the sweet sexy neon lights But because the store is called: Pussy!!! Ha haaaah! I HAVE to get this! If only for the nostalgia-factor alone. this and, uh… Meteora when I was growing up were, like, really big deals to me. And I would get the Tool one This! Lateralus by Tool Insanely good album, but I have this vinyl at home already *laughs* Um, they also have like movie and video game soundtracks here too, which I really like. But look! Teeny tiny little metal section!? Come on, man. You gotta represent your heavy metal! You take a wrong turn somewhere in your life, and then you end up in: *suspense* *whispers* The Weeaboo Zone *chuckle* This is a really cool comic shop that we come to every now and then and this is where all, like, the manga is. Look it’s Attack on Titan! I have all those at home, but I want to get this It’s Uzumaki, by Junji Ito. Signe always highly recommended it because it’s like a bunch of horror stories and some of the stuff I’ve seen from Junji Ito is really really cool. The style is really awesome Um… but a thing I like to do when I come to comic shops- even though I’ll never read them all, But I like to come in and like pick out a book that just looks cool. I don’t need to know anything about it. If the cover is cool, if the art style is cool I just get it, and then someday, I’ll have time to read them all. So let’s see wha-*blabbering* let’s see what we get today. Hey look it’s the God of War! They stole this design. I don’t know if you guys knew but science is the new rock and roll so says this chick. She’s from Nowhere Man. What’s happening? *giggle* I met some guys who are really nice to me.
Guy one: Hello
Jack: And they they knew who I was Jack: Say hi!
Guy 2: Hello! *chuckle* And they got a really cute dog Aw! And they have a big giant Star Wars toy. So they’re the coolest people on the planet right now I’m back home now. By the way. Obviously. But I ended up getting this book called “Wytches” “Witches” with a Y because it’s quirky like that But it just looked really really cool. The art style of it is a little weird and like minimalist And I don’t know. I like that. I just like stuff that looks cool and if the story’s bad, it’s like: Oh well, whatever at least it looks decent So that’s like my little… tradition. So when you do the Brighton Tower thing- you can see it in the video, where we went over and took pictures- they take like green-screen pictures, and then superimpose you onto stuff so like this This one doesn’t look too bad. This one’s kinda cute. I like this, but then we have really weird ones like this It’s like oh, yeah Signe: Where does the beach start and my coat begin? *Jack laughing* Jack: Like: *sarcastically* Yeah, it’s that sunny in Brighton. THAT makes sense! And this one? I don’t fucking get what kind of perspective is going on. It’s like all of Brighton and a festival is happening at the same time But we’re there… Completely out of proportion, and then this one they were like: Yeah, just wave and pretend that you could see something! Jack: This one’s my favorite. Just because of how bad it is *laughs* Signe: Oh no! Don’t show that! *Jack laughs again* Jack: They were like: “look at the left”, and then they superimpose you into the tower to be like: see, you saw something when you were up there Like based on the location that we’re in we were looking at the sky Like we didn’t see shit *chuckles* But they’re fun I love how goofy they are. So right now, I just recorded Subnautica, hence, The little headphone boys. You can see here, files are transferring over It’s weird to be recording Subnautica now because I don’t really have anything left to do in it It’s all just… Dicking around and making my own base, and then over here We have Audition. I know I don’t show this kind of stuff normally, but I just did like noise removal So this is what it looks like when it’s recorded and because I have this fan on all the time It sounds loud because it gets really warm in here, but all this noise in here. This is all noise This is all the fan noise, but when I do noise reduction: Boom! Fan noise completely gone. Then you’re left with a crisp voice file, and then I have my own, like, Preset up here where I can go into favourites- You can’t even SEE THAT! And then I just have a YouTube thing that I select down here so when I hit that Audition does all the work on its own, and it goes ahead and does a bunch of shit to the- to the file Can’t remember exactly what’s in there, because there’s like a bunch of effects and stuff to like make the voice sound a bit punchier in the mix of the… the game audio, and kind of bass boost it a small bit So it sounds nicer to your ears There’s compression, there’s different things like that, so I don’t, like, blow out And then you don’t hear the stuff clip and peak and all that stuff. And I always- what I learned in college when I was doing this kind of stuff, is you never do that stuff live, unless you really really have to. Like you’re at a Concert or you’re doing live streams or something, because, if you do it live Then you can’t really undo it if you don’t like how it sounds in the final mix, so all we start off with is the raw file and do that stuff afterwards Because then… if you have a good source, good source is always the key, if you have a good source Then you can do whatever the hell you want to it, and it’ll always sound good either way, you can like bass boost it, you can… Equalize it, you can compress it, you can normalize it, all that kind of stuff And it’ll be fine But if you do that stuff live Then if you don’t like how it sounds, then you’re kind of fucked because you can’t undo that If that makes any sense. So I do all that stuff afterwards, and then I send it off to Robin and it just syncs on Dropbox, but because recording, uhhhhh- Recording long videos, I use this: My DSLR And then I have like a little monitor up here because Sony cameras don’t have flip-out screens… not on their DSLRs anyway. This one does, but I use that then to record and the… the file ends up being Gigantic. Like one of the face files ends up- for an hour, the face file ends up being like 30 gigs So I have to encode down because my internet is shit So I have to make them slightly smaller and compress them and then send them to Robin but try and keep the highest source that you can And then you can mess around with it afterwards you can always degrade it afterwards yourself That’s my tip of the day! Now we’re gonna work out It is currently 11:40 p.m. So it’s almost midnight, and I’m deciding to work out because I haven’t done it today, and I want to keep up with it but I’m doing the… the P90X3 program you might have heard of it everyone’s heard of it. *music playing from TV* Shut up TV, jeez! *TV noise cuts off* Sorry. Loud. But I’m trying to do the P90X3 thing. I did it before, And I did it for like a month and a half. You’re supposed to do it for three months But I did it for like a month and a half Maybe a little less, and I got insane results but I said that I was… I said that I was heavier than I’ve ever been at the start of this year Which was true. I was seventy kilos which I don’t know what that is in pounds But after dieting and working out for the last like three weeks, I’ve lost seven kilos so I’m, like, three kilos away from what I was when I was working out, so… I’m almost there. I’m getting there 2018! PMA! Workout is done *panting* it’s not as bad as I remember it being. I was also doing a different one called insanity max 30 That was way harder. It’s all cardio, and you fucking running all the time That, that’s crazy but this one’s still pretty good because I like ones where I actually lift weights and Do push-ups and pull-ups and everything instead of just, like, actual cardio because… I don’t sweat You might think “oh, did you actually do a workout? You’re faking it.” I DID do a workout actually, but I don’t sweat. Um… I don’t know what’s wrong me. I just break out in a rash, and I get all itchy which is happening already So… that’s why cardio sucks for me because I overheat and boil up and almost wanna die-BUT ANYWAY, I’m gonna leave this Vlog here It’s kind of all over the place But it was a good one! You actually got to see like a whole day with me. It is now… 12:30! In night time. so it’s past midnight. So technically it’s tomorrow! Already. Probably when this video is gonna go up. I don’t know. Anyway! Thank you guys so much for watching this episode, If you liked it, PUNCH that Like button IN THE FACE LIKE A BOOOOOOOSSSS! And: *quiet voice* high fives all round! *WAPOOOSH, WAPOOOOOOSH* But THANK YOU GUYS, AND I WILL SEE ALL YOU DUDES… *screeches* IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOOOO~~ (Outros- I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe) Yeah it’s very loud in here, it’s not soundproofed at all, my neighbours are gonna kill me!

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