IMVU Series | The Pact: Season 1 Episode 4 "Broke & Homeless"

I thought you said he would be here in 15 it's only been eight minutes and but it started to get cold out here who is this guy anyway I didn't even know you have friends outside of me I just met him not long ago you know you seem like a perfect candidate to replace my current best friend all right good you and your suckers it could be so big possible subtitles but I guess I can let it slide because of today's event good because I really just want to forget about it fine so tell me how you know this guy then he saved my life huh when was this and where was I er she saved me from getting decapitated by a speeding car oh my god great you weren't wear the shoes I lend it to you right your sensitivity is greatly appreciated I'm just kidding it but seriously what's he like because I need to know before I hop in the car with some total stranger how can you say I don't really know much about him besides that he's a lifesaver well he Dave jumped out of a moving car for you so I guess you could say here's a complete cornball and nice a very stablish supreme Oh supreme I am so sorry I had to bother you but we literally had no one else to call we both sort of got kicked out and don't have anywhere to go is there a problem I mean usually I want to let my home to those in need but I think it would look good on my part with two minors little mouse well she's 18 and I turn 18 next week oh my god I turn 18 next week I've been so busy that I almost forgot okay well there is what I will do for you – I've got such a weapon on hotel for a week and the week is sorted out from there are you serious oh my god supreme thank you so much you're like a guardian angel no problem ha been on doing off reason awareness battle we is your friend okay director oh yeah she's fine she just gets a little shy around new people like you see just go up to the front desk and you know my name she already knows what thank you Gary supreme you already know what they mean it's really me just give you a call thank God they have a washer and dryer in the lobby yeah it's nice hey what would you bet there I never seen you so quiet in my life it came off a little room I didn't mean you to be that way I was just surprised what do you mean you have no clue who that man is yeah he's the man to save my ass and yours once again that's supreme Carter okay you really are clueless they literally call supreme the man that makes us smell in Michigan he's her loyalty the absolute drug keeping of Michigan his great-grandfather created the cartel and you don't even want me to get into all those things they have daya and you're sure this is the same person of course if I would have known dude was the person you were talking about I would probably have told you let's make a run for it you still feel that way even after he put us in this hotel I mean yeah he seems like a nice guy I trust me I've heard stories about supreme he caught over 300 bodies not at Michigan and other states and I saved the country in the past ten years that may have pushes 400 kilos of coke in two weeks fella did you know have a spread that is wait wait a minute how do you know all of this again Kevin of course he works for him so how come Carrington do this for us because Kevin ain't shit he blows all his money at clubs and on cars he's an idiot and to be honest I wish he was more reliable and yet he is supposed to protect me great I never said he was bad with a gang that as far as helping out with folks in our situation he's not the best person to turn to it so I'm guessing you don't like this whole supreme helping us out thing I don't know it's not every day that you find a drug keeping Kevin out to girls in me let alone risking his life for one by jumping in front of a car Maya what are we going to do we still house it's much too school after our last year we don't have jobs this isn't good I honestly couldn't care less about school well I do why not just do your classwork and homework online with what computer you always have the library huh that's true but I want you to do it with me you at least need to get your diploma I guess cool you now for ordering pizza do you even have to ask why did I let you talk me into this don't tell me you're finished already it's not my fault all here to assignment you're still stuck on advanced algebra yeah this shit is confusing put it over there texting suprema No Jayla the girl we met and super burger right yeah she asked if you wanted to hang out with her I'm down I told her we would be there and in it shower by the way have you spoken to Kevin does even noted you got kicked out he's probably dead smalis at least you have a sibling girl please that nigger how do we even text me or called me these are the Karen at least we got each others do you think I should still be consider the people around me nothing will have happened since that day at your house yeah but still I always feel paranoid when I'm outside there's only natural I haven't noticed any we're looking at you funny since we've been out today so I see no need for you to be worried I guess you have a point are you finished up yeah question number 11 – kiss my ass I'm done for today the answer is C if you could have tailed me before I submitted but how would you learn you select come on see what will did she say she was and again this one I believe oh hey yeah I didn't expect you girls to get here so early yeah we were right down the street when you texted me oh right I forgot the library wasn't too far off come on in there girl this is a nice as a partner thank you my dumb ass boyfriend set me up any as soon as I move back here oh so I had a long-distance relationship being going on not exactly we were close friends before I moved to Florida I stayed in contact while I was there always happens for him in just a couple of nights ago he confessed his love for me oh they're so sweet Thanks I couldn't believe it ourselves but there's a really nice apartment he must push wait Maya oh no it's fine but not exactly what he does is far worse than being a drug dealer she's a cop you want to know what's crazy you two are probably the only girls are actually lastly it since I've been here I tried to hang out with a few other bitches but they're so stuck up in a title well we all still got our whole life ahead of us to have more time to make new friends looks like we're off to a great start with you right in goodwill hook their boyfriend with up with their friends you're so thirsty that it's painful to watch I can't deny it I doubt you want any of his friends they ugly they're broke what do you take me as some sort of God digger uh yeah well they're definitely not ugly or broke for that matter but they're a lot light training really bad chambers what like controlling uh not