Importance of Hiring a Good Mortgage Lender – A TRUE Story

Hi everyone, This is you Tampa Bay
Realtor Lance Mohr. In this video I want to talk about hiring a really good loan
officer in the importance of doing that I want to give you a real-life scenario
that happened to one of my buyers this week to really drive home the point on
how important it is to hire and make sure you get a really good loan officer
an honest company all right so I had a buyer call me up
and what happened I just got back from vacation and I found out that there was
a problem with the loan the lender that he hired actually screwed up and it was
being delayed three days and he wasn’t they were not using the builders lender
so what happened is the Builder was charging them $300 per day for every day
they did not close and so he was getting hit with a $900 bill the good thing is
they had a really good loan officer a really good company and they basically
stepped up to the plate and paid that and you might be thinking to yourself
well yeah of course they should and you’re absolutely right they should but
I’ve been on the end where I’ve seen these lending companies not they’re just
like hey we’re sorry this stuff happens it’s not our fault
we’ll get the loan done as quick as we can and there’s situations especially in
this market right here that we’re in in a seller’s market where if you don’t
close on time and there’s a backup offer that’s better than yours on a pre-owned
home they might just cancel the contract and they let it expire and take the
other offer or if you’re working with a builder or if it’s on a relocation
company there’s a per diem every day if you don’t close and it could wind up
into hundreds if not thousands of dollars so you need to make sure the
lending company that you hire is good is reputable is honest and someone who’s
going to do the right thing always ask for references the best place to start
is your real estate agent if they’ve been in the business a while they should
have a really good relationship with a really good loan officer and mortgage
company I hope this helps please give me a thumbs up if you like these videos and
if you have any questions at all don’t forget to leave them in the comments
below have a wonderful day you

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