In Defence Of Freedom | Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Manto | Nandita Das [HD with English Subtitles]

Certain people call me a friend of the workers Some say that I am indecent which means that I write obscene and vulgar stories Some say that I am progressive what is this nonsense? Manto is a human and every human should be progressive I am accused of writing about sexual relationship between man and woman, and about prostitutes I believe that everything that is present there in the society should be written about My stories do not evoke any gross feelings in a normal person It’s on you to decide whether you like my story or not Literary critics can debate whether my one story is of the standard of my other story But literature can never ever be obscene I have been prosecuted many a times now And now everyone asks me why I write such stories Why should I not? Why should I not write about prostitutes? Are they not a part of our society? Men don’t go to them for prayers They have full right to go there but we don’t have the right to write about it Why not? Why should something not be presented as it is? What is he blabbering? Where have they got him from? Why should sackcloth be called silk? What man? You are blabbering rubbish. Look, he got offended Would denying the reality make us a better person? In the lawsuits against me, the prosecutor always emphasized that few characters in my stories are foul-mouthed But the words that I have put in their mouth are used by thousands of people in day-to day life For example, if I tell you To you Man, you are such a fucker I am here and you are searching for me there Am I abusing you? No Do we not here such words on the road? It is necessary for literature to change with the times Famous French Novelist Gustave Flaubert’s story Madame Bovary was accused of obscenity Irish author James Joyce also had to face accusations of obscenity for his book Ulysses If we look at it, from Wali to Ghalib everyone has faced such accusations That’s why it’s not something new…(a person from the audience intercepts) Sir Sir, I am Ansar Shabnamdil First change your name, then speak to me So, I was saying that (the person intercepts again)…. I am sorry, but I think that many of your stories are dejecting and depressing one might even commit suicide after reading them Yeah! If his name is Ansar or whatever is after that, then he might (Ansaar=Helper) (Shabnam=Dew drops, Dil=Heart) Look young man! You can never know how others feel So, from now on, only talk about yourself I don’t know adorning and all I don’t know how to iron out someone’s abjection Neem leaves might be bitter but they clean the blood I only know that my story is a mirror in which society can see itself And if an ugly person has a problem with mirror itself then what is my mistake in it? If you cannot bear my stories then it means that this society itself is unbearable. I am not a rabble-rouser; neither am I a sensationalist Who am I to remove the clothes of this society, which itself is naked. It’s not my job to cover it I use white chalk on a black board so that the black board becomes even more apparent I can close my eyes But what would I do of my conscience? Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak! Speak, for your lips are free! -Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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