36 thoughts on “Immortal Technique – Freedom Of Speech

  • This be the first song i ever heard by you… But it never gets old. Love your shit man, you are making a difference and you have opened my eye to many things. Im just a mom but i dont want strings on me. Also you should do a song on foster youth cause that system be fucked… You know for the kids.

  • get em tech. i found Tech by accident years ago when i was in the Army. he is one of the only people out ther who tells the truth and doesnt give a fuck what anyone thinks about it. he refuses to let the industry tell him what he can and cant say and i repect that alot.

  • This song is absolutely disgusting. One of the best rap songs of all time…from the beat to the lyrics, fan-fucking-tastic.

  • @waggabiggadoo Our rights on freedom of speach have some boundries : you have to speak the truth when trying to fight against a certain party : Trust me I wish we could say what we like

  • @ow3nzed That's right. Generalise shit.

    All music stands on it's own… it's better when you drop genres man.. don't judge one tune on another 🙂

  • @xxxallyssaownzallxxx It would be better if you had a listen to some of his stuff yourself, a lot of it is politically motivated and about current affairs (well, current at the time the songs were out).He seems clued in, better to be listening about what's really going on, but sure, listen and hear what he has to say. The Point Of No Return, Cause Of Death are goods songs, he has a few good interviews on RT News if your'e interested in looking them up. He tells you what the news won't, IMO.

  • @xxxallyssaownzallxxx Did u even listen to the lyrics? He's tryin to wake people up to whats really goin on. It is intellectual. His eyes are wide open. U shud try it

  • In my town, If you say a curse word or give a middle finger to someone you will get a ticket for disorderly conduct an $150 or could be put in jail for verbal assualt. Been there done that. We have no hope of freedom of speech.

  • thumbs up if you think this is gay) that the goverment are hunting immortal thechnqine FUCK ILLUMTIEZ

  • man im a big metalhead i love it so much its got truth…but not as much truth as tech spits..he is one in a fucking million…and he gives rap a good name, unlike these other fuckwits like kanye west and lil wayne controlling the airwaves!

  • @xxxallyssaownzallxxx haha so true, but its still much easier to listen to than lil wayne or someone just talking about how they are the "shit", literally, ya'll stink like shit too.

  • see he is educated and knows whats going on like Peruvian coke etc. see he's saying the truth in the music he sings/raps

  • I remember "Pinocchio" when I first saw it since I was a baby, but it used to be my favorite Disney film, but not anymore. But thank goodness for sampling this classic Disney song into a rap song. I have the Disneyland LP of the soundtrack and on CD as well.

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