Improving access, safety on Liberty University’s campus

students at Liberty University will return to classes on Monday there will be some changes on campus including new traffic patterns 10news reporter Magdala Lucent shows us how they’re improving access and safety for pedestrians and drivers clayton moore walks 10 to 15 minutes from the east side of Liberty University’s campus to the heart of the school it just seemed like you were kind of dodging traffic it’s almost like you’re playing Frogger a little bit this semester will be different for students like Moore who will have to cross these busy roads Liberty just finished three major road projects including this new roundabout it helps push traffic off the university Boulevard to the outer edge of campus we’re really kind of getting into our long term of having the the full loop Ring Road on campus try to keep the pedestrians on the inside vehicles and the outside makes it much safer for both the University Police is incident reports are not open to the public but school officials tell 10 News on April 25th this year there was a car versus pedestrian incident but no serious injuries even if it’s not an accident happening you still have vehicles that have to wait for pedestrians to cross the road so if we can get the vehicles to the outside and keep the pedestrians and the students on the inside the two don’t have to cross as much liberties on campus population is fifteen thousand five hundred this does not include the faculty staff and construction crews driving through campus every day students seeing the changes say it already makes them feel safer not everybody’s coming through the middle of campus anymore which is gonna be great and so I’m looking forward to all the changes in Lynchburg Magdala Lucent 10 News working for you

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