In Their Own Words: Hayes Freedom High School

I like the environment I like the
smaller class sizes and the staff here you don’t feel like overwhelmed like
you’re just in a flood of other kids it’s very positive and energetic and
motivated So, anyone else find references of this concept of the American Dream? my anxiety has done so much better
coming to Hayes because I just feel so much more comfortable talking openly to
people. I mainly like it because it fits really well with my schedule because it’s like I only come here and I only have my four subjects and then I have
time to do things after school like for a while I did theater. I play softball all
year-round so I have practice two times a week and there’s more one-on-one time
and the staff here is willing to help and like wants to be here to guide you
to get past and if you drop below a C all attentions on you we have an hour
and 45 minutes each class and we have four periods
I like the longer periods because it actually doesn’t feel like they’re
longer periods because we really get to dive into what we’re doing it’s never
like too much it’s like they’ll push you and like the work is still just as
difficult as anywhere else but it’s not like given to us in an overwhelming way
also the smaller class sizes build community so you get more opportunity to
bounce ideas off your peers. I went to a huge middle school and that was just too
much for me everyone’s uniqueness is like definitely respected you
everyone has a chance to blossom it was really easy to bond with people because
you know you have a lot of similar interests you know cuz we all chose Hayes

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