In democracy, everyone's emotions need to be taken into account: Sadhguru at WION Global Summit

may I request you all to please take your seats conflicts and the quest for peace is not just limited to the political sphere something that we discussed just now sustainable development they say the peace policy of the future and one man who has worked towards it is Satguru Jaggi Vasudev an Indian yogi mystic and author and a pardon of the portion ranked among the 50 most influenced influential people in India Sadhguru is a visionary and a best-selling author as I said he was confirmed the Patna by Bhushan by the Government of India in 2017 the highest annual civilian award in India accorded for exceptional and distinguished service it is our pleasure to have him with us today I'm also happy to introduce you I would like to introduce you to mr. risk on a veteran journalist and an illustrious international with an international career spanning decades mayor welcome on stage said guru ji of the Isha Foundation and mr. is counter talked about a possibility beyond present realities [Applause] it well excellencies distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen it's a real pleasure to be here with you and Bucky thank you very much for all the hard work you actually did the introduction which saves me having to say you know there's something that such a list of credential South Luigi has and bulky as mentioned some of them I'm very honored up to be up here because I always try to throw out these little nuggets of wisdom like saying you know and I did things like Aikido I would say things like you voice has already lost the argument based on these ancient wisdoms I would here although I'd like to discovered in marriage the man is always the one who loses the argument whoever raised the voice first but I did happen to be in Davos a couple of weeks ago and I was sitting at a table with a very prominent Indian businessman it might actually have been younger than Billy I don't know he was actually called up to speak and I heard him say to his wife just as he was about to go onstage you said my dear could you have ever imagined in your wildest dreams that I would be speaking at the World Economic Forum and she whispered back my dear you were never in my wildest dreams so be careful what you say sadly it's such an honest such an honor to be with you and to have so much you know chance to speak with you on stage I'm going to open that up to questions fairly quickly because I know our esteemed participants are very keen to speak with you as well but I do have to ask you at this time we have of raised tensions at a time when people want to to find unity but they also want to deal with the stress and tensions of of present Horace how do you ask people to move forward how to do things in a way which allows them to find a common ground good morning this is that kind of time that whatever you say will get judged in an extreme way well they're good reasons for that for a whole lot of people there are lots of dead bodies and lots of believed families so there is emotion strong emotions but there are problems and there are solutions when we invest in problems problems multiply it would be wise to invest in solutions but in a democratic nation when you take everybody's opinions and emotions and considerations it's very difficult to move in any one direction because it's always trying to move in 10 different directions but I feel this wouldn't be a very difficult problem to solve if there is an abstinence from daily violence that's unleashed in the form of terror the old philosophy of thousand cuts is still being executed when that's going on it becomes very difficult to even talk about a solution I think that's where we are right now aspiring for peace is definitely in everybody's heart aspiring for peace looks like a noble endeavor but practical situations have always been handled in different ways it's not just today's issue forever human conflicts have been happening because when somebody is aspiring for peace somebody else takes advantage with one incisive violent act I think between the two nations enough of those things have happened question of trusting each of the jesters in their eyes right now so if you ask me because when it comes to common people their aspirations are brief of economic well-being is one of the important things as a region we have 33 percent of the world's malnourished so the largest number of stunted children in the region in the world is in that region so individual people and families if you take them their aspiration will be very economic I feel putting economics as a front foot is the best way to do it I think India made a serious effort in giving this most favored nation status to our Western neighbor but that did not yield any result as such today it's sort of being withdrawn by putting 200% whatever you call it assess or attacks or whatever it is so talking peace is a very fashionable thing everybody talks about it but when it has been declared by the proponents of this violence very clearly our goals are not Geographic that is Kashmir is not the goal once we liberate catch me we will liberate the rest of India when these things have been clearly stated I don't see how you can talk with the same people endlessly peace because it's ridiculous so I feel the region has to make efforts to bring an economic prosperity I think if the rest of the countries show economic prosperity I'm sure people in Pakistan don't aspire for anything else they also aspire for their well-being it is just that certain forces in every nation behave like they represent every human being in that country but it is not true you should see the bond honey that