In Focus: Why does Freedom wear a hood?

Hello my name is Steve Hein and I’m the founder
and the executive director of the Wildlife Center and this of course is Freedom Georgia
Southern’s living mascot the hood is a very important piece of equipment matter of fact
probably the most important both in his training some 14 years ago as the handler and one who
wanted to integrate him in Paulsen Stadium or anywhere we travel we want to make sure
that he’s never in a fearful position eagles are really based on a fight or flight there’s
no middle ground they’re not social animals so the hood allows me to take anything thats
negative in his world and just remove it so we could all use the hood from time to time
but you’ll see I’ll take the hood off he’s quite comfortable we just take it off it’s
made to fit him and the hood only comes off when the environment around him is safe some
of Freedom’s fans were yelling out here I could hear them they’re coming this way you
want to get a photograph of it okay take it with your phone it’s gonna be right here ready
oh gosh you’re a Georgia Southern student this belongs to you just look that way just
you and Freedom You okay? It’s just you and Freedom why does he have
that thing on his head? So that you can do what you just did yeah
people want to no no but the same thing he doesn’t get nervous but if he did that’s why
I put the hood on but people just always want to touch Freedom it’s hard not to it’s just
part of who we are is that

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