adequate controlling just really angry for example one of his friends had a girlfriend who went missing last year apparently the friend had been beat her ass ever since they got together idea all of a sudden after a few months of being together she disappeared nobody ever found her never at least that's what Trent told me you don't believe him have Canton ever raise his hand at you no yeah no it's okay you know he hasn't but I know if he ever did I will lead and why bother looking back enough about me though what's going on with y'all nothing much precise fact we got kicked out oh my god why what happened well my mom and I have been going at it past couple of months so she finally kicked me out in Liberty's must I'm at that she found out that I had dropped out of school but why would you drop out of school there's quite a long story but why are you two like a library earlier dating we were just putting in job applications yeah Oh make sense if after it I would let you all crash here but I'm no train would go ballistic oh don't worry yourself we're just now getting to know each other after all yeah but you two seems so nice is that him yeah I'm so sorry it's okay we could always hang out tomorrow I feel terrible you're fine come on Liberty why did you rush us out of there like that do you really think she won't leave that guy if he ever hit her what makes you ask that I don't know it may be because my dad did it to my mom before he left she always said she would leave but she never did but she called the cops I had the two years of Appeals well let's just hope for the best and by the way I can't believe you were about to tell her that I'm pregnant bitch why are you whispering and besides you seem harmless newsflash dumbass the last time you went blabbering your mouth people and put a target on my back hey if they come at you I'm sure supreme would be happy to jump in front of a bullet for you I'm not sure if that was a joke you need to relax your birthday is in six days you need to stop thinking so negatively besides I wanted to ask you something like it may sound crazy but here it goes do you think there is ever a chance that Jayla missing what makes you say that I'm serious a wise person once said that there's something are two strings to be a coincidence I read you know what you read I lunch me you sign me up I'm serious Saint goes to Florida and connect that and all of a sudden we meet this girl superburger and she just so happens to move from Florida to here that doesn't sound where to you nope well how about this what if she is still alive I mean his face was completely fine when they found his body who could say it was actually him it's called forensics for who remember that day we had our argument at a cafe did they ask at school what a closed casket ceremony wasn't enough closure for me so I went to Miss Mills house and she thought it would be a good idea for us to go to the hospital and had the forensics show us the paperwork we decided to lay into my mom when our break scene so she's a part of the team I got all my hopes up for nothing the DNA match and that's why I was so out of it that day because I had to come to terms that he was actually god damn I'm sorry for reopen to that role he's fine yeah never recovered to begin with Hey so now you concerned about us Kevin by what kind of brother in protector you are my mother kicked me out of the house and we have nowhere to go I if she wanted to be so concerned about where I am going she should have never kicked me out to begin with especially not over three dishes being in a sink hey why are you laughing this is not a laughing matter Kevin I'm going to go for a walk I'm sure if I had loads of drug money if you would have bought it be either since them too much of a bitch to walk up the driveway and knock on the door I guess I'll just say it from here I'm sorry for being such an idiot and I'm sorry for making the same mistake that you did you know those teenagers just think we know everything especially when it comes to love nothing else matters not even to repercussions that was never really there for me he was always too busy with the prayers in its face I remember when I was in elementary school and he actually stole my lunch money just to go get high I thought all boys would grow up to be just like that until I mentioned although I know it was a mistake I don't think I would change it change what supreme where did you come from I guess the same as you think in the morning walk by the way said I'm sure you heard all of it moves huh that was meant to be in private so in various issues um delivered so make some room for me I didn't know you lived in this neighborhood – I don't know my folks T is everything all right well just like you I'll pop some pointers soon like what ecstasy local sonic decided to start cracking jokes now but no he's actually did cocaine I was one of the reasons I moved a minor I never want anybody who's I respect for oh man it seemed like this a lot of niggas woke up soon said even not good I won't commit wow that's pretty fucked up wanna was really fucked up a body good I sell it to him outside tells me everything I need to know I mean but who am I to pass judgment on anybody I'm not exactly in the best predicament either I was gonna try not the expert what is your most ago I'm not really comfortable with talking about it well can I take a guess Eddie how about if you want all right we're reasons a mobile kick your teenage daughter out the house well I'm merely an adult not quite here yet but don't try to distract me uh let's see you don't really strike me as the rebellious type so I can scratch that off the loose you know my mom could have been on drugs as well I made it will make sense mom is a nurse with internal medicine every day gondol Charlie added with us how did you know my mom with a nurse I know everything baby girl and yet don't know why I got kicked out I knew actually what I was going to consider of your feelings I don't know some tough shit to do especially at your age tell me about it I'm an only child I don't know the first thing about taking care of a baby baby you I don't you were talking about your plane you said you knew I was messing around with you oh my god yeah was trying to keep it a secret hmm play me this can't get any worse I'm pregnant got kicked out and people are out here trying to kill me kill you I thought you said you knew everything everything is irrelevant to me it doesn't matter anyway I don't care what happens at this point I can handle it for you handle what all of you including that supreme actually he taking favors from you I don't want anything in return believe it or not I figured out of myself of you when I was your age how old are you old enough okay

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