Indians and Pakistanis have outside the country when they're outside that region they do very well with each other once they are there not possible for those who are maybe a less familiar with some of the amazing things you've done because you do work very hard within India you had amazing success at helping people what do you feel has been the biggest outcome under on the projects you've you've created what has been the most successful project in raising the quality of the lives of people in India that you've experienced so we launched a comprehensive campaign called action for rural rejuvenation what I saw was there are many projects there are many schemes garment and or schemes that is budgets for it but what is missing is people willing to take it in their hands and do it they've been waiting for the gunman to do it garment has that much mechanism to deliver beyond that they don't have the mechanism to deliver it's simply not possible for a garment to come and change people's lives it can provide certain infrastructure certain budget certain other possibilities but cannot actually change people's lives people have to stand up and do it so when we started this there were many issues one important thing is different kinds of divisions in the society of religion caste creed there are various things we did to overcome this one significant thing we did was when we did these programs together one problem I saw was there was a kind of resistance to sit down together and eat because your cast and my cast doesn't agree your religion and my religion does not agree we are not able to eat together then I tried to push it then I saw a lot of resistance then I change the whole thing into something else I said you don't have to eat together we'll just play together we just brought games into villages no Scripture ever has said that you should not play together fortunately no religious book has told them you should not play together somewhere it is being said you cannot eat with those people but nobody said you cannot play with those people because nobody thought of playing first of all so we brought games in a very effective way in rural southern India especially where today it's become a major moment just now in September we finished one in November we finished one where over 40,000 players across 28 districts in Tamilnadu participating for over three months league matches all sorts of people men women of every age there is one particular team where there is a 66 year old woman her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter all of them in the same team a winning team they won last year but this year they came on third place or so probably cuz the grandmother couldn't take that maybe she's two years older now so I want to why I am saying this this moment of playing games we have education we have health and other things on the ground which are all important but we're all of it to all of that to run smoke I saw this port became a fantastic tool to deliver those things because certainly there was an exuberance and joy in the villages and the sense of competition and pride about the village that they wanted their village to win suddenly they forgot what gas they are what greed they are nobody ever thought of asking what is Murat colas caste he never occurred to them but if the local politician is standing for election they will find out what caste he is but nobody worries about the sports person so we kind of leveled that and managed to deliver so similarly in every area even these differences of nationality we could overcome by some means which is a little offbeat which is not the usual things we are talking about to religious people can never agree upon anything because they have been indoctrinated that way two armed forces cannot agree because their business is like that politicians cannot agree because that is the way things are with them but this is the thing about business why I said economics should be the front foot ease the nature of a businessman is such if the deal is good he will deal with the devil also that's what is good about him well let me do this the the I don't want participants are very keen to speak with you and you've been very kind to say you're happy to take questions from the people who've joined us today so I have microphones on the on the ground but we can certainly take a couple of questions I promise I will get to the questions in the order which I see the hands go up and the lady there has her hand up first let's see if we can get your microphone just behind you man I'll come to them in the order I see them there someone at the back there I see as well I'll get to you know my Guruji you know you hit the point very hard when you said that there's been so much senseless violence of late and I think on behalf of all the participants here we again once more pay our condolences to the grieving family and to a grieving nation but my question is more fundamental you understand soul better than all of us what is it in the human soul that drives us to this violence senseless I must say and then derive pleasure out of it because unless like you said this pleasure we don't like to do anything you talked about the joys and happiness that you brought with your games in the village but what is lacking in our souls that we get pleasure out of violence well I would like you to take away the senseless because those are words of poetry but violence makes sense to somebody that's why they cause violence because it makes sense to fulfill certain goals of their own so let's not be in that kind of a utopian mindset that violence is senseless no there is sense to it a very cruel sense to it but there is sense to it because a whole lot of things