In conversation with Professor Andy Neely, Cambridge Service Alliance

so the service alliance creates an impact in a number of different ways first of all it brings together different organizations from different sectors just to share knowledge and experience secondly the Alliance creates practical tools techniques frameworks ways of thinking way to looking at the world to make to help people make the sense of what's changing in their sectors and their industries and third through education and training activities so we're running a series of programs a series of courses tell pop skill people in organizations as they think about services the ideas have been created by the Alliance one of the early ones is around actually what are the capabilities you need to successfully run a services or a solutions business and we look there at things like the ecosystem how networks or organizations pull their capabilities we look at things like accountability spread weather risk lies as you take more responsibility for delivering outcomes to your client that also often implies that you take on more risk as an organization so how do you understand and then successfully manage that risk so I think the value to the Alliance partners comes in in different ways really first of all the network itself so actually the ability to sit down with other large sophisticated organizations and share experience and knowledge is important but the second thing is the research program so we jointly define a research program with the partners we identify things that they know they care about but also the university can set some light into and through that research program provide practical tools techniques at weight of thinking for the Alliance partners and I think the third thing is actually engaging some of the students and spotting future talent clearly one of the things that organizations want is to recruit the next generation of talent from universities so by engaging with the university the organization's raise their profile and potentially attract new talent to the organization

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