We all remember September 11, 2001 the day the world made an unpleasant change the greatest attack in history towards the United States. But it was not only that, also among the misfortune occurred inexplicable facts that logic does not come to understand come with me to discover this terrifying story. New York, E.U.A. On the morning of September 11 the New Yorkers woke up with bitter surprise what until then had been the symbol of the economic power of the United States had disappeared in the middle of a cloud of smoke and fire. One of the planes crashed into Tower One of the World Trade Center at 8.50am in the morning and while the world was watching the tragedy in terror, thinking that it had been an accident another plane crashed in Tower Two at 9.04 am tomorrow, only 15 minutes later. This second fact confirmed that it was not an accident but that it was a terrorist attack One hour later, at 10 o’clock, Tower Two collapsed, and half an hour later, at 10.30, Tower One made it. It was considered the greatest terrorist attack in history causing the death of about 3,000 people. Men, women and children from all the nations of the world lost their lives on that tragic September 11th. But apparently this was not all, as very rare things began to appear that many people do not understand so far. One of them begins with the case of Ron Di Francesco who was the last person to leave the South Tower alive. Ron reveals how he was able to survive and his story is spooky. He says he survived thanks to a presence that protected him and guided him to leave the Tower. An experience known as “the man factor”. Another case is that of Lillie Leonardi, a former FBI agent who was the liaison between the police and relatives of the passengers and crew of one of the planes. Lillie says that when she arrived at the scene of the accident she saw mysterious bright lights in the middle of a haze. Within this fog he saw hundreds of tall, white people, as if they were angels But the stories do not end here, and what could seem imagination of some, a new experience shows that in the 11S occurred true paranormal phenomena. And it is that they were several people who claim to have seen a nurse wearing typical Red Cross clothing of World War II helping the recently deceased. The woman had African-American features and carried a tray of sandwiches. Psychics claimed that the ghost dressed as a nurse was a spiritual guide that helped people make the journey to the afterlife. Other well-known cases were the reincarnations of some children: The first case is that of Rachel Nolan, a mother who says that her son of almost 4 years named Tomas is the reincarnation of a firefighter who died. Everything began to change since the child was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up? , then he answered the following: “Mom, I do not just want to be a firefighter, it’s always been and I already am” This surprised everyone, but the child continued speaking: “Mom, I would get up in the morning, go to my work and in the afternoon I would take off my suit against the fire”. The most shocking thing that served as reincarnation proofs of their past lives was when the Child saw a magazine where the twin towers were seen and said: “Bad men hit these buildings mom, and people jumped from the buildings and I could not help them” Rachel knew that it was impossible for her son to know about these events because she had never seen these buildings and even less about what happened there, but the small shot continued saying: “There were people waiting for the firemen, waiting for me but not I was able to help them, people jumped because I could not reach them. ” The other case was of another child who claimed to be a fireman who rescued people in the twin towers. In this other case, something very particular happened because the boy told his mother that it was he who had decided to choose her as his mother after having died in the events of September 11 and was to reincarnate in the body of a newborn. Another case was that of a mother named Lucia said that her 4-year-old son had also started to name things about what happened but in this case he claimed to be an executive who died in the tragedy, including a day in which saw a picture of the twin towers was able to identify the window in which he worked and told his mom: “that’s where I worked mom” the impressive thing about this case is that the child says he felt the fall of the building, He even said “Mom, I’m still buried there.” A very shocking case was when they began to publish many photos of supposed faces that were drawn in the air and in the smoke Some argue that the faces caused chills and terror since they seemed to be of the same demon, the faces mix anger and suffering. Finally I will leave you with another scary case, as many claim to have seen UFOs and were present during the attack and although many claim that they are images of helicopters or military aircraft that were protecting the area from the terrorists others say that during
the attack saw up to 10 extraterrestrial spacecraft. Without a doubt all these cases are really chilling a reflection of what was lived that day one of the most disturbing cases that had humanity and the whole world. leave me your comment tell me what do you think about this comment on what cases you would like it to bring, or If you have a case, send it to me to publish it I hope the video has been to your liking do not forget to like and subscribe in the description I will leave you my social networks comment and share this was Caught up.


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