historically have been achieved with violence so people know with if you are capable of unleashing a certain level of violence you will achieve your goals so it is not since less only for somebody who's looking at only the blood and gore and not seeing the design behind it it is not violence by default it's not like crime this is violence with design driving towards a certain point and if we do not stop it or if we do not counter it appropriately their designs will be fulfilled so it is not senseless it is sense but unfortunately it's senseless for the lives about your soul we need to understand this once we identify with something whatever is our identity of caste creed religion nationality once we identify ourselves with something the very nature of human identity is such that we will start working for that identity that identity becomes more significant than life at some point we're willing to live for it we're willing to die for it it may be a family it may be a nation or it may be a religion or a race but once you identify with something that's how human mind works to create a world beyond these identities well that's the ideal that's what we all strive for but is that reality close by no I'm not somebody who lives in a dream state I live in this world I know the realities of this world are we anywhere close to that no we are not but today that possibility of taking ourselves in the direction of beyond identity kind of world beyond limited identity kind of world is a much more a possibility than ever before because technology has made the borders of the nation the borders that you set forth in so many different ways of societies is kind of broken and it's become very porous young people are communicating with each other it doesn't matter there is war or peace they are communicating with each other so there is a much bigger possibility today of taking the world towards a humanity which identifies as humanity not with race religion nation whatever else but right now the reality is nation is the largest segment of humanity we can address for solving any problems we are still not in that kind of state where we can address the entire globe we have not come to that state where we will embrace each other and live in absolute joy or peace that is not anywhere close so nation is the largest piece of humanity we can address so that identity is probably better than other identities within the nation so in that context national boundaries should have been settled especially when we got our independence we should have settled our national boundaries one way or the other little give-and-take somewhere and we should have done it whichever way but we have not done that we are still with the LOC or line of control which is all the time out of control so fundamentals of making a nation there are many aspects to our nation one basic piece of it is sovereignty of the nation that means we know where our nation begins or where it ends when that is in constant confusion then these fights become inevitable unfortunately I think it is time one way or the other we must settle as to what is our nation what is not our nation if we don't settle this we will bleed generations to come we try to get to the hands in the order I saw them the gentleman there is next and then I know at the back we have to as well forget you said good AG I have a question my name is guru Raja Rai and I want to know from you your view on giving and forgiving is it essential for our present human experience well first of all why do you accuse somebody of something and then try to forgive them I don't forgive anybody because I don't accuse anybody of anything everybody is doing what they know best what they know mask best may not be the highest thing in the world but they're doing what they know best can we evolve people to a higher level of thought emotion and action this is all it is about but every human being is functioning at the level that he or she is so where is the need to accuse them and then forgive them I'm not for forgiving because I have no bitterness about anybody so why should I forgive anybody there's no such thing about giving what is there to give we come with nothing did you come with an investment into this world and how are you going to give there is nothing here which is really yours presently something maybe and our our care to use it to the best use to the maximum number of people should be the goal there is nothing to give because it never belonged to you you pretending to give something when it doesn't even belong to you I think these values have been I know spread around the world giving giving giving I don't know what to give what is there to give only if you if you steal from the world you can give otherwise what is there to give the only thing you can do is you're doing your best for this life and every life around you that's all a human being can do because you come with nothing and go with nothing there's no container service at the end of your life in spite of that people have turned their homes into warehouses I'm trying to get to the the hands in the old they went up if I could just pass this gentleman there please sorry I'll get to you sir off to it so I just want to get some in the order and he's in the middle there thank you I saw message this morning which a beautiful message this morning which appeared to be you a treat you know in the age of fake news we don't know that it was your to eat or not it said that you suggest you seventy if that's really you are a belief can you please explain us further how will this help in diffusing the situation thank you see there is a confusion in the country as to what is India and what is not India you must settle this if you don't settle this these fights will go on endlessly how many lives have been lost in both sides for how long you want to do this we must decide you must have the courage to decide otherwise if you do not integrate the nation this problem will go on this confusion in the new generation that is there also there is confusion whether I belong to this nation or do not belong to this nation because different people are campaigning in different ways so I am only talking about anything and everything which is coming in the way of integrating the nation must be removed and in my opinion 370 article 370 is one of those things which is leaving populations confused not knowing where they belong the actually the microphone was supposed to go to right to the back but so if you've got it just please ask if you have something and then they'll get you at the back so said guru my family's been in the Gulf now this year we completed hundred years in the Gulf and of course in the Gulf we've lived all our lives with the Muslims 1947 partition came and I was born in Karachi but I always said I was born in Karachi India because at that time when I was born in 1938 there was no Pakistan now the question is here when 47 we had to leave because we were Hindus we had to leave from Sindh my father had a question because living with Muslims question was okay fine you don't want us to live in Pakistan that's because we are Hindus all right then we'll go and live with our Muslims in Arabia can you explain to me how a religion which is there how can you fragment it and and say that yes this is our religion between the two well this will need a historical postmortem which I don't think is appropriate here but we must make this happen in the world that individual religion whatever you want to believe in must be in a personal capacity you don't have to practice it on the street nor do you have to practice it as a nation individual people can believe whatever they want the religions of the world should come to that level of relaxation they are right now in an aggressive marketing mode everybody trying to conquer more people all the time if you relax that that you'd want to capture it's called soul capturing she mentioned the word soul if you stop this thing about soul capturing and leave people to do what they want you can teach your preachings whatever whoever likes it will follow it if this relaxation comes in the religious teachings that it is not about the numbers and first of all I feel in a democratic country if the politicians of the day 100% realize that people will not vote and the base of basis of what they believe in as a religion the voting and the choice of leadership will not happen on the basis of religion if this one thing happens I feel more relaxation will come and further partitions need not happen partition is india-pakistan partition is one of the cruelest things that have happened in this part of the world where over 600 million 600 thousand people died and millions of people are still suffering but both parts of the care in both in both the countries still a whole lot of people in the second third generation still not settled because of what happened then so the we cannot fix what happened in the past but if you don't learn from the past that means you're unworthy of being human it's judgment of the very back if you could put your hands up in the luck just forget the microphones you man jeetendra with you yes guru there is so much anger emotion going on in our country at the moment there was a Mahabharata and there was a fight between Korah one point was and after so much of tolerance crushed intervene do you think that now we are seeing a crush the question will appear and do the justice with this battle thank you this is a very Indian problem we always think somebody will come from somewhere and save us it's very important to understand then also he did not come he was there just like you but took responsibility to see if we can sort out a few problems of the day similarly today if we stand up to sort out the problems we may succeed if not all out at least to the extent that we can in our lifetimes but expecting some messiah to come from somewhere and transform our lives this must go this happens because India is one nation which remembers a few thousands of years of history in the form because our history was not written in a simple factual way but it was written in a dialectical way as a living story because it was written in a living story you still keep living 6,000 years ago it's time you come to 21st century solutions will not come from anywhere else if we stand up to find solutions we may take a few steps the way the situation is right now solution is not nearby but we may take a significant few steps in our life so that solution will happen sometime in near future if we don't take the steps and we wait for somebody to descend from somewhere and solve our problems anyway I want you to know that even in Mahabharata and Krishna came as much as he tried he could not solve the problem it ended in a disaster so I hope we won't wait for somebody to come and make a disaster out of this that we need to stand up on both sides and find some solutions mr. Bharat just wait a moment I'll get gentlemen I come to you sir Am I my question to you as a guru is that you said that article 370 should go soon article 370 371 rather than being seen as an act of keeping two entities apart we seen from the perspective of constitutional safeguards to religious and ethnic minorities when the state came into play after 1947 well that question is not relevant because there are more minorities in the rest of India then in one state called catch me right now so how do you say that on what basis so are you going to pass the article 370 for every state wherever there is a certain amount of population it doesn't work like that hello yes mr. Sadhguru I want to ask you about psychedelics do you think psyckadelis can help defuse violence I've given to leaders you want to dope them now nothing else we need to understand this we are always thinking one leader is the problem either here or there we need to understand we are democratic nations in Tamil language in southern India in Tamil language the word for democracy is gen an icon that means people are the leaders that's what it means people are the leaders we cannot simply say that if you give drugs to hunt leader our problems will be over it's far more deep than that well the majority of the population may not be involved even if it's 2% of the country's population but it is a very dynamic 2 percent population 98 percent population may be there but they are little sleepy maybe they are already drugged they are in a way they're drugged with their lethargy they are drugged with stories of their own they're drugged with these kind of beliefs that somebody will come and save them one day no I think we need to get them off the drugs there are different kinds of drugs which is putting them to sleep it is important to awaken people not to put people to sleep putting people to sleep is a temporary answer and when they come back you don't know what all they will do when the drug wears off we don't know what they will do so that's a colorful idea though the lady in the middle if you put your hand up we'll get the microphone to you I'll come to you in come to you in just a second man please cigarette gorgey it's order to be thank you so much among such fine people this morning in the panel earlier one of the gentlemen mentioned that the voice of the leadership of our nation is not necessarily the voice of the people and in a way you actually led me to my question when you mentioned Jeremiah come which is of the people for the people and by the people so on one hand we're talking about empowering people with making decisions that will benefit the nation's but these are the same people that are intolerant when it comes to portraying a fictitious character on on the big screen and they threatened to behead her why are we so intolerant as my question and directly related to the year of Tolerance in UA I didn't get the point of beheading somebody so yeah ok related to the pad novel controversy when the actress was oh so we talked about empowering people and then we have the same people coming up with trivial issues which is when we have bigger issues to deal with see democracy leaves people with a certain amount of privileges without any particular mechanism to insist on a responsible behavior from everybody so a whole lot of people misuse these privileges in different ways don't pick that as the standard that's not how most people are anyway about whether the leaders represent people or not the argument generally is well only 60 percent of the people voted out of that the present leader got only 31 percent so how can he be the nation's leader well what the hell are the remaining 40 percent of the people doing when they have not voted they have no rights to comment either so if it matters to you you must hand up a note it's a privilege you must exercise that and how should you exercise it it's very important now that the elections are coming and maybe many of you do what in India see the important thing is if democracy has to work the feudalistic mindset has to go in the sense if even one family Oats as one unit then it's not democracy this is the idea of secret ballot that everybody should think for themselves and oat if you own as a family if you oat as a caste if you would as a religion even if you would as a party I am saying something which is going to be I'm going to be unpopular with all the political parties in the country I am saying this political party membership should be taken away there should be no such thing because I see particularly in United States if you are somebody he says I'm a Republican why my father was a Republican my grandfather was a Republican so your old is already decided this is a few allistic way of existence where is a democracy in this we are getting there also rapidly in our country it was not like that in the beginning but now we are getting there very rapidly I feel this political membership should not be there there should be a limit if they need that many people maybe a 500 people a thousand people to run their party that many people can be the members public should not be members because they are pre committed which is not a good thing every time and the election comes you must evaluate what's happened in the last five years is it worthwhile whether we should give them another chance or not is something that each individual should decide if you decide as a mass either because of your party membership or because of your religious affiliation or because you belong to a caste or whatever then there is no democracy as such it is just feudalism in the name of democracy and most countries are becoming like this particularly United States has taken to this and India is growing that way I think if we want a course correction we are talking about voting beyond religion and caste but what about the party party has become the new religion it's important that there should be no memberships people should decide just before the election who they want to vote for otherwise we will subvert the democratic process thank you sir man I'm sorry I'm trying to get to you with a microphone but I don't think they got it to you yet but okay I'm just like you let's get the microphone to the middle thank you go ahead namaste guru ji I'm Lata Ramakrishna my question is since women have a very soft approach to everything and they love to hold discussions instead of offering knee-jerk reactions will it be better to empower and encourage women in leadership roles and will it bring down violence all over the world with all due respect ladies whenever there were women leaders either in the world or within our country in the States unfortunately it's not been proven so so I wish if that was the option it would be very easy to shift to that but I don't think that will solve the problems because this there's no evidence to say that share an interesting story that apparently Winnie Mandela while Nelson Mandela was in prison of course she was a very strong figure in public when Nelson Mandela came out they went to visit Margaret Thatcher in 10 Downing Street of course a very strong woman leader who all the men in her cabinet by they were terrified of her Winnie Mandela was obsessed to meet Margaret Thatcher and in this tiny cocktail party in 10 Downing Street she spotted her across the room Winnie Mandela barged her way across and confronted Margaret Thatcher who's in the middle of a conversation said I hear they call you the Iron Lady and Margaret Thatcher was a bit put out by being interrupted like this you said well yes one has been known to be called the Iron Lady really Mandela said well I am the Iron Lady of South Africa and Margaret Thatcher said for whom do you iron man thank you for your patience different topic this wonderful youth in truth that you're doing gives me hope for an India of the future could you tell us something about your experience with this our more and more of the young people coming to Isha Foundation getting more involved well the reason why I went out to do this when already they're too many things on hand is this is a constant refrain wherever I go a whole lot of people will come in touch with whatever we are doing there are 50 60 years of age and the first thing they say said guru where were you when I was 20 now you come when I'm 60 what am I supposed to do so I have heard this quite a lot all over the world then I decided we'll step out and meet all those people who are below 25 years of age and it's been a wonderful journey going to these various universities both in India and United States today I think we have invites from all over 260 universities across the world and I don't know how many we can fulfill but the important thing is we we have built a question Bank of over hundred thousand questions we are hoping in the next year or two we will answer these questions to whatever extent possible and we want to build a digital book where youth have a reference book for whatever questions they have they have some kind of solution the idea is to make it available to everybody irrespective of where they are it is also being translated into some 18 or 19 languages around the world so that it finds access to people irrespective of the nations and the societies in which they exist the important thing about this is see when you're when you're a youth there is a certain amount of energy the problem is when you're young you think this energy will last for a lifetime they have to pay usually they don't look at all people if they pay enough attention to the old people not me if they pay enough attention to the old people they will understand that this level of exuberance and energy will not be with me forever when that exuberance is there it gets wasted because the necessary balance is not there by the time they acquire certain balance the exuberance is gone so in one's life the sooner they attain to some kind of balance within themselves there is more possibility for human genius to unfold when you are a shoe by yourself when your own thought and emotion is a big issue within you self you are not going to grapple with any big issues in the world so one fundamental aim of this is to ensure that you are not the issue in the world there are issues in the world what we can handle we will handle what we cannot handle we do not handle but you should not be the issue so for this the most fundamental thing is there is an inner balance within the human being the sooner it happens in one's life the better it is for that individual human being and better for the entire humanity I just say the BBC trained me as a journalist TV journalist to live by the clocks we have two minutes mr. Manish Tewari I'm going to try and get to the microphone just for a last quick question sorry we just got it was next with his hand I wasn't sure if we'd have the chance if you just give him a chance to you have literally two minutes please yes sure and I can then speak behind you it's always a pleasure hearing I heard you talk about identity sovereignity technology but technology has completely eroded Westphalian sovereignty today you have the Facebook lands the Twitter lands the Instagram lands which do not respect national boundaries at all so when we talk about sovereignity are we obsessing about a 19th century concept which has become completely passive definitely but we need to understand the region which we are right now referring to 33 percent of the world's malnourished children are in this region in India for that matter so nearly a third of our population is not even in 19th century they're in 18th or 17th century so when they're in that place we talking about 21st century as if everybody has gotten there he's not fair right now you need to strengthen the sovereignty of the nation because you cannot address the people without strengthening that when populations come to a certain level of well-being definitely we have to loosen the sovereignty you must understand this this making of a nation is at different levels of evolution for a society unfortunately within the first 2530 years if we had become a developed nation we would be talking a different language I would be definitely speaking a different language but my engagement 70% of my work is in rural India and what 21st century are we talking about 21st century we talk only when we come to Bangalore Mumbai somewhere when we are in the villages we are talking 18th century talk that's the condition where they are so somewhere if we are not take able to take hundred percent of the nation's population at once but little upgradation of at least basic nourishment must happen before we talk about bigger ideas of loosening the borders this is why I said if economic borders are loosened political borders that type in but economic borders are loosened for some time all that India needs is a larger economy without scaling up the economy without increasing the size of the economy there are really no solutions because a small pie you are trying to break it for 1.3 billion people whichever way you break it it's not going to work we need to increase the size of the pie once the size of the economy is large enough and for it to become large enough these nations need to function as one as economic unit at least at least there is some kind of loose union of doing our economics together then we can talk about loosening of the sovereignty of the nation itself otherwise you know the most affluent nations are building walls today because when the disparity is so big then people who have something want to protect what they have people who don't have something want to come there right now the biggest problem in the world which we are trying to address through certain processes is it is estimated in the next a decade or a decade and a half or 1.5 to 2 billion people will migrate why would anybody want to leave their homelands their families and everything and move to some other place every day a few hundred people could be dying between Africa and Europe media doesn't report it in a very controlled way but maybe they will report the dead you can report the dead 100 died 200 died whatever died but can anybody report the suffering that the living are going through those men and women dragging their children and small positions and going away from their homeland that's suffering who is going to report it who is going to ever understand that suffering so this migration has to stop means we are looking right now trying to move with the United Nations and a few other agencies as to how we can spread the words investment into improv societies so that business could be done in a different way so if we don't do this within the country and in India is a world by itself with 1.3 billion people it's a world by itself if we don't move people upward in economic terms talking about loosening the boundaries at this time won't work first of all India Bangladesh Pakistan Nepal Sri Lanka reasonably if they're economically in some kind of similarity then opening of the borders will work otherwise when the disparity is too heavy if you open it up there'll be chaos and inevitable conflict and just to sort by the way technology is changing everyday there's word that you you Twitter and Facebook might merge except we'd end up with you twit face so that might not be so good sub Guji thank you so much for take the same thank you very much sir okay head over back to you thank you

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  • Manish Tiwary asking for opening border with pakistan and bangladesh and losing India’s Sovereignty? Did I hear it right?

  • Sunny Muslims problem all over world… People's all over world are good but something seriously wrong with Islam for sure… If Humanity fail to fix it we suffer for ever…

  • Manish Tiwari every one knows you and your party have no boundaries as far as looting this country is concerned Why not go as a team to Italy and lay your claim there that No boundaries in this 21st century and you have gone there to claim the throne in Italy

  • religions must come to a level of relaxation. Right now, religions are in an aggressive marketing for more subscriptions. So correct !!

  • How can people nod off during these conversations ? I think those mediocre people should be fired from their respective jobs.

  • How can Sadhguru say —Good thing about Businessman is he/she can deal with Devil also if the deal is good and profitable —- I don’t think that is the truth — many Business people refuse to deal with immoral devils even when the deal is good.That is not the Nature of all Business.It is one of the very rare flippant remark,from him.His Greatness does not diminish by this. I have tremendous respect for his views and work and have been following him for a long time.

  • Pranams Sadhguru!

    Should India and Pakistan show how stupid they are? Why do people elect leaders? Governments are caretakers and they should’ve the balance to see through solutions rather than act like bandits. This is not a cricket match but LOSS of lives, taxpayers’ money and setting back of future generations! War is also not some occasion for people to be entertained. The whole world will be entertained but how long will it take to build up? “If a dog bites, we don’t bite the dog!” Without playing to the tune of the masses who act on vain emotions and feed the mass media, WORKOUT A FEASIBLE SOLUTION, if both the countries believe they have the brains!

  • Islam lost it's peace before the funeral of It's creator and still making havoc all around the World. and say It is the Religion of Peace.

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